1. Disposable gloves and masks will be available at all student ministry events. A student/adult may bring their own, if desired. While outdoors and socially distant, masks may be removed unless a safe space cannot be maintained. Depending on the event, all students/adults may be required to wear a mask throughout the entirety of said event.

2. Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes will be available at all events.

3. NO TRANSPORTATION will be provided by Isle of Hope UMC to or from any events at this time. Families must pick-up/drop off their own students. If a carpool situation is used, Ignite Student Ministry staff must be informed at time of registration for each event.

4. Students/Adults must register for EVERY event. In order for us to be able to provide safety for all students/adults involved with the event, we must have a registration for EVERY person.

5. In case of food, we will only provide pre-packaged items for our events. We will not provide shareable food such as pizza or large bags of chips. Items will be individually sealed. Students/ Adults may also provide their own food from home. Food sharing is not permitted.

6. Leaders will do their best to help students remain safe and socially distant; however if a situation arises and students/adults will not follow our COVID protocols, students/adults may be asked to no longer participate in current event. Parents may be called to discuss further actions.

*IGNITE STUDENT MINISTRIES has the right to review and change our protocols as needed, as we navigate the next steps. Please walk with us during this time and realize the emphasis we are placing on safety and connection.


We still believe God is going to do amazing things for our families. We need EVERYONE to be safe.


In His grip,

Jason P. Wade

Minister to Students and Families, IOHUMC