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1 Shout for joy to theLord, all the earth. 2 Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs. 3 Know that the Lord is God. It is he who made us, and we are his[a]; we are his people, the sheep of his pasture. 4 Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. 5 For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations. Psalm 100

Have you ever been a part of a time capsule? I remember when I was in first grade, our school in North Carolina asked for every first grader in the school to come and bring something that was of value to them to place in a time capsule that will be buried and not opened for 100 years. 100 years, that is a long time. Just to let you know, the time capsule for Valdese Elementary School will be unearthed and opened in the year 2080. I can only hope and pray that whoever opens it can understand that meaning of the items that each one of those 1st graders placed in the box. But isn't it amazing how at that age the value of something is worth more than money. It is something that is a part of our lives and something that we really cherish and desire. Now, it does not mean that age 6, the item cannot eventually be replaced, but I remember the tears that I shed because of this Pez dispenser was going to be buried for 100 years and I knew that there was a very highly possibility that I was not going to be around to see it again. It was a marker in my life that still has made an impression in my life.

I begin with that story because as I have been talking to a lot of people lately, I wonder what the history books will show about us in 100 years when they read and discuss the Coronavirus of 2020. I mean this is definitely a historical moment for all of us and I will be very interested to see how the story is told and the ramifications of our decisions on the world in 2120. See, when I have been studying through the Psalms, it is crazy because I continue to try and understand the context of the author that was writing the Psalm. How is it that over 2,000 years have gone by and the words that are written are still very relevant to our lives today. I mean my mind is blown that I was not in their contextual setting and I try to do everything

that I can to understand what they had to be going through in the moments as they are being inspired to write these songs, poems, and prayers to God. It blows my mind because I am wondering if one day the words that we write in these blogs will be rediscovered and people will use them to try and understand the Christian mindset of the 21st century. I wonder if they will try to understand the songs that we sung and the sermons that we preached as it was mostly inspired by our relationship with God and the current setting of our lives. How will the church and we as Christians be seen as we dealt with the uncertainty of the time? Will we be seen as ones who were unwilling to submit to God and because or our disobedience we were faced with a plague that we could only overcome by crying out to God. Will we be seen as the people of God that stopped everything, humbled ourselves and cried out for mercy and watched as God was once again glorified for who God is? See only time will tell, but the story is already being written.

Looking at the 100th Psalm, it is a refreshing reminder of the God that is always with us. That regardless of our circumstance, God continues to walk beside us even when we feel as though we do not need God. We are constantly reminded of those who have gone before us and the mistakes that they continued to make because of their unwillingness to yield to God's authority. We are reminded of the disciples who left it all and continued to question Jesus every step of the way and then fell down in awe as Jesus was truly revealed to be who he said he was. We are reminded that we are the sheep of HIS pasture and that in EVERY situation we are to give HIM glory. We have been given the greatest technology known to man and still it cannot disprove the existence of God and the power of HIS authority over all of creation. We enter into HIS gates of HIS earth and realize that even though we feel we are powerless to change the world, we recognize that the God of today is the same God that has been with us throughout all generations. We realize that we walk in humility because of the examples that we have seen time and time again of God fulfilling HIS promises and providing for us a firm foundation to stand on during the shaky times.

How will the history books remember us and this time that we are navigating.... hopefully as a generation that was willing to step out with an unshakable faith that was willing to carry the LIGHT into the world. I pray that as we are now being called to step into this situation, we are reminded that God has already overcome it all and we just have to be faithful to tell others out story. We have to realize that many will not ever know our names, but they will be able to see the impact that God had through us as we are able to see the same in all of the stories we find in the Scriptures. John said it right, may I decrease so that God may increase. In 100 years, the only people that will know I existed will be the family legacy that is

connected to our name, but the power of God's story will continue to be taught for generations to come. We are just a small part in the story, but one that will be vital to future of the church. They will need to see how we prayed and trusted in God during this time. That in the moments that the church could not physically meet, we were called to go and put our faith into action so the world that was living in uncertainty and chaos could experience the love of God. We will be called out for our actions during this time, because it will set the standards for how the future of the church will be seen. Help us God to rejoice in the days and be challenged to live out our faith so that you may be seen by a world filled with fear and darkness. The Lord is GOOD and HIS love endures forever, HIS faithfulness continues through ALL generations. And that can only be true if WE step up and fulfill GOD's CALL to step into this moment and claim it for GOD!

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