• Jason Wade

#40 Day Challenge

"For God so loved the world that HE gave His ONE and ONLY Son, that WHOSOEVER believes in Him shall not perish but have EVERLASTING LIFE." John 3:16

So today, I want to take a challenge with you. I want to do a 40 day challenge of God's Word. In doing so it is not going to be easy, but is going to call us to a time to where we are going to grow stronger in our walk with God. Each day I will use the scripture memory verse as our focus verse of the day. Today, I started off with one that many of us have already known, but have we really taken the time to dig INTO the most well known verse in the world. If not... Today we will.

I am constantly AMAZED every time I read these words because they dig down deep into my soul. Yes, this is the story of Jesus teaching Nicodemus the importance of taking the challenge to deny who the world has claimed him to be and follow Jesus as a Christ Follower. As we learned yesterday, this is the CLIMAX of the WHOLE GOSPEL. The fact that God would send Jesus into the challenges of this world in order that we would be able to receive a gift that is free and that we definitely never deserved.

Start with the first phrase.. FOR GOD SO LOVED... that speaks volumes in the fact that it was never US. It was ALWAYS the fact that God loved HIS creation. God has never had a desire to destroy but to offer redemption. There is never a point throughout all of history that God has not wanted a stronger relationship with us because YES God still loves us. How do I know that.. simply the CREATOR of EVERYTHING gave us an OUT clause from sin and death. We see that in the phrase that HE gave His ONE and ONLY that WHOSOEVER believes... Hard to really read those words and truly take them in and not lose your breath. God was and is willing to continue to offer HIS ONLY SON for WHOSOEVER. This gift is for the best of the best and the worst of the worst and ALL in between. God so loved us and sent the GREATEST gift for WHOEVER will just believe. What an easy challenge. All we have to do is BELIEVE. ALL we have to do is walk away from our definition of us and lay our lives at the foot of the cross and realize that Jesus is waiting.. He has not left.. He is still waiting to take us out of the death trap and offer us the LIVING WATER of ETERNAL LIFE.

One of my favorite movie quotes of all times comes from O Brother Where Art Thou where the character Delmar comes running out of the water after being baptized and says, "Come on in boys.. the water is fine." I am challenging you to do the same thing. Step into this challenge with me over the next 40 days to step into the LIVING WATER of the Bible and allow the WELL SPRING to overflow throughout your life. There is no better time than this to realize that God so loved the WORLD.. Not just our city.. Not Just our county, state, United States... but the WORLD and we have the POWER of God to OVERCOME the world. The time is NOW.. The Challenge is set... are you ready to take it up and follow JESUS.. GOD SO LOVES THE WORLD! Enjoy todays' worship from We the Kingdom!

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