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But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation,God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.10 Once you were not a people, but now you are the people of God; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy 1 Peter 2:9-10

When we look at our life story today, have we ever thought about the power of our lives? Many times we really only think about life when a serious situation occurs. Whether it is in death or new birth. Whether it is a life changing experience like baptism or a serious moment that may be life threatening. I think that sometimes we miss the power of our lives on a daily basis. Even as we look at it on a second-by-second basis. Life is precious and I think that we all miss the chance to change the world sometimes. For example, I know that there are days that I hope and pray I can just veg out and not run into anyone. There are days that I think that are just for me but in reality, I realize that there are days of rest and days God has planned for interaction. I say that because I hope and pray that we all leave the door open on how our lives, our voices and our actions can influence the world as a whole.

Chosen is such a crazy term to step into today. As we look at all of the frustration and hurt going on in the world, it is hard for someone to stand up and proclaim that I AM CHOSEN. But we have to really dig in and recognize the power of that statement. In reality if we are living and breathing today we are ALL CHOSEN. We have been given another second, minute, hour or day to make a choice to change the world. As Christians, we are seen as a royal priesthood that has been called to carry the Gospel to every corner of the world. Some times that corner may be a million miles away or it may be at the end of your block. We can even imagine that it may be at the end of the hallway in our homes. We are called to live in this world for a chance to expose the power of darkness with the TRUTH of LIGHT. But if we continue to hide and not carry the LIGHT into the chaos, we cannot be surprised that evil will continue to claim victory. We cannot be surprised that something is going to change if we just sit back and do nothing.

I hope that we recognize the importance of our lives today. I really hope and pray that we we are able to see that the God of ALL CREATION has chosen us to be a part of the solution for sin. God has called us to grow deeper in our understanding of grace, love and mercy because as a carrier of the LIGHT of GOD, we have a HUGE responsibility for the battles that may soon arise in this world. We have to be prepared and ready with the WORD of God to do the same thing that Jesus did when satan tried to deter Jesus from His calling. We answer with the WORD of GOD. We do as Peter claims, "declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light." We must do exactly that as we face this crazy time. We must declare the praises as a royal priesthood and help lead others out of the darkness and into the LIGHT. Trust me, God can at any time decide that our time on earth is over. God is the one that is solely in control of all things, and so that makes me realize the power of life that we hold today. We have been given one more chance to battle evil and recognize the power of God's mercy. We have been chosen for today, where our forefathers were chosen in the past, to decide how we are going to impact the world. I have seen and read about many wars and revolutions that were in the name of freedom, but later down the road forgot about the freedom they were fighting for as years passed. I have seen things change in the blink of an eye and I hope and pray that just like Pentecost, the Holy Spirit can indwell in our lives in such a way to spark revival once again.

So recognize the power of the one life that we have to live today. Recognize the fact that everything that we are doing now, continues to build on the foundation for the future generations that will come behind us. Our present situations will one day be the history that future generations will study and try to figure out why we did what we did. But in passing the torch, we recognize the importance of life as we are living into today. We know that the life lessons we pass down to our children will hopefully build on the solid foundation of the

Gospel. The Church is recognized as not just a building, but as the people of God that come together to make change in the world. That we instill into this generation the power of the Gospel and the importance of allowing it to direct their lives. The power of the Gospel's ability to come alive in us as we begin to be the face of Christ to a world who may never entire the doors of the building. It is time for the CHURCH to rise again and realize our place in rewriting history starts with joining our voices together. Are you ready to truly be the CHOSEN PEOPLE of GOD, because being CHOSEN comes with a lot of responsibility for change. It is our time now... let's make the most of the opportunity!

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