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That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched—this we proclaim concerning the Word of life. 1 John 1:1

We have all thought about it from time to time. I know that many times throughout my life I have always wondered what would it be like to really sit at the feet of Jesus and to hear him speak and teach each day? Now, I am not saying that I have not heard the voice of God in many different ways in my life, but I cannot even fathom what it had to be like to be in His presence. Just to have 3 years to walk and learn and see how Jesus would interact and connect with people would be priceless. But I continue to think that we would probably be just like the disciples. For many of us we would probably be arguing in the same way to try and catch the eye of Jesus and argue that each one of us should be at his right hand. I'm doing more than so-in-so so I should be the closest to Jesus. And we, just like the disciples, would miss the truly intimate opportunities where Jesus would love to have moments to prepare them. As I continue to look throughout the scriptures, many times Jesus was teaching them something that was so important to equip them, but they were more concerned about themselves. I mean we look at many of the different stories for example: the fig tree, the feeding of the 5,000, the children wanting to approach Jesus, the death of Lazarus, the bleeding woman, and even the last supper, the disciples were more concerned with what was right in front of them instead of looking deeper at the teachable moment that Jesus created to open their eyes to something more intimate.

But what if... What if we were given one day, 24 hours to really spend with Jesus? What would we do? Many people would want to ask him all of the questions that they have always wanted to ask, personal. Many would want to take Jesus around and show him off with to all of their family, friends and work colleagues, personal. Many would probably take Jesus to the hospital or to the church to visit the people and/or talk to about our ministries, personal.

I just really wonder that if we were given 24 hours with Jesus, would we step back, pause and instead of trying to lead, would we be willing to follow? Would we be willing to maybe sit in silence for hours and just be in the background and watch as Jesus decides how to spend the day? Are we willing to honestly sit down and let Jesus dig into our lives and be honest with us, because we know that Jesus already knows our struggles, sins, fears, passions, desires, joys, and the things that we think no one knows. Would we really sit down, open the Bible and start asking him to tell us what this or that scripture really means. I know that you may be saying, "Come on Jason, that is not something that we could even think about", and I just want to ask WHY NOT?

Why are we not preparing or in some sense already having these conversations with God or Jesus? I mean if we really think about, the Triune God has ALWAYS been around. Look at the Scripture for today and in the verses in Genesis 3, God has ALWAYS been around. Do you think that it was just wording that in Genesis 3, God was looking for Adam and Eve? You want to know why, because God had daily conversations with them and He knew something had changed when they were not willing to come and meet Him in the Garden of Eden. God continuously has a desire to meet with His creation and have an intimate relationship. Jesus was the same way. If you look at the examples in Jesus' life and ministry, Jesus was always building connections. Jesus wanted to be where the people were. He never wanted to be alone except to go and have a conversation with His disciples or Father. But there was tons of examples of seeing Jesus going to those disenfranchised and ostracized and having conversations. I mean if you just think about Jesus' encounter with the woman at the well, that conversation, based on current political and religious situations, should have never happened. But Jesus knew that there was a conversation that needed to happen. Think again about the conversation that Jesus had with Nicodemus. Nicodemus came to Jesus at night in fear of his life, but with a desire to learn more from the "TEACHER". Following the conversation, we see the greatest teaching that continues to be the most well known verse around the world... it all came from a conversation with Jesus.

Today, I say all of this to encourage you to begin praying and thinking about the conversations that you would like to have with Jesus. And then start having them. It is my full belief that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are with us 24-7. There are so many times that I have open conversations in my car, my office and just at different parts of the day and I know that it may seem weird. But in reality, it allows me to really come closer with God. When I first began having these conversations, they felt a little awkward because I was expecting some loud resounding voice to talk back. I wanted it to be more like a human connection, but just like I said earlier, we need to stop trying to make it about what we want from God and sit

back and listen and watch to see what God is wanting to show us. There is a bigger plan and many times we may miss the opportunity because of wanting to haver our questions answered instead of waiting to see where Jesus wants to direct us. I continue to think back to the Mary vs Martha. Martha already had a plan and wanted to make everything look perfect and Mary just wanted to sit down at the feet of Jesus and absorb everything she could. Which person, Mary or Martha, would each of us be like? Would we be like Martha and try to do all that we could to make everything look perfect? Jesus already knows that things are far from perfect. Would we be like Mary and stop, pause and just be in the presence of God? If you have 24 hours with Jesus what would you do, because if HE has always been there since the beginning of all time, don't you think Jesus is right here ready to have a conversation with us today?

I'm sharing two videos today, the first one is one to remind us the amazing people we are celebrating this weekend our moms. The second is one to use as a time of inspiration for the day.

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