• Jason Wade


18 “Forget the former things;

do not dwell on the past.

19 See, I am doing a new thing!

Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?

I am making a way in the wilderness

and streams in the wasteland.

It is a brand new week with a new opportunity to step in together with our journey through Lent. As we prepare for this week, I just wanted to know if you were able to wake up with a new perspective today. I know that we are only 4 days into this journey, but I was wondering what you were experiencing today. For some of us we may feeling the newness of the journey and we are filled with excitement to see what God is going to reveal to us each day. For others of us, we may be struggling because we feel obligated to step into this journey and add another thing to the things that we are juggling in our lives. Still others of us are still a little skeptical. I understand that feeling as well. Some of us are wondering if this is just going to be the latest fad that we are joining only to be let down again and continue to wonder where God is in all of this. ALL of these emotions are just a small part of the gambit that we are feeling in the midst of preparation for what God is going to do. Please understand that even the disciples had these same emotions and experienced the same joy, frustration and doubt amidst the three years they walked by Jesus side. Just know that we are asking us all to start our days doing something new and together. We are asking that we are all intentional about preparing our lives to receive what God is ready to reveal.

I know that I have really said that a lot over the last week, but I do honestly believe that God is about to reveal something pretty huge to the world. It is something that could possibly change the entire dynamics of how we do church all together. I just want us all to realize that church did not really exist in the way that we are doing it now until God revealed a new way to come together at Pentecost. The traditions of the world continued to lock us all out of being able to meet together and once the veil was torn, it was amazing how much the church was able to grow because they met together daily and God's Word was a part of every area of their lives. This is what we are asking of all of us during this journey. We are asking that we infuse God's Word into our lives on a daily basis as the first thing that we

breathe and the last words we speak every day. We want to allow God's Word, which as we learned the other day, do not return void or empty, but will be planted in the fertile souls of those who are in need of transformation. We are looking for the dry lands to once again be renewed with the well-spring of Christ and turn it from a dry desert land into a valley filled with life and hope. One of the most important things that we must realize is that God has been calling us to do this all along. It is not something new... but it can make someone NEW if we finally look at Christ as the solution that we need to be made new again. The solution has already been there, but sometimes it means that we must intentionally look at our lives and realize that we need to be renewed by the blood of the Lamb.

Today, we are asking that we think through the moment the first time we heard the name of Jesus. If you are reading this today and this is the first time you have heard the name of Jesus, I just want to let you know that Jesus is the Son of God and came down to earth to walk amongst God's creation. Jesus is our Savior and offers us the opportunity to receive the free gift of love, grace and mercy that is offered as a well-spring of life that will come into our lives and change us form the inside out. Jesus came and took on the wages of our sin and death on the cross so that we would not have to experience that separation from God. Isaiah was able to see that God was preparing the world for the entrance of Jesus and we see that in his words to us today. God began preparing the world for the Savior that was coming and it was not a 6 week process. It was hundreds of years that God was preparing us to receive the greatest gift that we could ever imagine. We were promised a Savior that would come and completely change the world and that is exactly what Jesus did. He was able to change the results of our sins from death to life. Jesus came and showed us that God still loved His creation and was willing to pay the ultimate price to show us the extent of His love. Isaiah states this so beautifully to us by saying the we need to stop focusing on the ways of the past. That God was sending the final atoning sacrifice for us all. God was about to introduce a NEW WAY that would provide for us all to be connected with us. God is making a new way in the wilderness and is inviting us to be a part of that journey. Just like so many generations before that brought us to this place in life, God is about to reveal something new that we must step into that will take the church to the next steps of God's call for our lives, and we need to take the steps to be ready to receive the opportunities to spread the Gospel to current and future generations.

So as we look at the first word and last word today, I am asking that those words will not be empty but received as an opportunity to move forward with a new look on the future. I am asking that we all pray that God will be a able to break into the hearts that have been lost and the hearts of those that have been hardened by the circumstances of the world. I pray that the LIVING WATER will renew us in such a way that God's Words will infiltrate all our souls. I pray that it will begin to take root and multiply in a way that the world has never seen. The WORD came and was made flesh in the form of Jesus and that WORD was able to open the minds of His creation to a new concept called the church. Now, it is our turn to take the church to the furthest ends of the world. We have been given every tool that we need to take the Gospel to those that are waiting to be exposed for the first time or the first time

in a long time. We are called to go and reconnect those that are lost and those that have walked away. We are called to help them to forget the past and reclaim their lives with the newness of Christ. Jesus and His message has NEVER changed, but our ability to fully open our eyes and see it has. The world has calloused our souls and changed our minds to think that we don't need Jesus, but the truth is that everyone needs Jesus. The FIRST WORD and the LAST WORD is JESUS. Plain and simple. The WORD became flesh in the form of Jesus to show us the extent of God's love and call the Church to arise and fight for the rest of the world to receive the same gift that has held us for generations. Stop allowing the world to define Christ and let the lost and saved experience Christ for who Christ truly is... our SAVIOR and the TRUTH and the LIGHT. "Father, Here I am. What can I do for you TODAY? AMEN!

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