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130. The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.

All week long we have spent time recognizing the power of the LIGHT. We have been talking about the power of the WORD and the opportunities that we have to allow the LIGHT into our lives. As I speak to more and more people, it seems to be more and more difficult for people to honestly allow God into their lives. There is just so much that we have all done in our lives that have caused us to handcuff ourselves and struggle to allow God's Light to penetrate our hearts and minds. As we have said many times in this blog, the central parts of our lives must be infused with the power of God if we are EVER going to try to find a way to change the rest of our lives. There is such a freeing SPIRIT that we are able to receive when we allow God to step into the center part of our lives. We have to be willing to open up and let God in. That is the plain and simple fact. We cannot expect ANY change to occur if we are not willing to invite God into the equation and the first way we are able to do that is through the power of God's Word seen as LIGHT into our darkness.

We have been talking about wanting to see change, but we cannot think that the only way that things are going to change is if God moves towards us. That is not true at all. God is already there and waiting for us to just take a step towards Him. We are trying to find a way to really seek His path for our lives, but we continue to ask for a blueprint of how we can get

there can that is simply done through HIS WORD. It is right there in front of us, but as I have been told a thousand times it seems, it cannot impact your life unless you are willing to open it up and ready it. The power of God's Word does not work through osmosis, but through the direct touch that we have with HIS WORD. When we put our hands in His WORD and allow it to enlighten our lives. It is truly amazing the difference that God's Word can make and how many people just neglect to give it a chance. The foundational answers are there to help us all make and discern decisions about our past, present and future. We just have to be willing to take heart and allow the LIGHT IN. It must be a conscious decision for us as individuals that can impact the world. Why do we continue to say that it is not enough?

Once again, we continue to see the power of Ezra's words to us today. Ezra has challenged us in so many ways over the last few weeks, and I just hope and pray that we have taken it all in and placed it on our hearts. It is powerful and really provides for us an opportunity to see that God's message is simple and meant to be understood by every person that it encounters. It does not mean that we are small minded, but that God has provided a way for us to see His Word to the fullest it was meant to be seen. Ezra continues to allow us to see that we need to really humble ourselves to take in the fullness of every word that is written in this amazing road map. So people have asked me why am I still continuing to do this blog each day. I mean is there ever a day that this will stop and you will go on to another stage of your walk. And my simple answer is I hope not. I hope and pray that I never stop digging into God's Word and allowing the LIGHT of God to help me dig into the scriptures in such a way that may possibly make it easier for someone else to understand. I hope and pray that I am able to really take the time to allow God's Word to use me to be a mouthpiece for others to see the simplicity of the GOSPEL. What a powerful statement from Ezra but a way to see God's Word for how it can be used through us.

So today our challenge is to once again take the time and truly check to see how God's Word inspires our lives. As we are walking through this Lenten journey together, how has God spoken to you words of wisdom and strength? You may be amazed how just how far you have grown, but the only way to know that is to share your journey with others. As I said before, God's Word was never meant to be difficult to understand but used as a LIGHT to guide us through our situations and circumstances. Many people say that we are truly able to find direct answer from scripture to all of our struggles and the answer to that is yes with a caveat. God's Word is used to help develop the truth and standards that we all live out in our

life. We are taught moral direction that when we face trials and temptations, we recognize the power of discernment found in God's Word that helps us to look at the circumstance for God's perspective. If you ask me whether or not the Bible directly tells me if I should buy or sale my house... that is not the intention for what answers we are seeking. The deeper question that the Bible answers is the purpose of where God is moving us for His glory. It is not a question that we ask a magic 8 ball or try to get the best for our buck, but for the opportunity to watch God open and close doors and enlighten our path to find the joy and peace in the journey. There will always be times when we think of God more like a genie in a bottle than the Creator of all things. As Ezra said it best, "May the unfolding of your words give us light and understanding." May it truly open our minds to receiving what God is ready to reveal. The time has come... the LIGHT is ready to shine in all of our lives and reveal the path for the next steps of our journey. Father, here I am. What can I do for YOU today? Amen.

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