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9 Then the Lord reached out his hand and touched my mouth and said to me, “I have put my words in your mouth.10 See, today I appoint you over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant.” Jeremiah 1:9-10

We have all been looking for ways to begin REBUILDING a life post-COVID and craziness. But the struggle really comes from listening and discerning the voice of God as we are stepping into a new world of post COVID craziness. I can only imagine how the Church continued to REBUILD out of the times of uncertainty during the World Wars and the great pandemics that have come and gone. ONE thing continues to remain the same. The VOICE of God through the Holy Spirit is calling us to continue to REBUILD out of the ashes. We are called to look at our current situations and realize that God is still speaking to us to step out of the darkest times of our lives and tear everything back to the foundation of God and start to REBUILD again. It may seem that we are continuing to question why, but once we begin to rebuild and listen to HIS voice, God reveals that the times of pause and silence is the time that we need to step back and breathe. Breath is the first part of our lives that connected us with God and it speaks volumes for how the HOLY SPIRIT represents that continued connection with God that allows us to live and REBUILD.

So as we ask the questions each day, I am asking us all to rely on the fact that God is with us through the breath of the Holy Spirit. It is time to take this voice that God has given to us and begin tearing away all of the frustration and isolation and fears and realize that God has

a bigger plan. God has given us the power to speak truth into the world and allows us to be a vessel to tell the GOSPEL to the world. Thank you God for pouring into us through the Holy Spirit to be your materials to REBUILD the CHURCH into the new BRIDE it is called to be. The Church has continued to be a foundation link into the community and it is time that we once again step into that call. We need to recognize that we have lost a lot of connections with COVID, but it has also allowed us to recognize that we need to always continue to be renewing our minds and our ways to reach the generations that are to coming behind us. Jesus came to share a new vision for the Church. Jesus demonstrated to us that we have to get outside the walls and connect with our community and teach them the power of God's love for them. We need to get above the craziness and look at the world from a new perspective. We have to see that God has a thumb print in each person that we engage with every day. So, the Church becomes more than a building... it becomes part of our lives.

Jeremiah was facing this same battle during this time. The people of God were at the time struggling to find a way to really understand their place with God. They were coming off of a situation where they needed to make a decision and many of them wanted to just continue living their lives as normal. Jeremiah cried out to God and was reminded that he was called to lead the people to tear down these thoughts and stand firmly on the foundation of God. It was so easy for them to just live a life and try to incorporate the world as their god. They wanted the world to be the reflection of their lives instead of their lives to be a reflection of God. So Jeremiah stood and was given a voice to tear down and begin the REBUILD. Jeremiah made a large statement that we must choose this day whom we will serve, but for me and my family we choose to serve the Lord. That was HUGE in the ability to tear down the walls that were holding the people of God from recognizing their flaws and begin to have a desire to step back into a life built on GOD.

So I really want to challenge us as we are thinking about the next steps of this generation with the Church. The Church was never meant to be a single location but a mobile unit that was commissioned to multiply the Kingdom of God throughout the world. So please hear

me today. YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN A VOICE. You have been given the power of the Holy Spirit to REBUILD the idea of Church to once again be a reflection of GOD not a reflection of the world. It does not mean that we close the doors to the world. NO! That means we burst out of the doors that have been seen as a barrier to community and connection and start taking the message out of the Church and to the world. We have been appointed to take this WORD to the world but it will never reach the world if we are not willing to see the things that need to be torn down and REBULT even stronger. Now is the time that we have been called into action. We have to stop waiting for the world to change on its own. We have to be a catalyst that allows people to be open to receive this message. We need to be praying for the opportunity to step out and be bold so that we can tear down the way the world sees the Church and Christians and allow them to experience fullness of God's grace, love and mercy. Listen for His voice...the powerful voice of Holy Spirit and let this breath of God fill our lungs as we seek to REBUILD the Bride of Christ to what it needs to be.

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