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Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good, and you will delight in the richest of fare. Give ear and come to me; listen, that you may live.

I will make an everlasting covenant with you, my faithful love promised to David. Isaiah 55:2b-3

We are moving right along with our journey to Easter, and I am wondering if you have heard anything from God? I am wondering if you are willing to share the amazing part of God's plan that may be specific only to you? On the other hand, I also want to know if you have heard NOTHING from God. As we are walking along this journey there is power in both the voice and the silence of God. I know that we have written before about the noise that may cause interference with us hearing God's voice, but today I really want us take that one step deeper as it relates to this journey that we are engaged with right now. I am asking if you have come into this time of spiritual growth with an expectation or hesitation as it comes to hearing God speak. Someone who comes with expectation is a person that endeavors to see and hear God clearly on a daily basis. A person that awakes expectantly can see the many different messages of God found all around them in different ways. Whether it is through a sign or a closed door. Whether it is through our ability to really want to see things through the Gods eyes or we want to continue to hold on to the safety of our routines. A person that steps in with hesitation, is one that clearly sees or hears something but continues to push it down the road. A person with hesitation needs to be shown multiple times if this is truly where God wants them to go until eventually the voice and the signs grow silent because of our unwillingness or inability to step out in faith.

I have to admit that I have stood at those cross-roads many times in my life. I know that I have complete faith in God to protect my family and to provide direction, but some times it is difficult to step out of that proverbial boat and begin walking towards Jesus. I know that every time that I have stepped out God has been there. I know that there have been voices that continue to say the same thing to me time and time again and I really don't want to be a person that lives a life in hesitation but one in expectation for the next steps that God is going to provide on our journey. I pray that each day I can silence the storms and step into

the calm and recognize that God has a calling for us all that we are some times just too stubborn to hear. Do we really want to hear God speak, because If we really come with an open and contrite heart I fully believe that we will finally be able to filter out the noise and hear God clearly. I know that many times in scripture God did the same thing for those who were expecting and hesitating. In each case, God would continue to reveal His plans and eventually the light bulb would come on and the proverbial fingers that they had placed in their ears would come out and God would move in their life. I want us all to be that way. I honestly want to see God work in ALL of our lives, but once again we have to be wiling to pull out the things that is causing us not to hear and spend time truly focusing on God's voice. Speak to us all God... in the silence.. in the noise. Please God reveal your plan in our lives in such a way that we are transformed to be expectant of what You are ready to reveal.

In Isaiah's scripture today, I really just wanted to focus on the last part of the verses. I know that we have spoken before about being hungry and thirsty, but until we really are willing to listen, none of that will matter. Until we are really ready to be prepared and receive the message that God is trying to tell us, we are going to continue to be spiritually hungry and thirsty for the rest of our lives. Remember Jesus' message to the woman at the well. If you drink the water from this well you will continue to be thirsty, but if you drink from the water I offer you it will create within you a well-spring of life. It will create within us all an opportunity to live in daily moments with God. As Isaiah is speaking, are we able to hear that he is prophesying what is to come? Are we able to see that the words He is saying are not tied into just that single moment, but also into a time that was to come as it foreshadowed the coming of Christ from the promise God made with David. I know that there are times that we cannot understand the message in the moment, but please don't allow us to close our ears when God resonates the same message over and over again in our hearts and minds. Some of the ways that we truly miss the message from God is because we are hard of hearing, or as my wife likes to say, choose to be selective to what we hear. Isaiah is informing us of what was to come and the promise of eternal life that was to follow through the sacrifice of Christ. We can continue to hold strong to the same message today as we look forward to a deeper conversation with God.

So once again our challenge is to listen. I am asking that we truly begin this week praying for our ears, minds and hearts to be open to God. I am praying that the voice or path that is revealed will be so obvious that ALL of us would be able to hear and see it. I am praying that we truly humble ourselves to the point of doing some deep ear cleaning and infusing our prayers to help us not just hear but LISTEN. As we see the word used twice in today's verse,

it is for emphasis the that we take time to intently listen for God. I know that I have

personally been told on numerous occasions that God made us with two ears and one

mouth for a reason. We are called to listen twice as much as we are to speak. And I cannot say that I have always followed that rule, but a lot of times in my life I have reminded myself to shut up and listen before you speak your thoughts. Take time to step back and really think through the entire process before you allow God to speak through you. Life is not easy and this journey will continue to become more difficult before our lives are transformed. However, the quicker we are able to really stop and listen and discern how God speaks to us, the more we will realize how to transition from hesitation to expectation. God is speaking and moving every day. We just may continue to miss it because we are not in the right posture or prepared to receive it in our current state of life. I pray for us all to be more in tune with God and with each day to truly recognize that moments hat God has laid before us. Father, Here I am. What can I do for YOU today? Amen.

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