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1 Praise the Lord, all you nations; extol him, all you peoples. 2 For great is his love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever. Praise the Lord. Psalm 117

There are 1189 Chapters in the Bible. And so when I look at trying to figure things out from time to time, I asked myself, "where is the center of it all." I know that in my crazy mind I think outside the box a lot. At least I think I do. I believe that God is continuously showing me know things and speaking to me in ways that He can only speak to me... probably in the same way that God can only speak to you. I find it amazing how God stretches my boundaries but always seems to bring it back to the center of it all. So today I thought I would do just that for us. I thought, why not take it to the center of God's Word... God's Road map and see where we can go from there. There is a reason for this and I don't know if those who canonized the Bible realized that someone who think about the center of the Bible, but God did. All along the way, God knew exactly which words needed to be written by who and how they would directly or indirectly affect their lives. So today that is where we return. We return to the center of it all and lay our lives before the God of all creation.

As we look at the center, we have to also look at the point of missing the mark. In archery terms, the center of target or the bullseye is the ultimate goal. But if you miss the center by any margin it is called sin. Crazy how that term seems so familiar with us today. That if we miss the central point of God's message for our lives and if we decide to step out by just a

slim margin we too understand the term as sin. At the center of it all we find God with all of

His ultimate power and authority, yet, instead of power we see grace, love and humility. At the center we do see perfection and that is the part of our spiritual journey that we seek each day and realize that we cannot obtain unless we have Jesus. We all entered into this world with the blood of sin on our hands. We all came in less than perfect, but from our first breath we have been set on a journey to reach the center. From the very first time our eyes opened, we were already been shown the grace of God that continues to strike our hearts even today. We are all called to return to the center of God's love and that begins with giving over our hearts and lives to ONE who knit us together. We will never find the joy or happiness we seek outside the lines found in this world. We will find satisfaction, but the material things of this world will soon fade and we will be once again searching from something to fill the void at the center of our lives. And we know that void can only be filled by Jesus.

As we go to the middle of the Bible, we find the ultimate gift for us all. The author of this Psalm reminds us that at the center of it all is the praise we offer to God. In the middle of all of the stress and chaos, we lift our praise to God. In the center of our hearts and minds, we find that in the middle of it all, the psalmist is giving all the praise and worship to God. So as we are think through God's perfect timing is that the mid way part of the Bible leads us to return to the praise of God. How many times have any of us really thought about that with each day of our lives. Do we stop in the middle of our days and just simply praise God. I know as I am writing this, I know that God is at the center of my life. I know that God is the focus of my day, but I know that some times we really do get caught up in all of the craziness and business and lose the opportunity to stop and return to the center of it all. God is perfect in all of His timing and so from the beginning of time until today, some of us are today's years old when we learned that the center part of the Bible leads us into worship the true God of all creation as an integral part of our day. The psalmist words are intentional in showing us that God's love is directed towards us and ever since sin entered into the world God has had a plan that leads us to experience His grace and mercy in a way that leads us to praise and worship through love.

So today, I am asking that we all pause and see what is at the center of our lives. I am praying that just like the heart is at the center of our body, God is at the center of our focus. I am praying that we take a moment and realize that God is very intentional in all of His actions and that we are called to be the same. If God placed these words at the heart of the

Bible, He is showing us the simplicity of His message and pressing into us a central idea. Since the beginning of creation we have been called to worship God, and now at the heart of scripture is the worship that reflects the love that God has for us as well. Take a moment... step back and realize that God is at the center of it all. God's hand is in the midst of it all and we continue to take the time to realize the grace that has been poured out for us. Since the fall of the world, God has still been there, weaving together the plan to provide for us the solution through Christ. God's love is central to everything that we are.... our total existence. To this point in my life, I have been able to look back and see that God has been a part of my journey. I cannot say that I have had a perfect life at all, but I can say that I have a perfect Savior that has opened my eyes to see God's plan has always been at the heart of the matter. Thank you God for loving me and being at the center of my mess.

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