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12 For the word of God is alive and active.Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.13 Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account. Hebrews 4:12-13

It is really hard to believe that God's Word still continues to surprise me in the way that tit does each day. I have been reading it intently throughout my life, but there are things that God reveals in His timing that truly blow me away. I know that I have read multiple times the story of Barnabas and Ezra, but it has only been recently that God slowed me down enough to open my eyes to the power of their stories. It is in the moments that we need it the most that God's Word is able to penetrate our hearts in a brand new way. It is not that I have not already had a desire and a passion to study His Word, but there are times in all of our lives that the Holy Spirit is ready to awaken our minds to the truth that needs to be revealed. We have to take those times to realize that God is speaking to us specifically in those moments and that would not happen if we were not dedicating time to be in His Word. It is like watching movies over and over again and all of a sudden you see something that you never saw before in the movie or make a connection between characters that you really never thought about and your mind is blown. I guess it is hard to explain if you have never experienced that before, but I am just letting all of us know that we have not even scratched the tip of the service to the power that is in the Bible.

As long as I have lived I have been amazed by the amount of knowledge that is right in front of my face when it comes to the Bible, but it is not that it has been hidden. The reality is that it has been there all along, it has been my eyes that have been blinded or my heart that has not been ready to receive the message that God is ready to reveal. So once again, this Lenten journey is really a part of moving forward with the plans that God is ready to reveal but we have to be preparing our hearts to receive the message that has been hidden by our

unwillingness to see. I can put it maybe in an easier scenario. I know that I have been driving the exact same road to take my daughters to school every day this school year. I mean, unless there is an accident or road construction, I have it pretty much timed down to the second of where I am going to be on that journey. Because of my vision to only see the particular path that I am on, I never once took the time to see the beautiful scenery that was along the road. I never realized where I truly was until I stopped and forced myself to see my surroundings. Then I finally realized that this path is connected to another location that I go to on a frequent basis but I never knew it was right in front of me. I would always take a different path because I never took the time to see what God had been revealing to me the whole time. The same is true with the Word of God as we discern and dig deeper each day. Scriptures that we have read and memorized for most of our lives, take on new freshness and meaning. We are able to really see from all sides the content that God was trying to reveal if we would just stop, open our eyes and see.

As we dig deeper into the Book of Hebrews today, we continue to recognize that the author is one that was impacted by the life and teachings of Paul. We don't really know who officially wrote these words, but that they are inspired by God and a bold challenge to live out our faith in a brand new way. As we are watching new generations that are coming into the world, they are being removed from having direct contact with the physical life of Jesus. We are watching as the disciples are continuing to teach but now second generation disciples are leading the church and people are starting to return to the teachings of the past. It makes sense. Once the newness has worn off, we are able to watch as people return to their past because of the comfort levels that it provides. We have to be willing to recognize that we are in the same situation. We have once again gotten comfortable with what is going on in our lives are starting to return to the old habits. We are really taking a moment to question what we should believe in and the Author is encouraging us to return to the foundations of God's Word. If there is something that we are struggling with return to the power of God's Word. We are to read and remember the life changing moments that so many people have experienced as a motivation to make it not only through our day but to make it through our life. There is POWER in the WORD OF GOD.

So our challenge for today is to do just that... return to the WORD OF GOD and allow it to truly open our eyes and penetrate our hearts. Stop trying to figure it all out on our own accord. God has provided guidance in a way that transcends our own thoughts. Open up the BOOK and start diving into the treasure that can be found. Start recognizing that today we are given a chance to change our mindsets through the transformative power fo God. Stop trying to look into the self-help books and return to the BOOK that was given to guide us

through this life. The Bible can truly break us down and tear us to shreds because of just how far away from the teachings of God we have actually gotten, but it will also restore the dry bones and give us flesh. It will renew our hearts and minds and allow us to experience life in the way God intended for it to be lived. Some times we need something to break us apart so that we can finally see what we have been missing. It really is not invisible to the blind eye, it is invisible to the heart that is unwilling to yield. As I said, God NEVER intended for ANYTHING to be hidden, so I hope and pray that we all realize the value of removing the scales from our own eyes and opening our hearts to the fullness of what God's Word is ready to reveal. Father, Here I am. What an I do for You today? Amen.

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