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21 “No one sews a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old garment. Otherwise, the new piece will pull away from the old, making the tear worse.22 And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins.” Mark 2:21-22

The time is now. I know that we have all been holding on to our own anxieties about the new year and all of the chaos that was carried over into 2020. But NOW is the day that we need to finally begin to step into the new. We can no longer hold on to or carry the old into this journey that God is preparing for us for this year. If we do, we will find ourselves bursting at the seams because we cannot physically contain the power of God's plans. See I think that is what we do time and time again. We try to contain the power of God instead of letting it be revealed to the world with all of its might. We try to once again apply the newness of God into our old structured lives and that will eventually cause us to explode. God's message is not meant to be contained and when we continue to try and keep it bottled up, we are able to witness the power that evil uses to maintain control. Everything that we have honestly witnessed over the last 12 months is due to us trying to keep God out of the picture and God is about to burst out and reclaim His position of authority for all of the world to see.

I know that for some of us we are really trying to figure out how that is going to happen. How is God going to rise up out of the ashes and give us a glimmer of hope in this darkened state in our world. That is where faith continues to step in. We have to continue to take hold of the fact that God has never let go of His authority, but we have pretty much tried to keep Him hidden in a box and to ourselves. Now is the time that we allow God to once again burst into the scene. Now is the time that we should be praying for revival and for the eyes of the world to once again focus on the LIGHT of the WORLD. I know I say that a lot, but the problem still remains that we have failed at equipping and training today's disciples to step into the world fearlessly and share the power of the Gospel. We are too afraid of not being politically

correct and that we may offend someone and so we place God into a box and say that we will only break the glass in case of emergencies. WELL LET ME TELL YOU.... IT IS TIME TO BREAK THE GLASS... Really, it is time to recognize that there are standards that we are called to live out as Christians and one of those is going out into the world and professing the GOSPEL to TRUTH to a world that does not understand TRUTH. Why? Because we have put God in the box and only brought Him out when there is no other solution. We continue to try and patch the world back together with the old ways, and what we need to realize is that God brought us a NEW WAY and the world needs to know the reality of the Gospel.

Today we hear the words of Jesus as He is expressing to us and the disciples that we cannot continue to live out our new lives in our old boundaries. We cannot continue to try and place our sinfulness into a life that has been transformed by God. We cannot contain the power of God in that way. When we become a new creation, we have stopped using patchwork to keep it together. We have become something new and just like we cannot put the new wine in old wineskins, we cannot carry the old life into a new creation. It just does not fit... it will burst at the seams because of the growth that needs to take place. See Jesus was helping us to see that once we have given ourselves fully to Him, that there is a lot more that God is going to do in and through us. We have to get rid of the old in order that we may be able to fully grasp the power of the LIVING WATER that will produce a fountain that will overflow. Once we have been enlighten by God, we have to be ready to go into the world and show them the power of God in our lives. We cannot contain this power but the evil of this world will plot and cause us to doubt in hopes that we will never fully let go of our sins of the past. Evil wants us to fail... wants us to give up and wants us to stifle the eruption of the Gospel that is about to happen through every new believer in Christ.

Jesus used such a powerful illustration for us to realize that the time is now to step out of the old year and step into the new. We can no longer just continue to patch up the rips in our world, we have to be ready to create a new vessel that is ready to be filled and used by God. There is nothing more that we can do for 2020 but thank God that He helped us to walk through some of the darkest times in our history. We have to take those life lessons and look to the future and allow the world to see the ability of JESUS to renew and transform the lives

of every person that He encounters. Are you ready to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new? If you are, it means that you really do have to let go of the things that you can control and ask God to take the things that we cannot. God is ready to BURST back into the world, but HE is in need of people who are willing to be true disciples and begin teaching, praying, leading, and sharing the message of Hope, Love, Mercy and Grace. Just know that nothing in this world can contain the power of God and it is time that we stopped trying. We should be bursting at the seams with the story of the Gospel so that evil will once again recoil at the name of Jesus. God is ready.... are we?

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