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39 You study the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life. These are the very Scriptures that testify about me, 40 yet you refuse to come to me to have life. John 5:39-40

Have you ever missed something that is right in front of your face. I mean, you have been looking for a long time and never found what you were looking for and then all of a sudden it appears. It had not moved at all. In fact it had been in the exact same place the entire time, but we were unable to see what we needed to see. Instead, we only see what we wanted to see, and truly missed the exact thing that we had been looking for the entire time. I know that sounds like almost every day of my life when it comes to searching for my car keys. I know that I put them in a specific place, but when I really need to find them, they are NEVER where I think I left them. Only to find out that they were exactly where I had put them. I just didn't open my eyes and see them. Trust me that can really be a struggle. Especially in our chaotic lives that causes us all to have temporary blindness from time to time. But I am saying all of this to really ask the question of what have we all failed to see over the last 40 plus days that God has been trying to reveal to us. Even though we are digging into the Scriptures, are we missing the forest because of the trees?

That expression use to really make me shake my head a lot because I was a very literal person. I was always like how can you miss the forest if there is a tree right in front of you that is a part of the foresr. And I was that many years old when I finally realized I had been missing the forest for the trees. I had missed the bigger picture because I was only focused on the smaller things and could not allow myself to see beyond what I was focused on. What an

amazing point today. I mean how many of us have really missed something that is right in front of us because we are unwilling to see the bigger picture. God has been stirring around in our lives for a very long time, but we claim that we cannot see Him because we are more focused on the smaller things that we control. Instead of taking a step back and realizing the bigger picture that God has been trying to unveil. I know that may sound crazy, but it is something that I have personally experienced for a long time in my personal walk with God. I was able to see the things that God was calling me to do and I was able to realize that everything has to have a purpose, but a lot of the times I was unable to fully see the totality of what God was doing until I stopped focusing on the small and stepped into the vision of the big. Once we are all able to take a step out of the box we are living in, we will probably react in the same way we do when we find our keys, I don't know how I didn't see it all of the time. But the real truth is that we did not see it because we were focused on the wrong thing.

In our Scriptures for today, we see Jesus telling the exact same story I just told. The religious leaders of the day were so focused on what the ancient scriptures said about the coming of the Messiah, that they were unable to physically see the incarnate God right in front of them. Many of them knew what the scriptures said and had taught what was to happen, but yet they still could not see past their blindness and recognize the Scripture had come to life in the form of Christ. They literally knew all of the teachings and rules, but truly missed the Savior that God had placed in their presence. Just like many of us, they were caught up with their own agendas and and refused to let the Son of God step in and transform their lives. I say that we are the same way, because we have read about how our lives are to change once God has become our Lord and Savior. We are not to look like the world and continue to focus on our own plans. God's ways are not our ways, and His plans are not our plans. We try to find a way to put God in a box until we need Him to help us out of the situation that we have stumbled into. When we read God's Word, we fail to put into practice His teachings in our lives. Instead, we are quick to point out the failures of others as their lives relate to the Scriptures. We are just as blind as the religious leaders because we only focus on the tree and fail to see that the Scripture has come to life in the form of Christ.

So many times we are desperately waiting for God to help us see, but God is trying to tell us that we have to take off the blinders because God has already prepared for us the answer in advance. So our challenge is to stop focusing on the small plans and step into the bigger vision provided by God. We have to stop thinking that we have it all figured out, when reality shows us that we have not even really gotten started. I just want all of us to realize the power

of God's Words and how His Word is directing us to find the path that leads us to freedom in Christ. It is so hard to believe how blind we really are until we can finally see the fullness of God. And just like the arrow on the side of the Fed-ex truck, once you have seen it, it cannot be unseen. Once we are finally able to look past the things that have ensnared our eyes, we will be blown away to see the bigger picture God has always had right in front of us. I think as a child I remember my brother always saying the same thing when we finally found what we were looking for. He would say, 'If that would have been a snake, it would have bitten me." In other words, the reality and truth is there, we just cannot see the forest for the trees. We cannot see the obvious obstacles that will continue to plague our lives . We must be wiling to see the Word, read the Word and fully accept the Word as God's inspired map that is designed to direct our life to an eternal victory. May God continue to challenge us to see past the obvious and strive to move beyond the stars. I promise all of you that it will be a journey that NONE of us will ever forget. Father, Here I am. What can I do for You today? Amen.

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