• Jason Wade


8 Whoever plots evil

will be known as a schemer.

9 The schemes of folly are sin,

and people detest a mocker.

Proverbs 24:8-9

I know that we all think that we really do have common sense, but I have to say that the more and more I watch people in this world it makes me question if people even know what common sense really means. There is so much that people are trying to accomplish and they are looking for the shortcuts to get them there the fastest possible way. Instead of thinking things out, making a plan and working hard, so many people are ready to just cut to the chase and make decisions that are based on whims. These decisions cause them to find consequences that are not so pleasant in the end. It is about the understanding of common sense. The ability that we have to look at the world and the decisions that we have to make and realize that the quickest answers may not always be the best. There is a reason that we read many times throughout the scriptures about the ability that we have to reason and make wise choices based on our past, present and and hopeful future. We must be willing to recognize that all things don't give us the benefit we are searching for and that we must be willing to test the ways and search our hearts to find the path to the solutions that we may be seeking.

All throughout this journey, we have been able to learn from one of the wisest men that was ever placed on this earth. We have been able to see how Solomon handled situations that would arise and hopefully we are learning that he never made a knee jerk reaction. Solomon always had a plan and took time to evaluate the situation and apply the common sense that he had before making a decision that impacted the lives of so many. One of the things that we fail to see is that the decisions that we make do not only effect us, but also have the possibility to have positive or negative ramifications for those who are joining us on this journey. Common sense really is not that common because we are all looking for the next

quick fix that will get to the next level of living in this world. Why do you think that the lottery is so popular. If you have not realized it yet, the lottery is just like Las Vegas, you may win a little but in the end the house always wins. Just like the carnival games we see at fairs and amusement parks. These vendors are able to entice us to play with the hope of us winning the prize, but in reality we spend more money playing the game than the prize is worth all together. We have been caught in this cycle that we must do things bigger and get more accolades and live a particular lifestyle, and many of us don't realize that this world is also setting us up. It is not impossible for us to achieve these dreams, but we must be willing to put in the effort and build the foundations to truly build a future that is stable.

Reading the words from Solomon today, the warning is pretty clear. I know that we have talked about those people in our lives that try anything and everything to get something for nothing. Two characters that I think about when I read Solomon's words today are Whimpy form Popeye and once again Eddie Haskell. Both characters were always trying to scheme or get something for nothing. Whimpy's phrase was, "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today." Granted I know that this was during a time of depression and recession in the United States, but Whimpy definitely did not look as if he had missed a meal and in case you didn't realize, Tuesday NEVER came. But Eddie Haskell was the one that I think truly fits the picture for today's scripture. He was the one that was always looking to get what he wanted and used other people to do it. Eddie never got in trouble, but was always the one that was scheming to try and get ahead without doing the work. Solomon is warning us about those in our lives that are looking to make a fast buck or get something for nothing. Schemers are always looking for the easy road and Solomon warns that their ways are not honest or true but evil. Their bad ideas lead to bad consequences in the end and pretty much leave the "patsy" or "mark" holding the bag.

I hope and pray that today you realize that there is something to be said for those that are willing to work hard to succeed. Success in God's eyes is very different from success in the world's eyes. We have to really thing through the effort and path that we want to take to succeed. Are we able to use common sense that we have learned from different situations growing up, or do we just trust others and wing it. Common sense tells us that the stop is hot, red lights mean stop and water is wet. Uncommon sense tells us that the world is flat, there is no heaven and hell, and we can definitely get something for nothing. Evil is all around us and we have to continue to take hold of knowledge because it will be the ammunition that we need as we go to battle. Wisdom allows us the ability to step back and

use common sense to make decisions that will benefit the whole. Solomon continues to provide for us common sense that can be taken as knowledge and turned into wisdom as we apply his teachings into the different areas of our lives. Once again I never said that this life and the decisions we have to make are going to be easy, but that does not mean that we cannot work hard and stretch our abilities to achieve the goals that God has placed in our hearts. Be careful... pay attention and realize that there is evil in this world that is scheming to deter us from the path God has laid out for us. Take your time... breathe... and use the abilities that God has paced in your life to forge ahead and pass the test using your common sense. Remember our lives are the time that we have to prepare for the final exam... and there is only one question. Is Jesus Christ the Lord of our lives? Our answer will be seen through our testimony.

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