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14 Therefore, since we have a great high priest who has ascended into heaven,[f] Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to the faith we profess. 15 For we do not have a high priestwho is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are—yet he did not sin. 16 Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. Hebrews 4:14-16

One of the craziest things that we all deal with each day is credit. It can take on many forms and provides for us opportunities to step into the world in different ways. For some of us credit is defined as receiving a grade or affirmation for something that we have done or turned in for school or work. Credit for others is something that we receive when we have a good financial history and allows us the ability to purchase or operate in ways that we could not normally due based on our ability to be reliable and fiscally responsible. And even for others, credit is seen as a person who is worthy and dependable in their actions and leadership style. I say all of this because I really wanted to step into the reality of Jesus for today. I know that many of us would never really think about the heart of Jesus, but once again as I was driving in the rain today, I had this thought to truly praise God for the lives that we are living on credit because of the price that was paid at the cross.

Now listen, I am not trying to stretch things by any means, but I guess today I just had this yearning to see our lives as a means of our credit. We have heard so many different stories of how Jesus came and took away our debts, and if He took away our debts then I have to give back to Him not just the principle, which is my life, but the interest that He has due. The interest that we all owe is our lives to be lived to the fullest for God. We have been given extra time and the ability to tell our story in such a way that can help others to receive the same release from both their physical debts and our eternal debt. We have the chance today to step out in confidence because we have someone that has already stepped out on our behalves and told the world that our net worth is more than anyone can afford. We have been identified by the Creator of the world as having the greatest credit that we need to live

life and live it more abundantly. Jesus looks at us and sees the beauty of His creation and continues to want to show to the world that we are worth more than silver, gold, precious minerals, or even His life. See that is hard to believe that God was willing to lay down the life of HIS ONLY SON in return for our lives. Our lives that are filled with sin and death. Our lives that constantly walk away and forget to give thanks. Our lives, that if revealed to the world, would be considered worthless because we have nothing of significance to offer to a world that is built on evil except for our hearts and loyalty. We keep taking out the world's credit to help us become something that we are not, and in doing so, we continue to ruin the only real credit we have and that is our daily lives. We find ourselves extending and extending and extending to try and reach a worldly goal that will never be attainable and yet we neglect and turn away from the opportunity we have of a debt free eternal life that is right in front of us.

Finishing out Hebrews 4 today, I want all of us to see the credit that has been given for us. The Author writes that we have a high priest that allows us the opportunity to come and receive not what is due us, but to receive on credit what Jesus has paid for in full. We have someone by the name of Jesus that wanted to work hard and get His hands dirty in our mess so that we could have a life that was truly debt free. Jesus came and lived amongst His creation so that He could fully understand the struggles that we face on a daily basis. Jesus recognized that we could not get out of this debt that we had accrued since sin entered into the world and so He stepped in and offered a way for payment to be made. He provided a way for us to step out of our situation and once again live life in the manner that we were created to live. We were not meant to get so lost in the valley that we could not see the mountaintop. We were not meant to be alone. We were meant to experience the love of God to the fullness in which God intended it to be experienced. So many people continue to say that God is so unapproachable, and I say to anyone that says that you just don't know my God! Jesus came to knock down the walls that sin and evil created to separate us from God. And because of Jesus' sacrifice, we can now approach the throne of grace and mercy with confidence. We have nothing more to fear if we come in humility and recognize the debt that we owed was paid in full.

Maybe I am going in circles today, but I would hope that this is the main thing that you take away, we are living on the credit of Christ. We are known as Christians because of the credit of Christ. We receive benefits in this world because of the credit of Christ. Jesus was willing to pay it all and because of His plan, our lives become debt free if we fully invest our hearts

in Him. Remember the debt we owe is our lives for death. For the wages of our sins leads to eternal death, but Jesus came and paid the ultimate price so that we received life through HIS credit He paid on the cross. And because of this payment, we have confidence to come before the throne of God to receive mercy and grace. I really hope I said that in a way that makes sense. Today is not a lesson of fiscal policy, but it is a lesson based on the credit that is due to the Savior of the world. I just wish that we would stop looking at each other based on our net worth and recognize that we are all a part of the bigger picture of God. Economically it all comes down to supply and demand. God has supplied for us the payment and all He demands in return is our lives. Yes that may seem a steep price to pay, but I think we also don't realize the eternal benefit we receive in exchange of something that was already paid for in advance. We just have to realize that at the heart of it all is Jesus. Jesus who came, died and overcame death so that we would finally believe the TRUTH that can set us free from all things. Are we ready to return credit to where credit is due and admit that we are all sinners and need help to get out of the iniquity pit of sin? If you said yes, your credit has already been approved because of the ONE who was willing to take a chance on us all. When we become Christians, we are given a new name and the debts that we have incurred were paid in full by the blood of the Lamb. May we walk confidently in the promise that was given through the life of Jesus.

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