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Taste and see that theLord is good;

blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. 9 Fear the Lord, you his holy people,

for those who fear him lack nothing.

10 The lions may grow weak and hungry,

but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing. 11 Come, my children, listen to me;

I will teach you the fear of the Lord. Psalm 34:8-11

There are days that I think about what it had to be like in the days of the early Israelites. I cannot even fathom how they had to feel when it seemed as though their lives were ALWAYS in complete upheaval. I mean you look at their story and they are either always moving... always enslaved... or always under attack. There were very few years that they were not doing something to prepare for one of those scenarios. I mean I just think about the migration from Egypt to the Holy Land. I mean imagine that many people moving together with all of their belongings and trying to meet their needs. I am blown away. There was a mathematician that tried to figure out all that had to go on on a daily basis to feed and nurture God's people on they journey... it was mind blowing, but yet God's people were taken care of daily and I just want you to know that that same assurance should live with us every day as well.

God does provide for us daily, it is more about the fact if we are willing to receive His Manna. Manna was the flake-like bread that was provided by God for His people as they were on their journey from Egypt to the Promised Land. They would go and gather it every morning and not taken more than they needed, God provided for their every need... NOT their every want but their basic need. The same can be said about the offering that God gives to us

each day as well. I know that we all have a thought of how God should take care of us based on our wants, but in reality, when we look back over our days, we realize that God has given us exactly what we need if we just take and use what we have been offered. Manna was probably not their first choice, but it was a way to sustain they lives on their journey. Sam is true for us, I know that we may want more out of our current situation, but God sees us where we are and helps to give us what we need to make it to the net part of our journey. The problem is just like some of the Israelites, we want more than we are intended to have and it sours and goes bad and we are like God why?

The reality is simple and we see it in the scripture verses today. We are to taste what the Lord is offering us. What that means is that we are to step into the direction God is leading us and realize that God is trying to show us a better way. It is like tasting somethignk for the first time, we really don't know what to expect, but once we taste it we have a reference to what we have tasted. God is the same way. God is asking us to trust Him enough to step into His pattern for our lives. He is asking to only take what we need and realize that HE is going to provide the rest. We see the FEAR word again and that is not meant to be a word of intimidation. FEAR is meant to I've in reverence with God. To humble ourselves and say God we trust you and we are willing to give over complete authority of our lives. You are the one we choose to follow and we will live our lives in AWE of YOUR authority. That takes a lot of trust and a lot of guts to do, but I hope and pray that we all start taking and tasting God's manna on a daily basis if we are going to really be able to grow deeper in our journey with God.

See it is never about where we end up in the eyes of the world that matters. What matters is where we end up in with God. Nothing else matters. We all need to have a time where we are able to CONSUME God daily. We all need to have a time where we pray and listen and dig into His word. I know that for many of us that is a daily quiet time, but what I am saying goes much deeper. It's not just a time that is routine. The routine is just the beginning, but it is really a time where we can be intimate with God and at ANY point stop and have a conversation. We must move from just taking what we think we need and realizing that God

has much more that He wants to offer us. There is more, but it takes a deeper relationship with God to find it. We must move past the routine and truly desire to have a way to consume God and walk in fear of His presence. We must be willing to learn and to teach others how to dig deeper into our daily bread and see it as our constant connection with God. When we are able to stop consuming what we want and begin consuming what God has prepared for us at His table, we may be honestly amazed at how much more we can sustain in this time. If we don't watch out, we will find ourselves eating everything in sight and realizing just how empty we truly are. Take hold of each day and open that time tasing what God continues to place in front of you... you just may be amazed how full you may become by HIS daily Manna.

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