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32 They asked each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?” Luke 24:32

As we are moving one day closer to the end of this journey, I am reminded of my own spiritual journey on my Walk to Emmaus. It is an amazing weekend designed to help one experience the love and grace of God in so many different ways. There are no words to express the power of that weekend and how God broke me down to the basics of my walk with Him. It was based on the warming of my heart that caused me to feel the fullness of God's love for me. I could not believe the power of that weekend because it took me coming into an encounter with God that I had not truly experienced since I was a young boy. I hope you can understand that it is all about recognizing God in the midst of our life journey, and it had been a minute since I had given God that amount of time to sit with me and feel the burn.

Feeling the burn is an expression that was made really popular in exercise terms as muscles are being broken down in the heat of the workout. But as we look at this from a spiritual perspective, it is the warming of the heart based on the working of the Holy Spirit. Feeling the burn is the point in which our hearts connect with the power of God and it effects every

cell in our body. There have been many times in my life where it feels as if my entire body is on fire...from my head to my toes. But in the same way, it is the breaking down of our spiritual muscles to allow God to infiltrate our lives. It allows our eyes to be opened to see what we have been missing due to the scales that have caused us to be blinded by what is right in front of us. I really do believe that God has been walking beside us all during this journey and I believe that maybe we have not been able to fully see where He has been leading us. As I continue to talk to people about Easter, I see a little piece of this burning. It is like a yearning to once again feel the fullness of God's resurrecting power both in a physical and spiritual form. But the crazy part is that resurrecting power has always been there for us. It just seems that we don't fully see it unless we are in a church like setting.

As we look at today's scripture, we are watching as some of the disciples were headed to Emmaus after they had heard that Jesus had risen from the grave. They encountered a man on their way who asked what had taken place in Jerusalem. Little did they know that it was Jesus. And many have had discussions about how they did not recognize Jesus when they had walked with Jesus and learned from Jesus for 3 years. Crazy thing that happens next is that Jesus ends up going back and reteaching them about the foundations of the faith, and still they do not recognize Him. It is not until they make it to their stop for the night and invite Jesus for dinner and He blesses the meal that their eyes are finally opened and Jesus disappears. This moment is where our scripture for today enters into question. If these disciples had walked with Jesus, why were their hearts not burning when He came into their presence? They continue to question why they were not prepared for this encounter and I believe it is the same with us. They were more focused more on the positional authority of Christ and they were not able to see the fullness of Christ right in front of them. I believe that they were unable to truly experience Christ because their hearts had been closed after the death of Jesus. I know that sounds a little confusing but the reality is that we may be walking on our Emmaus journey and unable to experience Jesus who is right beside us as well.

I remember when the big phenomena occurred with the WWJD movement. It stood for What Would Jesus Do and I remember everyone getting the bracelets and using this as their camp themes for the year. I remember my youth pastor asking us every week this question and it really made me think about what would Jesus do if He were in the same situations as me. I remember that being a driving force and unfortunately became just a trend that really would face a lot of ridicule as people would change the WWJD to mean other things that I

will not mention today. However, I will say that one of the different acronyms really hit home with me and could inspire all of us today. WWJD, Walk With Jesus Daily. These words help us to recognize the importance that we need to continue to step into God's Word in order that we will be prepared for the moments in which Jesus is walking with us. The burning of our hearts will occur when we come into the presence of God with a heart that is filled with God's Word. As we have found in this journey, one of the first steps and last steps each day is God's Word. It is something that is not only vital to our existence but to our eternity. May these words give us the discernment we need to see Jesus and may the power of the Holy Spirit cause us to yearn for God to be revealed. Just like the disciples, we have been taught the biblical foundations of the faith and I hope and pray that we are able to allow these words to drive our passion for the transformation of the world. Thank God that we still have time today to make a difference, but I am saying that we really need to start opening our eyes to see Jesus. He walks with us daily and continues to provide for us a way to grow stronger in our faith. It is time that we feel the burn for Jesus and Walk With Him Daily. Father, here I am. What can I do for You today? Amen.

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