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30 He must become greater; I must become less.” John 3:30

What does our lives look like when we look in a mirror? Is it a simple reflection of the person that we remember or is it a bold challenge to step out to be the person we want to become? The mirror doesn't lie they say, but that doesn't mean that the vision of the beholder does not change. I think that it is funny what we see and what we choose to be blind to as it comes to our reflections. There are things that we definitely hone in on and other things that seem to fade away from our peripherals because we just neglect to either want to deal with the obvious or we just plain out don't want to see that part of our lives. Some times it reflects our hurt and our pain and other times it is a fear of stepping out on faith and making a decision that we tend to push to the side. So the bigger question remains, when you look in the mirror what do you see and when God looks in the mirror what does God see?

Now, that is not a loaded question. It really is one that is designed to help us walk through the discussion today of what we are supposed to see when we look at our reflections. One of the toughest things in my life growing up was trying to get out of my mind that I was different. I mean, NOW, I realize that I was unique and wonderfully made, but in the teen years, I was a red head who could not tan and all I could see was my flaws and my failures. I was unable to see the amazing gifts that God had already placed in my life that now I could kick myself

for missing out on during my teenage years. But this all comes with the growth and maturity of what we see when we see God. See the closer we build a relationship with God, the more God like vision we are able to obtain. The flaws become stories and beauty marks and the differences become points of interest. We begin to see people in a whole new way and we begin to recognize that God's view of this world is something that many of us are blinded to because we are so caught up on trying to look like the world instead of trying to reflect the image of Christ.

The beauty of John's message today is in our ability to become less in order to have more. What does that even mean? Well that basically means that we are to continue to take hold of the fact that the less we have control, the less we look through our eyes and the more we are to focus our vision through the love of God, the more of the real world that God created we will be able to see. To become less of me means that I have a desire to become more like Christ in all of my ways. In my thought processes, in my vision, in my patterns, in my rationale, I am willing to stop thinking in the way that will benefit me in the end and realize that the whole goal is to increase the authority of God and His Gospel message to the world. And trust me... that is not going to be easy. It is a mindset that will cause you to truly struggle, lose friends, lose your place in society and maybe even cost you to lose your life... in fact I guarantee you will lose your life. Scripture tells us that we must lose our lives to truly gain it. And I guess it all begins through the transformation of everything that we are and it ends when we look in the mirror and see less of us and more of God in our reflections.

Of course for me the mirror is merely a metaphor for our testimony in life. It all comes back to the testimony of our lives that are the true reflections of the soul. It is not in our words but in our application of the Gospel. Anyone can truly speak all the Christianese they want, but are they really able to live it out. When John is saying that He must become greater and I must become less, demonstrates the fullness of seeing oneself as merely a vessel for the Gospel. We are just a part of the story, but the main idea is that the story must continue to be told

and passed on to future generations. John had gained much authority in his life and ministry, but he recognized the importance of leading people to Christ as their focal point and not on himself. We must remember that the end game is not to make disciples of us... but to make disciples of Christ. So I want to pray and encourage you today to know that you are a masterpiece of the one true God. That each and every one of us are unique and have been given specific talents and abilities to help others see more of God and less of themselves in their daily lives. We just have to teach them to refocus. We have to help them to see themselves and this world through the eyes of Christ in hopes of allowing the true image of God in their lives to come into focus. So what do you see today... what do I see... less of me and more of God.

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