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Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Matthew 5:8

We have always recognized that our hearts are for most of us what drives our lives. Whether it is through passion or through hurt, our hearts, so many times, cause us to think and rethink the decisions that we have to make. For the ability to control the heart is difficult because of all the emotional baggage that is attached and all of the passionate anger that we face on a daily basis. We have come to recognize that the love that we speak of when we discuss the heart, is one that is founded on the desire that we have to truly see goodness and success in the world for all people. When it comes down to the root of it all, no one really wants to see someone die or have someone to experience loss that is mentally, physically or emotionally devastating. We all agree that some loss is a factor of life, but I still have a faith to believe that God's creation is still connected in some way to the heart of God. It is something that we may struggle to see, but it definitely something that connects our yearning to want to see more from this world. I pray that we all have a desire to see homelessness ended, poverty destroyed, hunger and thirst quenched and any form of trafficking eradicated by the end of our lifetime. We have something that lives and breathes inside of us that draws us to connect with each other, but sometimes it is the evil in this world that distorts and destroys our ability to truly come together as God's creation.

So we have to also recognize the fact that are hearts also helps to discern the images that we see on a daily basis. If we have a heart filled with compassion towards others, we are able to see the people who are sometimes unseen. The ones who continue to struggle to find a way in this world and get lost and feel as if they have been abandoned by humanity. But the eyes that have been attached to their hearts, are able to see those who have been disenfranchised or may be hiding a secret heart. Having a heart that is humbled and in tune with God, will allow not just your eyes, but every sense in our bodies the ability to see what others cannot see. As we continue to seek wisdom from the Jesus beatitudes from the

Sermon on the Mount, my hope is that you are able to approach life in a different way. I am praying, not that your heart begins to bleed, but that a heart that is connected to God is able to see beyond the walls that continue to separate us as a culture. I pray that we know that every person that seeks wisdom from God is first given a test of the heart to see if their desires are honest and true. Many times we watched as Jesus was able to know what they were thinking and knew the desires of the disciples, Pharisees, Sadducees and anyone that came around. It was because Jesus was able to read their hearts and tell what their desires were through their actions. Jesus was trying to do everything possible to break through the wall that they had built and show them a new way to live and to love.

In today's lesson from Jesus, we see that once again the heart comes into the focus of God. I know that physically it is the brain that helps to run everything in our bodies, but when it comes to decisions and emotions the heart is the central factor in our lives. Remember that Jesus is trying to teach us all how to be better disciples and how to live a life filled with happiness when he states, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God." We have to break it down and as it is with each of the lessons so far, they are ALL connected to an act of humility. When we come before God, the realness of finding true happiness is that we are capable of coming to God with an open book and an open heart. When Jesus says pure in heart, Jesus already knows that we have all sinned and fallen short of God's glory. Jesus already knows that we all deserve death, but He is watching to see who has the guts to admit it. See for so many of us we are still trying to play the game and make others think that we don't sin. We ALL know that is a lie. We just try to make ourselves feel better and say that we sin less or that our sin is less harmful than others in the world and our hearts continued to harden and become more calloused. Instead, we need our hearts to bleed and beat again. We need our eyes, ears, hands and feet to be put bad into action, but the only way that is going to happen is when we step up, admit who we really are, and realize the healing that needs to take place in order for our hearts to once again become pure.

See, even though we were born into sin and a sinful world, Jesus came and died and overcame that sin for us. We just have to come with a humble heart and ask God to purify it so that we can truly SEE God. Scripture also tells us to "Create in me a clean heart, oh God and renew a right spirit in me." In order to see God we have to be able to love like God and to surrender our lives from serving the world to serving a perfect God. WE have to admit where we have failed and for all of us that could truly take a long time... me included. But see God already knows, we just need to have the conversation and ask God for help to create the pure heart again that we were first given when He knit us together in our mother's womb. I say all of this because I firmly believe that God is all around us and is using so many people to show us the love of God in a world that is in such a desperate need to experience it in a tangible way. Happy are the ones who have found the way to humble themselves and give all they have to God. Every day they wake up renewed and with a desire to change the

world for Jesus. Happy are the ones that are able to see God when they finally stop looking in the mirror to thank themselves for such a great job and realize that they are missing the true calling that God has placed in their lives that they will only see when they stop focusing on themselves and start refocusing their eyes on Jesus. As we live out our days, for as many as we all have left, I hope and pray that you will not just live a life of contentment, but that you will truly find the happiness that God has planned our for each of our lives. This happiness is not found in physical prosperity, but in one's ability to finally be able to see clearly and apply God's attitude of love in our every day actions. Is our hearts ready to carry the load... I hope so. I know that there is a lot that God is doing that we cannot see because we are not kneeling in humility and asking God to show us what we cannot see. Blessed are the pure in heart, for the will see God... Happy are the humble who have given their lives in service when they finally took up their cross and followed with no expectation for anything in return. May you find happiness when we finally see how God is surrounding us all day long, but we have just decided not to open our eyes and truly see.

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