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5 Joseph had a dream, and when he told it to his brothers, they hated him all the more.6 He said to them, “Listen to this dream I had:7 We were binding sheaves of grain out in the field when suddenly my sheaf rose and stood upright, while your sheaves gathered around mine and bowed down to it.” Genesis 37:5-9

Dreams are found all throughout the Bible and are a major form of communication between God and His creation. What we see as something that may be caused by what we had for dinner, God sees it as a way to show us a little peak into His plan. Even though the images may not fully be clear, we are able to recognize the fact that God has something to say and we have to be ready to interpret His message to us. I fully believe that God still uses this mode of communication to us today. The problem is not that God is not speaking, but the fact that we have failed to train ourselves how to properly discern the meaning. We still want it to be plain and simple with no abstract meaning at all, and I don't think that God is trying to be sneaky. However, it may be the fact that we are not at the spiritual maturity we need to be to determine the obvious message until God is ready to fully reveal the meaning. Dreams are so powerful and I fully believe that God still enables us to see into His plan through our ability to dream.

As for each of us, I also believe that dreams can also cause us to allow satan to have an opportunity to infiltrate our hearts. One way is seen in Scripture when Paul writes to the people of Ephesus, "In your anger do not sin. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold." Here we see that with the sin of anger and our inability to control our actions, when we allow anger to fester, satan gets a foothold in our sleep and manipulates our minds until we once again find ourselves cognizant and awake. However, the damage has already been done. Lies, anger, and doubt has been sown into our minds and we find ourselves further behind then before because of the battle that has

ensued in our dreams. I say all of this because dreams are a part of our subconscious that we live out in our minds. So all of the trash and baggage that we carry can cause our minds to battle to determine what is right and wrong through our dreams. The words that we were afraid to say or the situations that we were afraid to step into may actually play a role in the dreams that we envision during that night or even weeks later. I know that one of my first questions that I may ask God is what was the meanings of all of those dreams where I was a superhero and fell off the top of a building and woke up before I hit the bottom? Or, what message was I missing when I was able to see the images so vividly and awoke with more questions before I went to sleep?

There are a lot of Scriptures that I could have chosen for today, but I chose to start with Joseph. The reason is because at a very young age, Joseph was already in tune with God on a different level than his brothers. I know that at a young age, he probably did not have a lot of couth, but nonetheless, God was already revealing to Joseph something that was going to completely change the world. All throughout Joseph's life, God continued to show favor on him because of his ability to interpret the messages that God was revealing through dreams. What many of us would pass off as a bad meal before bedtime, Joseph was able to get to the foundational meaning that was both life giving and life taking. If we were as in tune with God, I would hate to think what some of the dreams I have had over my life would truly mean to my story. Jospeh never faltered and even though it took a very long time to be fully revealed, the first dream that Joseph interpreted to his brother did come true and it caused a major shift for the life of God's people. From famines, drought, years of plenty and eventually slavery and freedom, God was setting the table to move the people of God into a more dependent relationship with their Creator, and that all came through the simplicity of a dream.

In conclusion today, I don't want to let you go away thinking that God has a secret message encoded in our dreams. Dreams were just one way that God was able to communicate with people that had the spiritual gift of interpretation and prophecy. God is capable of professing His message to us in so many different ways. But as we celebrate the life and ministry of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today, I know that God planted a dream in his life that would also change the world. Similar to the dream given to Joseph, it was not immediately fulfilled. But that does not mean that God is not still at work through us today to finish the

work that Dr. King started. Dreams are opportunities for change and even though I cannot say that I have fully been able to see things clearly, God does speak to us through these moments when we are finally calm and most vulnerable. God is finally able to tell us the things that He has been trying to tell or show us all day long. Unfortunately our lives are too busy to step back and listen. There is power in the words that are spoken by God and I hope that one day we will all step out on faith and follow the message that God is showing us. We are so important to His plan to carry the Gospel to the world. I just wish that we could all push out the noise that surrounds us and begin to lean in and take hold of the picture God is trying to reveal. May we truly celebrate the voices of God that have been used in the past, present and will be used in the future to show us the way to follow our dreams.

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