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21 Fear the Lord and the king, my son,

and do not join with rebellious officials,

22 for those two will send sudden destruction on them, and who knows what calamities they can bring?

Proverbs 24:21-22

It is hard to believe that we have made 30 days in the journey towards wisdom through the power of Solomon's teachings. I hope and pray that over the last 30 days we have all been able to see life a little differently. I pray that the words that we read were able to be placed in our hearts and we were given the ability to truly search our hearts as we learned how to apply knowledge and turn it into wisdom. Today the title of this blog is Fear Creates Wisdom and as we have talked about in the past, the word fear is not something that we have to approach with timidity, but with the understanding of the power the word really conveys. To fear the Lord, means that we stand in reverence and in awe of His teachings and we are ready to learn and be stretched in our own personal faith journey. To fear the Lord means that we are reminding the world who our sovereign King and Lord is in our lives and that we fully humble ourselves in His presence. To live in fear is in itself a true sign of wisdom because we have been able to test the spirits of this world and recognize the power of the ONE KING and LORD. So today I hope and pray that you recognize the fact that we are living in a day and age that allows us to really take hold of the promises of God, but more importantly, I pray that you take the time to truly dig into the message that God is revealing in your life and allow HIS wisdom to infiltrate our lives.

The first image displayed today helps us to see that even though we may be a pawn to the world, we live in royalty with God. Even though it may seem as if we don't have a place to really fit in this world, we have been given a place in the Kingdom of God. So today I am asking that we take a look at the potential that lives in each one of us. Over the last 30 days we have been able to truly study and dig into the teachings of Solomon. He has taught us about relationships, friendships, preparing for battles both physical and spiritual, and foundational principles that we can use in every area of our lives. These words have been there for over 2,000 years and uses poems, parables, and pointed questions to help drive to

the heart of the matter. Even though the 30 days of wisdom started in chapter 22, the main verse fo the book stems from Proverbs 1:7 which states, "The FEAR of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction." It is the reality that this entire book of the Bible is gifted to us a textbook for learning how to live this life for God. I just hope and pray that you have the ability to see the importance of diving into this WORD each and every day. I hope and pray that you have been challenged and your mind has been opened to the possibility to gain knowledge that will give you wisdom to overcome ANY situation in your lfe. There is never a day that we should not be learning something new... and I hope and pray you have been able to draw wisdom in your own life over the last 30 days.

Solomon's last lesson for us is one that continues to encourage us in the relationship that we have with God and with authority. Now, understand that there are more lessons on wisdom all throughout the Book of Proverbs, but in this course we have been navigating, we recognize that Solomon specifically pulled out these words to teach us valuable lessons that could be applied to our lives. In His final lesson, Solomon reminds us that we are to stand in awe and fear of the Lord and the king. Notice that Solomon is still placing the authority that he has received from his personal connection with God. As one that has been blessed by God, Solomon is encouraging the people to submit to God and to submit to the authority in which God has provided. We are not to take a stance with those that are wanting to divide, but to respect the authority that has been placed in this position for such a time as this. I know that may seem hard, but as I think about whatever the end result of this election cycle may be, God is still in control and will continue to rule over every thing that is happening in this world. There are no surprises, but we must take the time that we have and continue to pour more foundations using the WORD of GOD in this world. I say this because I have always been asked what can we do in these times for our country. I keep telling people to specifically pray for the leaders to have an ear and a heart that is moldable towards God. God can use ANYONE... I mean think about it for a second. God used one of His biggest enemies in the world at the time, SAUL, and turned Him into the greatest missionary theologian of all time. Don't think that God cannot do the same for whoever is in the White House, the Governor's mansion, or in the Mayor's office. NEVER limit the power of God to the authority of this world.

So in closing, I hope and pray that the words that I have written and the lessons that have been given to us a gift from Solomon, will continue to inspire and challenge us all to dig deeper into the WORD of GOD. I pray that we no longer see the FEAR of GOD as something that we don't want to experience, but that it is a place in our spiritual journey that we want to attain. We want to stand in awe and fear of God as we are walking through this journey. We want to admit that Jesus has the authority over our lives, and we want to understand that we gain true wisdom when we realize that God is in control of EVERYTHING in and out of this world. When we finally open our hearts and mind to a new way of thinking and recognize that God gives us the ability to choose who and what we are willing to let

reign over our lives, we will begin to see with our eyes the power that wisdom can provide in any situation. I hope an pray that all of us continues to seek out knowledge in a way that can be applied in our lives as wisdom to lead others on a journey that may far exceed our own. My hope and prayer is that maybe some of you reading these blogs will be able to express these words in a better way and actually reach even more people for the Gospel of Christ. It is a burden and a privilege to allow God to use us to change the world, but we must be willing to open our lives to the possibilities in which God is leading us. We must be willing to let go of self and take on the presence of God in our lives through the power of the Holy Spirit. It will not be easy at first, but once you have the wisdom to realize that you are not in control in the first place, you may be amazed in how God is going to use all of us to change the world. We just have to be willing to FEAR HIM in order that we truly gain the WISDOM we have been missing for such a long time. Trust me I know that my words may only make sense to me because God speaks to me in a way that others may never truly understand, but the day I finally gave it all to HIM, was the day that God began opening my eyes to the wised HE had tried to show me all of my life. May we all do the same and see just how far God is willing to take us.

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