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“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 5:3

As we have concluded the 30 days of wisdom through the teachings of Solomon, I was led to take the next step and think through application. As we have talked about the best way to turn knowledge into wisdom is to apply in our daily lives and so I thought what better way to start than to walk through the BE ATTITUDES together. For the next few weeks we will take the time and dive into a different teaching from Jesus that reflects wisdom and application into understanding how to be a better disciple by checking our attitudes with the model Jesus laid out for us. As with other journeys, this will be one that will only be effective if you are willing to stop and read the scripture and dig in to the words for yourself as I provide my thoughts and guidelines to the scripture as God is speaking to me. The true interpretation of the scriptures comes from the discernment through the Holy Spirit as the scriptures apply to our personal lives so if you are ready to walk the walk... here we go.

We begin this journey by taking a test on humility. As we look into our personal lives, we all must admit that there are certain boundaries that we build up in our lives that help us to protect ourselves from hurt or emotions. We find ourselves struggling to admit when we are wrong because we have been taught growing up that being wrong is not right. So we build a barricade so we can protect our feelings and our heart from frustration and hurt. We become calloused to the things that God placed in our lives that makes us so unique, and we find out that there are ways that we can truly fake it until we make it when it comes to being real and authentic. I define this as being able to carry and put on the different masks or our personas that we have created in order that we can hide and never truly allow even our closets friends to see who we are. We have grown up in a time where winning is the only thing that really matters and unfortunately that baggage is passed on through our lives to the next

generations that follow. Yes, I know that Charles Darwin proposed the idea of the survival of the fittest, but my question to all of us is what determines the fittest. I don't actually believe that the fittest is the fastest or the one that may be physically the strongest, but the one that has the ability to take hold of a situation and help lead others to a solution that helps everyone to survive. Jesus entered into His role at age 30 at a time where there had to be change in the mindset of what it looked like to lead through being a servant and the world could not understand that mentality, but we want to take time over the next few weeks to truly open up His words and see how they can help us to grow in truth and wisdom. So please pray for a spirit of humility and willingness to look at the Words of Jesus with fresh eyes, hearts and open mind to the wisdom Jesus gave us in His sermon on the mount.

So as we dive in, let me explain the meaning of the be attitudes as Jesus expressed them in the beginning of His Sermon on the Mount. The word beatitude comes from a latin word, batitudo meaning blessedness. The phrase blessed are as seen the teachings from Jesus implies a current state of happiness or well-being and held a powerful meaning of divine joy and perfect happiness to the people of Christ's day. Jesus was saying divinely happy and fortunate are those who possess these inward qualities in their life. These first teachings set the entire attitude and tone of the Sermon on the Mount for Jesus' audience and continues to challenge us to live in the same spirit today. As we continue to grow in our passion and wisdom towards God, the attitudes that we are to strive to live out as a true disciple come from these foundational teachings of Jesus. Understanding the premise of the be attitudes, let's dive in to the our first opportunity to grow. Jesus begins by stating,“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." Here we read poor in spirit and many think those who are saddened or at loss, but the real meaning is based on the condition of the disciple. Jesus is saying blessed is the one who comes with a spiritual condition of poverty or humility. This is a person who recognizes their need for God and are tired of trying every other remedy to try and find happiness. There is a point of complete desperation that we all reach from time to time and God is saying at those moments you stop looking to the world to fill the void and you look towards Jesus. When we get to the point where we have finally stopped trying every worldly remedy and recognize that true joy comes from God, then we will be able to reach the joy that God is so willing to give to us.

The true struggle comes when we continue to think that we can handle all of the things in this world by ourselves. We continue to believe the we have the power to find trust happiness but apart from God that is impossible. Now I know that that brings up a lot of discussion with the pursuit of happiness, but what I am saying is that we will never fully find completeness in God if we are not willing to come before Him in complete humility. Understanding the meaning of grace is that God is willing to give us a free gift that we don't deserve that came in the life, death and resurrection of Christ. BUT in order for us to truly gain access into the kingdom of heaven, we must recognize that there is no way that we can work our way into heaven. It is only through us giving up of ourselves and accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior cane we enter into heaven. This is an act of complete humility and it only comes when we are true to ourselves and lay down our walls and step our in faith into the

grace of God. Sadly, not everyone will enter into the kingdom of heaven and one of the main reasons is the fact that our pride causes us to fail the first attitude check of being poor in spirit. It is a life decision that will be difficult but worth the prize at the end of the journey when we hear the words, "Well done good and faithful servant." As we walk together through these teachings of Jesus, I pray that you begin each day asking for a spirit of humility to read and discern how God is speaking to you. I have to be honest and say that I am just trying to do the best I can to use the knowledge and wisdom God has given me to help present to the best of my abilities a way to open our eyes to the meaning of these teachings. I do not claim to be perfect, but I do promise to present to the best of my ability the truth through God's revelation of these words in my life. If you are ready, pray for God to help us walk through these teachings of how to find happiness through Christ together and apply them in a way that leads us to help others find happiness through Christ too. If you are ready, I promise this could be a chance to change your life for eternity.

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