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In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4 In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:1-5

With each new passing day, we have an opportunity to recognize just how precious each day is from beginning to end. I know that there are many days that I prayed would never end, and other days that I knew was already over before they began. I have days that I wish I could go back and hold onto forever, and days I really wished never existed. In our story there are tons of days like this that continue to shape who we are. I know that is a crazy thing to think about, but the true reality is that life does happen and each day we are shaped and formed based on the decisions that we make or the situations that occur. I just hope and pray that our daily journey will be greatly impacted by the Word of God being infused into our lives. I pray that we are able to see a difference in our outlooks and attitudes as it refers to people and situations. I pray that it begins with us individually and overflows to those who are around us. Just imagine what the world would look like if we all had the same intention for God's Kingdom for just one day from beginning to end.

Is that a crazy thought? Is that too much to ask? I know that we have really strayed away from the truth that was brought into this world because of the power of sin and satan. I know that we have been redirected more than one time in our lives from the direction that God had

intended for us to go. But is there any way that we could honestly take one day and the whole world just stop and pray for the world to change? I know what many of you are already saying. Jason, I hope you realize that there are way too many people who don't believe in God or anything for that manner, or believe in other gods that do not match God's truth. I know that, but I just want to send out a prayer that there will be a day that is not too late that leads us all to our knees in prayer for God's truth to prevail. And I don't want it to be because the world is ending. I want to see revival occur in such a way that everyone's heart is burning and yearning for God. I really want to see the power of God revealed and people's eyes opened that have been glued shut from the chaos of the world and the power of sin. I know it may seem like a pipe-dream, but I really do pray for God to be glorified for one day and watch how the world would be different. Yes, I know that even I have said that things cannot change overnight, but I believe they can when the power of God steps into the conversation.

What is my proof? Jesus. The world was looking for a solution for over 400 years of silence and chaos and Jesus was born. The WORD became flesh and dwelt amongst us and there was nothing the sin, chaos, uncertainty, doubt, death, destruction, or even satan could do to stop it. The only other time darkness was overcome in a single action was when God opened His mouth in Genesis and said let there be LIGHT. I know that we have already talked through a lot of this scripture before in this blog, but there is an importance to reengaging into this word from John as we are walking through Lent together. We are able to recognize the power of the Holy Trinity being present at creation and the fulfillment of God's plan stepping into flesh through the life of Christ. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Who do you think the HE was? Jesus. There is a powerful statement being made by John who was not around for creation but is being inspired by God to remind us that GOD's WORD, JESUS, was around from the beginning and will continue to be a part of God's plan in the end. That is why the Book of Revelation is called Revelation. There is ONE and ONLY ONE REVELATION that is a common thread all throughout the Bible from beginning to end and that message is the free gift through the power of God's grace and love that was paid for on the cross by the blood of the LAST LAMB... JESUS. John is revealing what God has placed on his heart to remind us that the first words spoken and the last words for this world is GOD'S WORD. Plain and simple.... dot the i's, cross the t's... it is God's Word! And the WORD became flesh in the form of Jesus in order that the LIGHT would overcome the umbrella of darkness that had encapsulated God's creation. The LIGHT came to break through the darkness in order that we would have an opportunity to live with God for eternity and not spend our lives in hell separated from God.

So as we prepare to walk the last few days together next week during Holy Week, please prepare yourself for the intense week it will be for all of us. Not only is it Holy Week, but it is the last few steps that many of you will take in making God's Word a part of your daily routine. For some, you will continue on a new daily diet of God's Word, but for others of you, you see a finish line for the 40 day dash and you are ready to stop allowing this time to take over your time. I hear you. But I really hope that you gave it the time God needed to infiltrate and hopefully prepare us all for what is coming next. There will always be wars or mentions of wars. There will always be pandemics and worldly chaos as long as the people of the

world have fallen to sin. But more importantly, I hope and pray that you will recognize that God has been with you from the beginning to the end of this journey. I hope and pray that

you will also recognize that God will continue to be there even after this part of the journey has ended. God is in it from the beginning when He knit us together until the end when He will hopefully respond, "Well done, good and faithful servant." There has never been a point and time that God has ever left me.... I may definitely have run far away from Him like the prodigal, but He has always been there ready and waiting to welcome anyone back home. That is why EVERY, SINGLE ONE is so important, and recognize that each of us have either already been or currently are the ONE that God is ready to welcome back home. The only challenge I really do want to issue for us all today is that I want us to pray for God to have a foot in the doors of the people of this world who are truly lost and in need of help. That is not just the ones with physical limitations. I am talking about anyone who may be truly struggling in believing that God cares or exists at all. Next week is a time for the WORLD to recognize that God gave us the greatest gift of all.... for all. But it must be received on an individual level for it to truly make the impact it needs to make. May God use us to carry this hope, grace, mercy and love to the world. We have to start somewhere... why can it not be with us and why can it not be TODAY! Father, Here I am. What can I do for You today? Amen.

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