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9 Remember the former things, those of long ago; I am God, and there is no other;

I am God, and there is none like me. 10 I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come. I say, ‘My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please.’ Isaiah 46:9-10

As we are saying goodbye to the summer, we are plowing straight back into our new year. We are looking to see what the new school year will bring as we continue to follow the leadership of God in our lives. Are you ready to put an end to the things that are behind us and step into the new beginning? Don't get me wrong, we would definitely not be the person that we are if it were not for the things that are behind us, but there is a new mentality that comes with stepping into a new beginning. I know that there have been plenty of songs, memes, poems, etc... about every new beginning comes at another new beginnings end. I know that there is a lot of people who continue to hold on to the past and hope that days will return to what they use to be like, but the true reality is that the past it the beginning we needed to get us to today. And today is what we need to get us prepared for what is to come on our life's journey. It is not easy and it will never be the same. I just know that there is an opportunity that we all have to see something begin and end and begin again.

As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, we are all experiencing some sort of new beginning. We are looking to see how God is going to reveal Himself through the process of the new steps that we will take. I also believe that God continues to help us to find a way to put periods at the end of a sentence that leads to the end of a chapter. He helps us to see that there are

times we have to say good-bye to the old way of living if we are every going to have the possibility of saying hello to a new fresh wind and fresh fire for our lives. It is not easy saying good-bye to the end of one part of our journey. It is filled with great memories and opportunities gained and lost. But we also have to remember that the end of that journey was also a beginning that we didn't want to face as well and look how God was able to carry us through to the next step of that journey. If we truly humble ourselves and give all that we are to God, our lives will be filled new and old chapters. It will be filled with new and old memories, and it will allow us to see that God is always in control of our direction regardless of how much we don't want to accept it.

So as we are reading Isaiah's words today, we are reminded that God has no beginning or end. God is the same every hour of every day of every year for eternity. We are given comfort that God continues to show us that He is the one that is directing our future and helping us to see the end as well as step into a new beginning. From the very beginning of time, God has been able to see the start and the finish of everything. I know that is a mind blower, but that is the truth. God is outside of time and truly sees every door that will be opened and closed. He provides for us the opportunity to choose, but already knows the outcomes of every choice we could possibly make. God made known that from the beginning His hand has been with His creation and will continue to guide and lead us to find the end of the journey. The end that will once again lead to a choice of spending eternity with God in heaven or an eternity separated from God in hell. I hope and pray that we take the time to really read these words revealed to Isaiah by God and recognize the importance of what they still mean for us today. He is GOD... plain and simple and our lives and chapters continue to make a part of the never-ending story of God in this world. God's purpose will continue to stand and as in the beginning when He created and said let there be light, God is also there in the end to close the book and say it is finished.

We are part of the story that God has laid out for this world, but we must realize that we must see the stages that we complete and begin every day. I hope and pray that we all come to realize the power of God's story in this world. I pray that we all really take a look at the

amazing power God holds in our lives and we place the period to end the sentence and then turn the page and start a new paragraph. This year is filled with opportunities that will be lived out and other opportunities that will be missed, just like years past. It is in the ability that we have to recognize it all that helps us to see true growth and spiritual maturity on our journey. Today is another chance for us all to make an impact on how we make decisions for God. I pray that we look at the end of one road not as something that is negative, but as something that has been necessary to help us get closer to God's plan. I pray that every new beginning is not approached with fear and anxiety but as an opportunity for trust and faith to be more evident in our lives. Take hold of the beginnings and the ends and realize that God is still the Author and Perfecter of our Faith. It all starts and ends with God. May you enjoy today as the sun rises and sets, and may it remind us all of the opportunities we have to step into this world with the opportunity to be bold and breathe.

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