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7 He said to them:“It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority. 8 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:7-8

There have been many people trying to figure out what is going on in the world. There are people that look to philosophers and prophets, people who seek guidance from tea leaves and cards and people who roll the dice and let fate take place. Then there are those who have to truly step into a moment and rely on the promises of God. I know that sometimes the puzzle of reality looks to be unachievable, but the truth is that God is just preparing us for the time that HIS TRUTH will be revealed to HIS CREATION. Time after time after time we have seen this throughout history and in the scriptures. I just don't understand why we believe that today would be any different. Well I do know... it was easier to read and already know the outcomes from history and the scriptures. When it is happening to us today we have to rely on faith of what we hope for and the certainty that we cannot see in this time that God is in control. I hate to beat an old drum, but that is really the difference. Remember that God and His authority over the situation has not changed at all, but the testing of our faith has stepped into overdrive, and we are uncomfortable when we are stretched outside of the things we cannot control. Out of the confusion will come a new creation of God's vision and direction. We just have to be patient and through prayer and discernment, recognize the path God is revealing to us.

Remember that satan is the one that causing confusion not God. Remember that whenever we give satan and inch, satan will take miles. I know that may not help any of us today because we want answers for the direction of where the world is going, and so did every other Christ follower of the past. Every one that has gone before us has gone through times of strife and uncertainty and they have had to take a step back and let God reveal the next steps. Instead of always being in control and being the leader, they have had to take a step back and let God step in and take control. So that means that we do have to breathe and trust in God. The master of confusion infiltrates every aspect of our lives. Whether it is with

the COVID situation, the government turmoil or our personal lives, confusion has caused us to doubt and shake our heads because we are out of the loop, and we just want to know what is coming. Just like in the Garden of Eden, satan as the serpent, continued to pour out lies and doubt in such a way that led us to fully step away from God and step in to take control of our lives, and that led us to sin and separation from God's plan. So here we are again, watching satan unveil another plan to try and divide us and what we need more now than ever is a time to pray and connect. We need to find time to stop pointing fingers and start recognizing the steps that need to be taken to once again unite the world to the authority of God. Yes... ALL of this is a conspiracy because satan is doing EVERYTHING possible to cause confusion and turmoil, but that only wins if we drink the kool-aid and hand over control.

Just like today, the disciples were in a time that they were trying to figure out next steps. Their leader had been crucified but now stood before them perfectly healed. They were worried about their lives being taken away but instead God was about to reveal the greatest plan of creation since Genesis and Jesus. God was about to unleash the power of the Holy Spirit to the entire world and there was NOTHING that satan or ANYONE else could do about it. God was about to bring to creation the CHURCH as a part fo the plan to reorganize and perfect the equipping of the disciples in a new way. Out of the ashes of chaos and confusion would rise the greatest connection point for those who were lost or seeking a place to find Jesus. The Church was about to be the central marker for hundreds of years of the Authority of God that was sent through Jesus. So out of the Upper Room they came and they were warned by Jesus to once again be ready for what was to come. We see this in Jesus own words in the scriptures today, “It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority. But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” They had NO IDEA what to expect, but God was about to once again change the WHOLE PLAN for the world. So we must just take a second and think that if God already had this mapped out after the confusion when Jesus died, was raised to life and ascended into heaven, what do you think that God is about to create out of the chaos of today?

It is all still a process of faith. I know that we all want answers and all I can say is that in the times of troubles we all need to fall back down on our knees and pray for God to be revealed. For all of the uncertainties in the days to come, have you once dropped to your knees and said, "God, here I am your servant. Use me and direct me to help accomplish YOUR will." Or have we ALL just continued to rewatch and reread all of the conspiracy theories so that we can feel as thorn we can have a better control over it all. OK... I just got myself with that one. I have to admit that I too step into those moments as a pastor and a parent, because I too want to hear from God but I really want to make sure that I am in the know. The disciples were like, "Ok Jesus, are we ready to take over and let us be in control?" Jesus responded with patience and humility. He wanted them to know that it was not solely

their burden to carry just like it is not ours to carry. God IS in CONTROL and we have to be patient and ready to respond when the next steps are revealed in HIS PLAN. But one thing I do know, I have to be ready. I have to recognize that during this time I need to be preparing myself and those that are around me in such a way that we can find peace in the chaos. Rest assured that God is in the chaos... and I don't mean that HE is stirring the pot, but that out of the chaos God is preparing to CREATE the next phase in His plan to reclaim HIS Creation. I bring all of this up to say one thing, the Church is the BRIDGE between Jesus and the New Creation, and we are to be ready to carry that Gospel, once again, to everyone in the world. We will NEVER know the timely plans of God, but we already know the ULTIMATE plan and that is for HIS creation to spend eternity with Him in Heaven. It's time for us to once again rebuild the bridge, through telling the story of Jesus, between God and a world once again filled with confusion. I cannot wait, God willing, to be a part of the next steps of God's story for the world.

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