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Praise theLord.[a]

Praise the Lord, you his servants; praise the name of the Lord. 2 Let the name of the Lord be praised, both now and forevermore. 3 From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised.

Psalm 113:1-3

Two of the greatest parts of the day are dusk and dawn. They continue to remind me of the bookends of the day in which God is preparing and completing HIS daily tapestry. They remind me that regardless of my situation, God is the beginning and the end and through everything that we have that happens in our lives, we are blessed to see the joy of God revealed with each day. I love to see pictures that people send of the colorful beginning and ending to the day. When I was younger we would look at the afternoon sky and say that God was preparing Cotton-Candy for the world. I mean the colors were so vibrant and it literally looked like a piece of cotton candy that could be picked out of the sky. It's just in the beauty of the moment that we have the opportunity to truly see God revealed. It doesn't matter how chaotic or uncertain your day may have been, one can just look to the heavens and continue to feel the power of God in every powerful stroke that is captured in the sky.

In such a time of uncertainty, it is truly a blessing to be able to have this assurance each day that the God of ALL pauses and demonstrates such great love for us. We are able to push off the evil that has attacked us physically, mentally and spiritually and grasp the eyes of the

Father as we find peace through the canvas that is unique to each day. I just wish that we didn't take those days for granted. I wish that we were able to take hold of the precious moments that we have in this life to share these masterpieces with a world that is blinded by the evil in the world. So many that are unwilling to really realize that we have a God that takes care of all of the small details because of HIS great love for us. We have a God that is willing to go to the ends of the universe and demonstrate HIS power and yet each day take the time to inspire our hearts in humility. I cannot even imagine what lives that have no piece of this joy must go through on a daily basis. Searching for rhyme or reason of why they exist and where they are going to end up in the end. They just live each day to make it through the day with no true JOY that is not attached to a physical piece of this world.

Reading the words of the Psalmist today, I hope and pray that we are inspired to be different. I pray that we look with today filled with hope to go and change the world and realize that the God who created this amazing tapestry is walking with us every step of the way. I pray that we take hold of every opportunity to inspire the world for God, because the more we open our eyes to God's creation, the more we realize that it was all created specifically for us. We see the good and the bad and with our mouths we shout and lift up praises to a God who is beyond understanding. We see as God has placed His fingerprint over everything that the light touches and continues to reveal to us the patience in which it was created. Everything was created for a specific time and a specific place in order that the love of God could be revealed. The same is true about our lives as well. We are a part of God's tapestry. We are a part of the canvas that is changed each and every day and through the molding and reshaping we are refined by HIS fire to be a reflection of the masterpiece that HE sees in us. 24 hours does not seem to be a really long time until you take the time to step into each moment. To see each smile and recognize each piece of the puzzle that God has created. If you just stepped back and took it all in, you may just be blown away at what we have been missing day by day.

So my true challenge for all of us today is to seize the day, Carpe Diem. Take hold of the plan that God is revealing as every second goes by and be assured that God has been with you from the start to the finish when you see the sun rise and set. Realize that God is continuing to encourage us on this race... even when it seems not to make any sense at all. The foundations are the pillars of the day which we are able to see when God reveals HIS first light and last light of the day. May it continue to help us to yearn for more understanding of how we can take every effort to impact the world. One of the things that I truly believe in life is that I only have ONE life to live. I believe that with each day I have a

choice to either live it for God or to live it for myself. And honestly, I wish that I could say that every day I proclaim it for God, but I'm human and I am selfish some times. I miss the opportunities just like every one else. But I will tell you that more days than others I try to do all I can to give God ALL of ME.. I wake up each day thanking HIM for another chance to tell the world about God's grace, love and mercy and how it changed my life forever. I look at every person as another tapestry that is waiting to be filled with the color of God's love and I hope and pray that I can encourage others to truly see the fullness of God in their lives. I mess up every day.... I struggle every day... but when I see God's fingerprints in the world, it continues to inspire me never to stop fighting for God. As the Sun rises and sets today, may we all take a moment and breathe in God's glory in such a way that the world will take notice. Thank you God for the time you give me to be a part of your plan.

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