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Lord, you are the God who saves me;

day and night I cry out to you. 2 May my prayer come before you; turn your ear to my cry. I am overwhelmed with troubles and my life draws near to death.13 But I cry to you for help, Lord; in the morning my prayer comes before you.

Psalm 88:1-3, 13

Have you ever just cried out to God and wondered if God has ever heard your voice? I know that there have been many times in my life that I have physically cried out to God wondering if my words that I speak ever reach His ears. And the answer is YES. Even though there may be times that I do not fully believe that God hears me, it is not because of the inability of God to hear, but it is in the inability for me to have faith that the God of ALL things has been able to listen to the cry of one so minuscule. I have spoken about this before and it is really in the ability for us to believe that our God is a BIG God or do we put God in the small god category. The BIG GOD realizes that there are no limitations on God. God has no limits and is not restricted by anything. God is timeless and stands outside the limits of this world. On the other hand, we like to put God sometimes in the small god category. A small god is more like us and is one that we can control and manipulate and limits his power to the things that we want God to control. And yes, I hate to admit it but there are times that I fall into the placing GOD into the small god category... BUT THAT IS NOT GOD. That is the image of a god that we all want to have, more like a genie in a bottle that is able to do what we want him to do... when we want him to do it.

But the GOD we serve is a BIG, MAGNIFICENT GOD! And even though we may not get the answers that we are seeking instantaneously, God is in the midst of our lives and has heard our voices cry out in the night. Many times the reason we feel as though God does not hear us, is because we are not willing to wait for the answer to we don't like the answer we have received. I have had countless people ask me over the years, Jason I don't get it. God knows who I am and that I am really trying to change my life. Why is God so distant. Why will He not answer my needs and show me the right way to go? Simply put... that is us putting God in a box and making Him into something we can control. The truth is in the manner of the asking. Are we willing to lay everything down on the line and say to God that we give you full

control. In my crying God, I am releasing all authority that I have and I am willing to humble myself and wait with my heart, mind and ears open for your answers. I am willing to see, not through my earthly eyes, but through your heart, what I need to do and be faithful to step through the door when you open it. Every whisper God hears, because God is always in our presence. There is not anything God does not see or hear. There is not a situation that God does not know is happening. The reason the situations happen the way they do is because we are too fast to pull the trigger and not wait for God to show us the way to go. We want CONTROL. Then when the situation goes bad, what is the first thing we do... blame God and claim HE is not listening. When all God wants is for us to invite Him into the scenario and be faithful to follow HIS lead.

If you read the full Psalm today you can see and feel the emotions that many of us have felt before. We read the words and we can step into the situation that the Psalmist is writing about. These words may have already come out of all of our mouths form one time or another. To paraphrase the prayer... God where are you? Why have you allowed this to happen to me? Do you not care? Do you not love me? Are you willing to bless those people who could care less who you are and allow me, the one who is crying out to you, to be left to fight my own battles. God, why have you left me? I need you more than you know and I am in desperate need of your guidance. DO YOU HEAR ME? WHY ARE YOU NOT RESPONDING? WHY DO YOU NOT CARE? I mean I am good... and willing to do what I need to do to get out of the situation, but I need you to show me where to go. Open or close a door. Let my eyes see what I cannot see. Why are you rejecting your servant? WHY CAN YOU NOT HEAR ME!! Have you had that conversation with God? Be honest. Have you ever been in such a situation that you believe that God has not heart you or worse than that, you believe that God does not care? And if you said yes... and we can all say yes to this... satan has literally invaded our lives and caused us to doubt the one thing that we should be able to stand on the most.

BUT.... There is words of power that we can take from the Psalmist today. Look at the verses that I have highlighted. I am not taking them out of context, but I wanted to draw our attention to the power of these words. 1 Lord, you are the God who saves me; day and night I cry out to you. 2 May my prayer come before you; turn your ear to my cry. I am overwhelmed with troubles and my life draws near to death.13 But I cry to you for help, Lord; in the morning my prayer comes before you. Psalm 88:1-3, 13. God you are the one who saves me. A declarative statement that we must be willing to believe and live into with EVERY breath that we take. God YOU and ONLY YOU are the one that can save me from

whatever this situation is that I am going through. I cry out to you because I have finally realized I cannot handle this situation on my own any more. In humility I lift up my prayers and as soon as they are whispered, may the reach your ears. Even though I am in a situation I cannot handle alone, the first words I speak every day are to you God in patience and peace, waiting for your response. THIS is how our words come before God. In humility we realize that God loves us and cares for us and wants the best for us. And I hope you know that this is not the prosperity gospel I am talking about... this is the POWER of the CREATOR who LOVES HIS CREATION. We must fully realize that it is in the still small voice that God speaks to us. So when we cry out or whisper, immediately it is attuned to HIS ear. We must be willing to push out all of the noise and learn how to truly listen because HE is ready to respond... but we have to be willing to listen and accept the answer HE gives. May we push out of the darkness and invite the LIGHT to invade our lives.

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