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10 Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death.

2 Corinthians 7:10

As we are getting ready for the end of yet another year, I must wonder if there is anything that we have left on the table for 2020. I know that there are plenty of struggles and frustrations that we all have encountered over what seems to be 10 years not just one year, but is there anything else that we have resolved to do in the year 2020. Yesterday, in my sermon I talked about the difference between two very important words that drive us during this time of year, resolutions and revelation. Resolution comes from the root word resolve and means to break apart or reduce things into simpler forms. A sense of solving. While Revelation was a word that came into existence around 1300 A.D. and means a disclosure of information to man by a divine or supernatural agency, action noun… disclosure of facts. Each of these words have a lot of power when it comes to the word regret and causes us to seek for answers in how we can become resolved in the issues or baggage that we have been carrying for years.

Let me help you out... is there anything that you resolve to do, or make a resolution to do EVERY year? Then you find yourself saying these words, "This year is going to be different. I am going to do it this year." Only to find yourself setting yourself up for failure...doubt...and regret. Regret is an ugly word that so easily attacks our heart, mind, soul and strength and

we allow satan to step into a little corner of our lives and causes us to no longer believe that we can overcome the situation. We fall into the pit and can not find a way to climb out and so we just give up and we allow regret to once again take over our confidence that we have in Christ. This is not a struggle that you face alone, but one that EVERY person in creation suffers with ever since sin entered into the Garden of Eden through Adam and Eve. You

don't think that they found themselves regretting what they had done and what they had lost. Do you think that they began to start turning from regret to blame and eventually to anger, frustration and finally depression. Regret is an amazing tool used by satan to cause misdirection in our lives. It is like a mouse that has inched its way under a door, once it gets its nose in the door the body will follow and so it is with doubt that follows regret. God sees this as a test in our journey of faith. Regret is a tool that is a testing moment for us to get back up and continue to move forward with the intentionality of giving it over to God and repenting for our failure. There are things that are in our lives that we have to get in order and I hope and pray that we don't set ourselves up for failure and then just walk away to go about out lives wondering what it could have been like if we could have just...

We serve a God that helps us to overcome the obstacles in our lives and He proved it by removing the wall the was established between God and His creation through Jesus. We are ALL going to fail at some time in our lives, but it is how we are able to resolve the failure that tells the story and helps lead to healing. We cannot continue to fail and half-heartedly try to resolve the issue if we are not ready for God to reveal the healing that needs to take place. Paul is telling us this through the words he wrote to the people of Corinth in our Scripture today. We must be willing to understand that the Godly sorrow Paul is writing about is the one that leads to salvation. It means that the person that is seeking healing is willing to go through a total behavioral change when they come before God. Godly sorrow brings repentance because the person is honesty SORRY and seeking help from God to be restored. Other people are only sorry because of the effects of their sins. They are feeling regret not because they want to change their behaviors, but because someone else was effected because of their decisions. These types of regrets will fade away because the person is only experiencing regret that will soon pass because it did not infringe on their lifestyle. Paul is very distinct in showing the difference. Godly sorrow leads to salvations, repentance, grace, loves, mercy, etc... Worldly sorrow leads to death because the heart of the person is not true repentant and not fully seeking a change in behavior or character.

So the real question that I ask you today is what are you looking for? Are you ready to truly get rid of this weight, burden and baggage that you have been carrying for such a long time and seek repentance through Godly sorrow or are you just seeking a way to find freedom from your conscience? Because if you are only seeking freedom from your conscience then you will continue to live a life of regret that will lead to despair and will eventually lead to death...physical and spiritual. So as the phrase states, "The BUCK stops with you." Each of us have to determine the way that we are living our lives and if we are truly seeking revelation

from regrets that will lead to eternal freedom with God. Or we will continue to allow the regrets to weigh heavier and heavier on our hearts our souls and we will continue to seek solutions that will only give us freedom for a short while. We continue to pass on the baggage that we carry that was created from the regrets to our children because we just don't want to give up the handles that we continue to hold on to that leads to what we think is a loss of control. But the true revelation is that by letting God take hold of the regret, you will finally find resolution that leads to the revelation that salvation is what we really needed in the first place. So please as we draw closer to the end of another year... no matter if it is 2020 or 2100... the opportunity will always exist to step into the opportunity to deal with the regrets and decisions that we have made in our past and the ones we will make in the future. Let them go and give them to God and let God reveal to you the FREEDOM that will finally resolve the regret for good.

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