• Jason Wade


15 My son, if your heart is wise,

then my heart will be glad indeed;

16 my inmost being will rejoice

when your lips speak what is right.

Proverbs 23:15-16

We have another opportunity to talk about the power of the heart. I know that many times we speak of how our words come from one of two places. We either speak from our minds or from our hearts. In thinking through the passion that many of us have, there is probably more times that we speak from the pains and joys of the heart than we stop to think before we say what we say. So once again I want to remind each of us the power that the heart has over our lives. We are a creation of connection. From the very first time that God knit us together in the womb, we have felt this connection to people. I know that some of you are thinking Jason, you are so wrong, I am in introvert and I can promise you that there are definite times that I am not connected or craving to be in connection with people. Well, I just want you to hear me out for a second. I am not saying that you "crave" to be around people... I am saying that God created us for connection. That does not have to be in person but that we desire someone to connect with us to give us some sense of purpose in this life. It is a constant struggle for us to define who we are in this world and who we are to God. The true test begins with the condition of our hearts. Back in the ancient world, they would determine if you were able to move to the next world by weighing your heart against a feather on a scale. Now this was figuratively, but the point was being made that our hearts should be as light as a feather because of the love and passion that we had for others that would make our hearts lighter than a feather. If it was selfish and self-absorbed than it would be heavier and the person was sent back to try again.

The ability that we have to speak in wisdom does come from both the mind and the heart. But today we are going to focus on the ability that we have to prepare our hearts to be filled with love, peace, patience, joy, kindness, self-control, goodness , faithfulness, and gentleness. We understand these to be the fruits of the Spirit and a marker of the condition of our lives. We are able to plant these seeds into our hearts and the fruits are seen in our words and our actions. It all stems from the heart. As we have mentioned before, there is spiritual warfare that is constantly battling for our hearts. We really don't want to admit it but we are mostly directed in our journey by the strings that control our hearts. But from these

seeds, these characteristics are growing and nurtured through our hearts to be passed on to those that we come into contact with on a daily basis. Imagine what it would be like if we were able to control our frustrations that are sewn in our hearts by satan, and we are able to speak kindness instead of frustration. What if we were able to speak encouragement through gentleness in the moments where our passion and desire for others drive us to anger. In the realness of each day, we are capable of speaking in love and kindness and we lose the battle when the hate and anger cause us to lose the real picture of the battle that is attempting to cause dissension instead of connection. Satan would love nothing more than to divide us from our family and friends because in essence satan wins. When satan and the world is able to divide the house... we will fall and the world is a prime example of seeing how we are divided against ourselves and we are watching our country fall deeper into evil each day.

So today we step into Solomon's lesson on wisdom and we see the truth of our words begins with our hearts. Solomon is able to express the power of joy that is found in wisdom stems from the foundation of our hearts. They all are connected and go hand in hand. It is as if Solomon is speaking directly to us as a son/daughter and encouraging and teaching us to realize that there is a point where a parent rejoices based on the abilities of the child reaching a point of application. Let me break that down in a simpler way. Solomon is trying to show us that there is power in the words we as parents use to build on the foundations of our children. For youth, there is power in the words that we use to build on the foundations of our relationships. There is a writ of passage where the life lessons that we have been pouring into those that are around us begin to take root and are expressed in their own lives. Now, understand the same is true on the opposite side. Remember we talked about trash in....trash out and God in...God out. There is no way that we can expect those that we are pouring into to be something different than what we are pouring into them to be. For example I cannot expect someone that I have been trying to teach how to speak Spanish for 10 years to all of a sudden break out in German. Or I cannot expect someone that has been nurtured by me in their ability to play basketball to wake up one day and be an amazing golfer. Now, I pause to say that there are people in this world with natural abilities to be able to do many other things than what is being taught, but I hope you get the picture of what I am trying to say. Solomon is sharing with us the joy that we all will show when we see those that we are equipping and pouring into each day begin to show fruit in their words and actions. When someone finally applies these teachings into their every day life, then they have moved from knowledge into wisdom.

In this world there is a time that we must all transition from being fed to feeding others. There is a point that we wake up one day and realize that we are ready to transition from always taking to giving back. In these moments, we find that it is the condition of the heart that directs our path based on the foundation that has been laid. We are so fortunate to be able to step into these life lessons that have been around for hundreds of years, and recognize that they are still capable of teaching us how to be wise today. God has a perfect timing for everything in this world and I would have to say that we really need to go back and search our hearts before we speak. There is a lot of hatred that is out there right now and if the words are a reflection of the conditions of the hearts; than we can easily see that there are a lot of hurting people who's hearts have finally given them a voice and something to say. I just pray that it is not to late to help heal the wounds that have cut so deep and for us all to wake up and realize the power that our hearts have over the words that we speak. If we

are able to sew into our hearts the foundational principles of love, grace and mercy, we may just find an opportunity to turn all of this around. It is going to take a lot of work, but isn't that the point of this life we live anyway. Are we not called to make disciples by teaching and baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We are called to plant seeds in the lives of those who are hurting and lost in hopes of their hearts to be filled to overflowing with the love, grace and mercy of God. I promise you that it works. I promise that if you are able to fill hearts with the seeds from the fruits of the spirit, we will be amazed at the change of the condition of the world. It will speak volumes and rejoicing will soon follow. It takes us doing a little spring cleaning in our own our own lives to begin to replace the things of this world with the WORD of GOD. But the end results are so worth it and when you see it beginning to bloom and produce fruit in the lives that you have invested time and prayer into... you cannot do anything more than thank God and rejoice. What is your heart saying today? What words have already come out of your mouth today? Would there be rejoicing because of the wisdom that was spoken or is it time to do some cleaning out?

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