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13 Be still before the Lord, all mankind, because he has roused himself from his holy dwelling.” Zechariah 2:13

We are at the midpoint of this journey together and I am beginning to see God starting to stir. One of the craziest things that I have ever experienced in my life is ability to see God when God is ready to move. There is this stirring and uneasiness that continues to show itself as the beginning of a massive storm. It is really hard to explain, but it does give an opportunity for us all to see the amazing power of God. In the midst of the next steps, multiple times in scripture there is always a pause. There is a time of self-reflection and an opening of the mind and soul that allows us to really experience the fullness of God. This is not something that God is trying to hide from anyone, but I will say that God prepares to reveal His plan to all those who have prepared to receive it. If you have not prepared, please don't be surprised if you just don't see it. I have had plenty of conversations with people that say that they just cannot see what I see or understand what I am able to share with them, and for the most part, it is because they have not taken the real time that they need to sit back and wait on God. We are so ready for answers, but are we really willing to pause and allow God to prepare us for what is coming. I don't know about you, but if I knew that there is something that was headed my way and I knew that God was leading the charge, I promise I would stop EVERYTHING and spend time allowing God to prepare me for what's to come.

Saying that, I also have to admit that I am human and so are the rest of us. We are sometimes unwilling or unable to truly receive the full blessings of God because we are not willing to pause and turn over authority to anything back to God. We really do want things to be different, but we are not willing to be still enough for God to do what God needs to do. Instead, we are willing to wrestle with God, like Jacob, and regardless of the outcome, we would rather go down fighting instead of standing still and letting God work. I think that is all

in our human nature and I really do pray that our pride falls down because I do not want any of us to miss out on what God has intended to say to us or show us during this Lenten season. We have spent an entire year in uncertainty and chaos and we really need to step back and realize that all of this is for God's glory. Yes, I said it. Even the pandemic must be seen as something that is going to bring glory to God. It must reveal to us the things that we are failing to see. It must allow us to step back and be still so God can truly step back into the world and reclaim what is rightfully His. God is stirring and has been for some time now, it is just taken God to take us to the extremes for us to finally be still enough and listen.

So as we look at this day through the eyes of Zechariah, we realize that the signs he is seeing is for the coming age. It is something God is revealing for a time that Zechariah will not even have the fortune to experience. See, one of the things about God is that He is asking us to take a moment and really realize that what God may be revealing is not for us. All of the prophets of the Old Testament were telling of the promise of Christ that was to come. They were seen as servants who God used their voices to prepare the world for the true MESSAGE. We may be in the same spot. Zechariah is continuing to exude hope for what is to come and is reminding us of the servants heart that we should have the will lead us to see the stirring of God. We are to step back and see and then share a message that may or may not come to fruition in our life time. I know that as a pastor, every one always asks me if anything is a sign of the end times. I know that so many people are wanting to feel safe and discuss eschatology because of the situation that we are in currently. And I continue to say pause... be still and wait for God to reveal what God is trying to to reveal. I pray that we are going to be a part of this next steps in God's plan and we need to put our best efforts into seeing what we have not been able to see before.

So our challenge today is simple. Be still and listen to God. Step back and realize that we need to be awakened to the things that God has been revealing for such a long time and stop closing our hearts and ears to His voice. Take time to really have an open conversation with God just like you would have one with me or a friend and wait for the response. God may be closer to revealing something to you than you think. I still believe in the audible voice of God and I am so amazed at the many ways God is able to reveal things to us all. I

have been on different stages of may spiritual journey and realized the impact that taking some time to step back really provides the clarity that may be needed because God finally sees the access needed to speak. When Zechariah says that God is stirring, it is a powerful statement to us all to realize that God is ready to move and nothing can stop the movement of God. Saying all of this, we are roughly halfway to Easter and I hope and pray that God continues to prepare us all for what the next steps are going to be in these uncertain times. But I pray even more that we are ready to accept what God is prepared to say and step out in faith and follow God's guidance as we walk through the next steps. God is about to move and I just want to humbly follow His lead. I don't want to miss a thing and the only way I can do that is through being still before God. Father, Here I am. What can I do for You today? Amen.

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