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Be patient, then, brothers and sisters, until the Lord’s coming.See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop, patiently waitingfor the autumn and spring rains.You too, be patient and stand firm, because the Lord’s coming is near. James 5:7-8

My grandfather was a farmer. I know I have already told the story in the last 40 some days of his daily routine. But when I hear people talking about their days and their schedules, I am not saying that their time is not important, but I am asking how have you prepared to harvest. Living in this world daily, we all should begin to look at how we answer that question. How did everything that we do today, how is that preparing for the harvest tomorrow? Are we prepping the fields? Are we fertilizing the soil? Are we weeding the garden? Are we protecting the harvest? So many times I just sit back and think about how God relates our calling as disciples in the same way that I picture a farmer. Always preparing for the next season. Always knowing that there is very little time to rest, but in those restful moments, they are able to find peace in the fruits of their labor that have been blessed by God.

So what about us today? As I look throughout my week, we continue to make goals, seek new opportunities to connect with people and try to find ways to "cut the fat" or not waste time. In the day to day lives that we are living, what inspires us to wake up each day, take a deep breath and dive in. As we look at the life God has called us to, there are one of two ways that we respond. First, we wake up so excited because regardless of the money we make, we are just excited about having another day to do what fills our heart to overflow.

Or second, we wake up to find out that we have to get up, punch the clock and just do a job that we never wanted to do in the first place, but it is what pays the bills. And before I go any deeper, realize that I have been in both of these positions. Some times in life we find our symphony with God and every second is a blessing. And some times we walk into a situation that we cannot control but to protect the family you do what you have to do. I understand both of those scenarios. But there is a point in our lives that we partially master our profession and it becomes an opportunity to grow beyond boundaries.

We finally begin to lean into God's direction for our lives and see the amazing things that can be done with God. Our perspectives change. We no longer are working for the weekend or for the 5pm clock, but we find that time continues to literally disappear because we have such a desire to make change. We have such passion to dream and finish the task that nothing else matters. Just like the farmer, in the times of peace... in the times of pause, we are able to sit back and look at the fruits that God is able to produce because of our willingness to serve in humility. Also like the farmer, there are going to be the hard days. The days that you know will take much more effort to succeed. The days where you may have to take 15 steps backwards before you start all over again with replanting the seed. Some times you will have to hold a friend, a family member as they are breathing their last breath, and turn around and celebrate the birth of a child within moments. Some times we have to walk into the battle field and get beat up and knocked down for our beliefs. And then when we think we are safe at home, the second battle is waged and we barely escape with our hearts still in tact. There are days that we have to wake up early and go to bed late. There will be days when nothing makes sense until you look back and see how God was weaving the picture together into a masterpiece when you thought it was going to be chaos.

James really presses into this idea in his scripture today. To be able to truly take hold of patience is a skill that is so hard to learn and so easy to lose. In the growth of a plant, there are times where certain things have to happen before true growth occurs. For example, the seed has to die before the plant can even begin to grow. If the seed never gives up its' life, there is nothing else that can be produced. Roots have to form and cells and veins continue to nurture the plant through grabbing nutrients from the ground and the air. It is every part of the plant that is working together that allows the plant to be stable and to grow. And then comes the farmer. The farmer continues to watch over the plant, feed the plant and protect it

from other threats. At the right time the farmer will reap the harvest and nurture the soil to begin the cycle all over again. Life is in the hand of the farmer every day, and that paints an amazing picture for us to see. Their hands are calloused and their skin is cracked. Their feet may be blistered and their skin may look leathered. But they continue to take on the day for the hopes of the harvest that is to come. They live a life in preparing for when there may not be enough and completely humbled when the harvest is so plentiful that it is overflowing. They are constantly looking out for their neighbor and patient enough to believe that God is going to make good on HIS promise to take of his family regardless of the outcome. It has never been about them, but about their ability to provide and supply others.

When I look back over my life, I really do hope that I will be compared to a farmer. A person who is humble and does an honest and hard days work for a harvest that may never truly be seen. I pray that the term FARMER is not just directed to the ones in the field, but that we take the term FARMER as a term of endearment for the passion that we show in our calling wherever that may be in life. I pray that for each of us that we learn patience to be still and find a way to love where God is leading us. When it comes time for many of us to finally grow up and decide on our career.. I pray that it is the passion that drives us and not the paycheck. I pray that whatever we are blessed to receive, we are willing to return even more in hopes of planting for the harvest that is to come. May we never get satisfied, but continue to be pushed by our hearts to fulfill the dreams that God has placed in our soul. It is not now nor will it ever be easy to be a farmer, but one thing is for sure, the world is a better place because of those who are called FARMERS. SO GOD CREATED A FARMER.

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