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5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart

and lean not on your own understanding;

6 in all your ways submit to him,

and he will make your paths straight.

I know that it is really hard some times to see where God is leading. I know that in my life there has been some things that truly caused me to struggle to see God's plan, but in the end I have been able to look behind me and see where God was every step of the way. If you are like me, you would also want to be able to push a button or ask like we do Siri, Hey God and God would appear. If you are like me, there are days where I wish I could say, "Hey God, can you tell me where I am heading today and where I need to be so that I am doing the best I can for you." Yes, I know that we would all love to have that ability to have the one on one response with God. But today that is where we lean into the promise of God's grace and mercy continuing to direct our paths. Even though we cannot fully understand where we are going, God is using His grace to direct our paths and help us to end up where we need to be. I call this God's Positioning System. Even though we may have had a plan to be in one place and accomplish one thing, God has something that is completely different planned for us and helps to use our situations and our circumstances to direct our path.

Have you ever thought why certain things happened in a certain way? God's Positioning System. For me, the example is pretty easy. As many of you may know, I was a military brat growing up and that meant that we were not going to stay in one location for too long. It

meant that we would be able to establish roots for a few years, but when it was time to move... we moved. As I was a young child going through this scenario... it was horrible. Truly, it was not the best scenario for my life. Or at least that is what I thought. But the reality was that God was positioning me to be exactly where I needed to be for the exact amount of time God needed me there. I was able to pick up the knowledge and the life lessons I needed and then God was ready for me to move. His promise has now been made a lot more clearer now that I am older, but in the midst of the moments... It was not. God was positioning me to learn basic life skills and opened up my mind to new opportunities that I may have never attained if I had stayed in one place for my entire life. Now, I need to pause and say this, if you have lived in one place your entire life... that is ok too. God has been positioning people and circumstances in and out of your life to prepare you for what God is preparing for you life in advance. It is the same situation, but just different scenarios. God is showing His promise that He will always help us to find the path that leads us to where God needs us to be for Him.

Today, we are able to see that in a prime example in the lesson from Proverbs. As we are looking to truly trust in God's plan, we are able to see more clearly the direction God is leading us. As with a GPS system on our phones or in our cars, there is more than one way to get to a destination. Some of us may be scholars and love to learn more and more from professors. Others may be the type that learn best from the school of hard knocks. Regardless of the way that we get there, we have to understand that the end destination is in heaven with God. So our paths may lead us half way around the world or it may lead us just around the corner... either way God is positioning us to take hold of His promises for our lives. And one of the greatest promises that we are able to see through the Proverb today is that our pathway to find God will be made straight. It will be direct and unhindered by any other things in this world. It doesn't mean that the evil of this world will try to deter us, no. It means that God is there to redirect our path and help us to find the directions we need to truly watch His promises be fulfilled in our lives. He will be there and we need to take hold of that right now.

So today it is a question of whether or not we are willing to let go of the control and live into God's direction for our lives. Out of the chaos, what is God revealing to us and helping us to truly see. I know that we all have a plan for our days and a plan for our future, but if God is not a part of that plan, I am thankful that I have been redirected. Take the time today to truly recognize the privilege of watching God's promises being revealed through your journey.

Take some time to look back and see how God has already been working and will continue to use our daily circumstances to redirect us back to Him. It is crazy how I always thought that I was in control of my life, and looking back, I see more and more how God placed people and situations in my life to truly lead me to where I needed to be... at His feet. So if you think that there are those who are aimlessly wondering around with no hope or direction, don't be surprised if God uses you to be one of the ones that helps to be a part of God's Positioning System. And if you are aimlessly wondering what the next steps may be for your life, don't be surprised if the little things are continuously redirecting your path back to God. Hopefully this made sense today, because I continue to pray for God's direction and after reading these words in Proverbs today, I realize that God's promises continue to lead us back to Him. Enjoy the journey, because it can be filled with some of the the greatest recalculations of your life.

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