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8 He remembers his covenant forever,

the promise he made, for a thousand generations, 9 the covenant he made with Abraham, the oath he swore to Isaac.

10 He confirmed it to Jacob as a decree,

to Israel as an everlasting covenant:

Psalm 105:8-10

I have said this before and I will say it again, "God's Word is His Bond." And there are no truer words. Everything that God has said has all come true. Unlike humanity, God is not in the business of making false promises or not fulfilling His Word. God completely does exactly what God says He will do. Man wouldn't that be amazing if we were able to take that one facet from God and live that out in our lives. There would be only truth and people would not have to be anxious about whether or not someone is going to fulfill their promise. I guess I don't understand why we have such a difficult time with fulfilling our promises to those around us. I know that there have been many times in my life that I have fallen to that issue, but I really don't fully understand why I thought it was ok not to fulfill the promises I have made. So I continue to do the best I can to live my life I the example of Christ.

That is why today I want us to really see the example of God's fulfilling promises. God is our example and I hope and pray that we can honestly step into understanding the importance of fulfilling our word. As I have also said before, "we are only as good as our word'. In humanity we struggle because we have continued to find people who have no understanding of that concept. Words are thrown out just to be said in hopes of allowing

someone to feel comfort in the moment. But when hard pressed and asked to deliver, many times we find the emptiness of those words and the frustration continue to cut deeper because of the hope of the intention that was lost. As I have said I have been on both sides of that scenario. I know that there have been times in my life where I have been let down and times where I let others down. In fact I still hold on to those moments where I failed more than the moments where others failed me. As we continue to grow into maturity that is a transformation that occurs for most of us. There is a time we start thinking more about the ones we have wronged and try to find a way to make it right than remembering the ones that may have failed us. At least that is what I have found in my journey. I hold myself to a greater accountability for my faults and failures and show more grace and mercy to those who may have be unable to fulfill their promise to me. On the other hand, I also hold strong to the fact that God has NEVER failed me. I know that in my own mindset I want to direct God's promise for healing, peace or comfort. But God has a greater idea of what that needs to look like and reminds me of His faithfulness when I truly step back and look to see God's promise continuously revealed.

Looking through our promise for today, we are again in the Book of Psalms. Understood to be a book that allows us to hear the heart of God's songs, we are reminded of the many covenants God has made with His creation. Promises that hold meaning and bring fulfillment to our lives. The covenants God made with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Noah, David, etc.. continues to show His faithfulness. In each situation, none of them were able to see what the end of the journey was going to look like. So they continued to step out in faith and hold on to the promise from God as a convent. They could not understand the journey that they were on, but they knew that the ends justified the means. The disciples were continuously told by Jesus of the covenants or promises that God was going to fulfill, and the greatest ONE was standing right in front of them. Jesus was the fulfillment of God's greatest promise to provide the WAY for us. The WAY that promised not to be eternally separated from God, but a sacrifice that fulfilled God's covenant made in the Garden of Eden in Genesis chapter 3. Remember the rest of the Bible is the unveiling of God's Covenant with His creation. Revelation is the fulfillment of the promises that God made to those who are willing to follow and those that are not. Remember not all of God's promises are filled with milk and honey. NO. God also promises the fate of those unwilling to believe. God also promised to destroy anything that would not recognize the Lord. Even in Philippians 2, God's Covenant through Christ is that at the name of Jesus, EVERY knee shall bow and EVERY tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. God's promises are eternal and powerful. They show eternal mercy but also help us to see God's complete hatred for evil.

May we grow in confidence even more today over the fact that God's promises will be fulfilled. May we take strength in knowing that God does triumph in the end, but that there are still many other battles we are going to face along the way. God never promises that we will not face adversity, but that we will grow in our faith and receive something even greater than we could ever imagine. God proved through Jesus His promise of grace, love and

mercy, but it doesn't just stop there. There is an eternity that is waiting for us all and I am pretty confident that eternity will be spent either with God or separated from God. There is no limit to God's love for His creation, but God is pretty clear that we have to make a decision to follow Him. It is not God's will for anyone to be destroyed, but He has given us the freedom of choice to determine if we are willing to follow Him or not. I will live every day of my life with the belief that God will fulfill His convent with us. There is no doubt. We all just need to realize the value in that and apply it to our own actions as we live to be examples of God's promise in this world. Make every effort to be a living example of God's covenant so that everyone will experience the fulfillment of God's promises in their life. Remember the promise that was placed on the cross was for everyone... not just for the chosen. That WHOSOEVER believes in Him shall not perish but have ever lasting life.

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