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Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. Genesis 1:2-3

In the midst of everything that is going on in the world today, I am smacked in the face that the battle of Good vs Evil is still ongoing. I really believe that we are still a world that is seemingly formless and empty where darkness continues to cover the surface of the deep. I know those are the words of the beginning part of our scripture today, but I still see that image in my head. I still see how God, like a mother hen, is hovering over the waters in preparation for something to happen. In the beginning of creation that event was the point where God said, "Let there be Light." And today I am wondering what the word from God will be to hep us to transition to the next part of our journey. Will it be it is finished? I know that we live in a fallen world as soon as sin entered into existence. I know that all throughout scripture, we continue to see how evil will rise and fall, and how the battle continues to be with God's people to right the wrongs. But it just blows my mind just how far, at least in my mind, we have truly fallen from the grace of God. It should not blow my mind, but I really felt as if we were beginning to make a dent in our battle versus evil, but as soon as we feel as though we have taken a step in the right direction, we are reminded of the other side of the battle.

See evil will continue to exist until God's triumphant return. This statement should not cause my mind to have angst. But the reality is in the fact that Good must continue to be a part of the battle. I know that may sound weird today, but I believe that the more evil allows its' head to show, we must continue to take time and fight for the lives in this world. Evil only exists where there is the absence of good, and I hope and I pray that as long as I am living that there will never be an absence of good. See, we have to be prepared daily for the battle that is at hand. And as I have said in previous blogs, the world is going to continue to thrive

off chaos. The world is going to continue to move towards the things in this world that give it power. The reason... because everyone longs to be a part of something that matters regardless if that is good or evil. Remember that satan is fully capable of misdirection and confusion, and so even when we think we may be doing good, when we step back and look at it from a broader perspective, we may be surprised at what the actual outcome could be from our actions. We may be carrying more darkness into the world than we realize. See that is the goal of evil. Evil hopes to collude your mind so much that you cannot figure out what is right and what is wrong.

So let's go back to the beginning. God has created the heavens and the earth and there is a void and an emptiness. Why? Because God was waiting to provide life. The earth was formless. There was nothing there and truly one might argue that in the absence of life there was death. So technically we could say that the earth was surrounded by evil through the darkness because God had not yet entered into the scene. If you look back at the Hebrew, the word hovering is symbolic. The word demonstrates a nurturing similar to a mother hen that is waiting for their chicks to be born. God was waiting in expectation to see how the world would look, but the battle of Good versus Evil had already begun. See as darkness is the absence of light, so too can we see that evil is the absence of good. The battle, which we can see started with satan and God in heaven over a dispute of who would be at the right hand of God (Isaiah 14:12-14). See the battle began in heaven over the creation of the world. The battle was for who would have dominion and authority. Once again the battle was and will forever be over power. So before the LIGHT entered into the world, the battle for Good vs Evil had already begun and thus the reason that satan, in the form of a serpent, was present in the Garden of Eden.

So it should not surprise us that evil still exists. However, we should continue to try and do everything that we can to shine the LIGHT in a world filled with darkness. God is still hovering over the earth. God is still preparing for the day when the battle will be over and evil will be defeated once and for all. I just need everyone that reads this to realize that GOD WINS IN THE END. GOOD TRIUMPHS OVER EVIL. As crazy and unbelievable as it may seem when we look at our world today, evil will one day be defeated by the power of God. We must be willing to stay the course. We must be willing to prepare for the daily battles that surround us and shine a light in the midst of chaos. We must make a decision today to step

into the battle with the intent to continue until God returns. And I am telling you that this is not going to be easy. Satan has so many weapons such as doubt, frustration, anger, hurt,

etc... that we feel as though there is no way that we can make a difference. BUT WE CAN and WE WILL. Today, I challenge you to really look at one battle today. It may be a personal battle. It may be a physical battle and claim it in the name of Jesus. Do not let EVIL triumph today. If the conversation continues to go towards the negative, turn it towards the positive. If you find yourself in a place where you need help, call a friend in the faith and ask them for prayer. NEVER be ashamed to ask for prayer from the army of God. Remember the battle will continue until God's final victory blow. We just have to be faithful and remain in the fight until that day comes. EVERY DAY there is a battle, but today I claim it ALL in the name of Jesus.

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