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23 And this is his command: to believe in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, and to love one another as he commanded us.24 The one who keeps God’s commands lives in him, and he in them. And this is how we know that he lives in us: We know it by the Spirit he gave us. 1 John 3:23-24

The ability that we have to stand with God is something that many of us struggle with under the current state of things in the world. I know that we are continuously trying to question where God is leading the world and the reality is that God has already directed a path. The real issue is the problem that the people are not willing to follow His plan. We are still in a state of confusion on who has the ownership of our hearts and for a lot of that it is something more like who we are willing to give authority to as a babysitter. We want God to direct us during the troubled times, but when things seem as if they are ok, we want to be in charge of the direction we are going and take back control of our hearts. The conversation is difficult to have because we all feel as though we know ourselves the best, but the reality is that God knows us even better than we know ourselves. We are just really fearful to turn over the controls because it may mean that we have to do something out of our comfort zones, and for most of us that is not going to happen.

And please hear me this morning, I fall into this category as well. Even though I have worked in ministry more than 29 years, it does not mean that I have it all together. It means that if we are still alive, God's plans for us are continuing to be updated and we have the opportunity for growth in many different ways. We just need to make sure that we don't miss a moment

because we are not willing to let go of our idea of where we need to be in a certain stage of our lives. Many times throughout Scripture, we are able to see how God's plan opens up new opportunities for both the young and the old. Even Moses questioned God about using him because of his past and his stuttering problem. But God had bigger plans and was willing to use Moses to be a powerful mouthpiece to change the direction of so many lives when he allowed the Holy Spirit to take control. I guess I just see things from a different perspective some times and it really does make me wonder what would have happened if Moses would have just walked away and never stepped into God's plan? I know that God probably knew what the next steps would have been, but I still have to wonder who would have been the leader of God's people if Moses chose not to follow. If Moses would have chosen to remain a shepherd and lived out his life with his family in the country. Many of you would say that is impossible. God would have NEVER allowed such an important person of faith not to be used by God. And I say to us all... if that is true, than why do we know better than God what could be done through us if we don't accept the same call for our lives.

As we continue with John's letter to us, I just feel the struggle that is going on with the people of God. Many of them are still not wanting to go back to their old ways, and they are not willing to even take a second to take hold of where God may be leading them. John seems as though he is continuing to remind them of their calling and of the power of God's love that runs through their veins. In his words, we are reminded that we will battle having to choose who and what we are going to give our hearts to every day. The goal of the world is to make us doubt the fullness of Christ. The goal of the world is to make us feel as if we are not good or smart enough to help others understand the Word of God. As I said the other day, that is a bold faced lie. We have to be willing to recognize that when God comes into our lives, the Holy Spirit continues to fill us with the power of God's voice. We are able to reveal truth to the world if we are willing to step in and trust God. John is telling us today that we too must be willing to trust that God's promise is real. We have to see that the message Jesus Christ carried is still just as freeing and powerful for the world today. Stop allowing the world to step in and take control. We have been given Holy Spirit power and that is something that calls us to step out in boldness for the Gospel. We are called to keep the commands and one of the first was to GO! Make disciples and baptize them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

So my encouragement for us all today is to take hold of the ONE who has called us. We need to realize that we are just as called as Moses or any of the other disciples and followers of Christ. We must be willing to recognize that God may be calling us to be part of the next steps of revival in this world. I still believe that NONE of the early leaders of the church had an inkling to believe that God was going to use them in the way that God did. So that just

continues to prove that God may have even greater plans ready to be revealed to anyone that has a servant's heart. We know that we are called by God because of the stirring that arises within us when life happens. We can feel the assurance of the Holy Spirit that allows us to recognize that God is desiring for us to step in. Yes, just like Moses and so many others, we have to make the choice to step into the situation. And yes, we have no idea where it may lead us. I am sure Moses never thought that for the rest of his life he would be a nomad. He probably thought that he would do this for a short amount of time and then return to his normal life. But God had bigger plans, and look at how much of a transformation that has occurred since a stuttering shepherd stepped back into God's calling. Never doubt what God can do through you. Take a moment and look back and realize how much God has already done, and step with excitement to see what more we can be a part of in being an instrument for God. Come fill us Holy Spirit and help us to step out in faith.

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