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21 “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.Come and share your master’s happiness!’ Matthew 25:21

How do we define a talent? There are so many different ways to look and see how God has gifted or equipped us in this world. Some of the things that we don't believe are talents are special gifts of God that we have not taken the time to develop. Other gifts, that may seem to come easier to us, we develop because they do not cause us to have to be challenged or given a second thought. We can use some of the talents that we have been given by God to go and change the world without ever even thinking. Other times we fail to develop other talents because of the fear of failure. We are scared that if we try and fail then it may prove to us that we don't measure up to the standards of others. And unfortunately the longer that we fail to use these talents, gifts or skills, we find that they will begin to dissipate or disappear. What God has given to us is meant to be used to glorify God and if we fail to use those gifts they will be taken away.

I can definitely see that from my own life. Growing up I was really fast. I ran like the wind and regardless of the sport, I was always used for speed. Football, baseball, basketball, track, and even kick ball. If there was a way to use my speed, I would find a way to use it to the best of my ability. I would run every day and was so excited to show the world how God had blessed me with speed. But the older that I got and the less I would run, it wasn't long that I found that I could no longer run. It started with a softball game, and I felt as though I was just running in mud. I soon recognized the fact that if you don't use your talent it can easily be taken away. Other examples may be singing, dancing, sports, cooking, speaking, drama, or you could add something you have been gifted by God but the older you get or the less you

use the talent you realize that that gift may be disappearing. Now, I am not saying that we cannot still be adequate in using the gift the older we get, but if we do not continue to hone the gift by God and use it for HIS glory, we cannot be surprised that it may begin to disappear. God has given all of us different skills in order that we can all work together to do AMAZING things for God's glory! Where one may be able to sing...another may be able to play an instrument and yet another write songs and so adding their talents together can really multiply their efforts versus what they would be able to do separately.

See every day, just like making sure that our physical body is able to function, we have to pay attention to the gifts/talents that God has given to us are being stretched to grow as well. If you look at the full story of the Scripture in Matthew 25:13-40 today, we recognize the truth of what we have been talking about in regards to talents. In each scenario, we watch a man was embarking on a journey and gave each one of his servants different talents that they were to use to the best of their abilities until the man returned. The first servant was given five talents and used these talents to multiply them two fold. The second servant was given two talents and used his talents to multiply them by two fold as well. The third servant was given one talent and didn't want anything to happen to it so he hid it and did nothing. When the man returned from his journey we see the climax of the story. The first and second servants were praised for using their talents and watching as their talents multiplied. However, the third servant came and brought the one talent that he had not used in any way. In response the talent was taken away and the man was left with nothing because of his unwillingness to use the talent to serve. I know that may sound harsh, but it really paints a picture of what it looks like if we fail to use the talents given to us by God. We are given these talents in full expectation that they will be used to their fullest to glorify God.

I know that today it may seem a little crazy to think that God would give and take away talents/gifts, but the older I get, the more I realize the precious gifts that I have received from God, and like many, I failed to use them. I always thought that I would have more time and that they would never leave me. But the reality is that talents are given to us in the times that we can use them to the fullest. At my age I know that I was not meant to run as fast as I was as a youth. I realize that I cannot throw a ball as hard or able to recoup as fast as I did as a youth. I have also seen God continue to provide new talents that there was no way I was ready to use until I was older. So I say all of this to say, please recognize that God is ready and willing to provide to us talents, gifts, or skills that may be used for just a short amount of time. But during this time we are called to use them to the greatest of our abilities to glorify

God. Please do not allow those talents to just sit and wait. Please don't hide them, but step out in faith and recognize that you may have a talent that the world needs to see. You may be the only one that could use your talent to reach the one person that is unreachable. You may have a gift that helps others to receive and experience the love of God in a way that no one else can do. I know that may seem hard to believe, but I know tons of people that can do so much more than me in regards to leading students, families, or strangers to understand the Gospel in their own way. We have to work together and recognize the POWER of God that has been given to us through each talent that we have been given. Take a moment and have a conversation with God today to see the talents that you can use to multiply the Kingdom of God today.

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