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12 So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

Matthew 7:12

The Golden RULE.. It is funny how I remember being taught the GOLDEN RULE not just in church but also in Kindergarten. I remember Mrs. Day making us recite the Golden Rule every morning as we started the day. It served as a reminder of how we should see others and how we should honor the day that God has given us. Following the Golden Rule we would say the Pledge of Allegiance and have a word of prayer. And YES, I went to Public School. Crazy, I wake up this morning to see the condition of our world. We continue to watch as violence and evil continues to run rampant when God is once again trying to use this time to reestablish the church to be HIS hands and feet . Every time that I think about our current situation in the world, I always wonder what more can I do to help change the world. How can we continue to build relationships and connect with God's creation to allow them to experience the reality of HIS love. I watch as my children grow up more in fear than they do in faith. The fear of a world that is filled with words that hurt more than stones and actions that still speak louder than words. It saddens me to my core. How have we fallen so far and so fast?

The simple answer... we have forgotten the Golden Rule. We have forgotten the power of seeing a person not based on their condition but by the piece of God that dwells in their creation. We have been unable to realize the power of a positive gesture that could easily move mountains or the ability of a simple word of kindness that can build bridges that have been destroyed for so long. I continue to dream of the United States of America as a place that I am proud to raise my family because of all that I was able to experience as a child. But I also continue to be reminded from Scripture... to much that has been given, much is required. Because of the things that I received growing up, it is now my job to step into the

fight to restore the world to a place where God is seen as something real and not as something mystical. It is now my job to teach my children that power of love that comes with helping a stranger and not running away and hiding in fear. It is now my calling to take the Gospel Light out into the world in hopes of reaching every corner of the world filled with darkness and doing all that I can to share the LOVE of Christ to a fallen world. Why? Because of the GOLDEN RULE... See it was done for me by those who went before me, and the only way that it will be passed on to those that follow is through MY DECISION to do unto others as they have already done for me.

The simplicity of the Golden Rule should continue to live in and through us with every breath. Jesus was teaching from the Sermon on the Mount, as completely blew our minds in allowing us to see the end message at the beginning of His ministry. See it was never about what Jesus was willing to gain. It was never about Him becoming the king in the world's eyes, because He was already the KING of kings and Lord of lords. It is an attitude of servitude that flowed out of His body with every word, every breath and reached out to every person that He met. It was His destiny true, but more so, it was His DESIRE to live His life as an example for how we are to live in this world. See as a child, I know that I walked like a child, talked like a child and even ate as a child. I didn't have the strength or the ability as a child to walk, talk or do anything as an adult. But the one thing that most children do better than adults is openly accept those that are around them. Now, understand hate and evil are still there, but in the very beginning they are all just looking to love and accept regardless of who you are or where you came from. It was never about a title, but more about who YOU are. I miss those days.

Understand that this is where Jesus is leading us. From realizing the attitudes that we carry, the treasures we were created to be, the worry we are to leave behind and the prayer, fasting and judgement that we bring to the table. Jesus continued to show us His cards and let us know exactly where He stood in the beginning and where He would finish in the end. Love, grace and mercy was His motto and peace was loaded in His actions. Protection for the weak and humble, and bread for the poor and needy. There was never a day that Jesus ever wanted it to be about Him, but wanted the world to recognize the Light of God that revealed the truth out of the darkness. It's not about wearing masks or putting on heirs, but about being humble enough to die to self in order that OTHERS may gain. Maybe the true sign of victory is when we lose to gain. When we are ok with it not being about us and

allowing the world to see the real blessing that God has created through the smorgasbord of life. My dad always told me that it's what is on the inside that counts, and for the longest time I battled with that statement. But it is where your heart meets your actions that leads to change. It's when our attitude is more concerned about the WE than the ME and when we finally lay day our lives for the needs of others that fulfills the call. See I rephrase it more like, "Do Unto Others, BETTER than They Do Unto You." The plain reason is that is how Jesus lived His life for me, and if I truly want to be a follower... I must be willing to DO UNTO OTHERS in such a way that they receive the blessing meant for them!

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