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37 Then he said to his disciples,“The harvestis plentiful but the workers are few.38 Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Matthew 9:37-38

What better time than in this time in history to really start thinking about the harvest. I know that many believe that we should be prepared to reap now the harvest, but I would like for you to stop and think about this in a different way. I think that we are in a time of planting, weeding and nurturing. If there has ever been a time in the entire world in my lifetime that we should be preparing... it is now. I mean let's really look at the scenario. We have families that have been put back together in homes, churches and business that have been shut down and homes that have been turned into schools and business centers. The WORD of God is being professed in some many different ways digitally that it is very difficult to go on TV, Social Media or the internet and not see something that is relating to the GOSPEL.

So I am saying that once again God is preparing the fields. God has placed us in a situation that allows the fields, the many that have been laying fallow for such a long time, to be prepared to receive the SEED which is the WORD of God in a completely new way. The times have changed and many are rethinking their relationship with family and their relationship with God. As the situation of COVID-19 continues, the people or the fields are going to continue to become restless and search for answers. So what we really need now is the WORKERS who have been training all of their lives by going to church, Sunday school, bible studies, youth groups, vacation Bible schools, camps, mission trips etc... to start planting for the Harvest. Farmers do it all the time. They know exactly the best time to plant certain crops in order for them to have the greatest crop or harvest. Well, what I am telling ALL of us TODAY is this.... IT's TIME.

It's TIME for the people of God to begin stepping into the fields that are in need of the SEED. It's TIME to use all of the faith and knowledge of the Bible that we have been given and begin turning around and sharing with people who are in need of weeding.

It's TIME for us to see the NEW OPPORTUNITIES that God has given us to truly stop asking where is the harvest and realize that the ONLY way we are going to get a HARVEST is to go to work in the FIELD. It's TIME that we stop living a if we build they will come mentality. They cannot come. God has provided a different scenario and so we have to find NEW WAYS to plant the seeds. See you cannot wait until you are on the other side of this pandemic to say ok now what do we do. NO... We need to be planning now for what God is going to provide when we are able to gather again. If we wait to think about that then... We will lose the harvest. See it is still life and death. I am not an end time person, but I do think about the potential of this being the beginning of something that will be of BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS. I mean I read about all of the plagues and disease and enslavement of God's people and realize that some things happened in order for God to get the ATTENTION of the WORKERS..

I guess what I am saying today is in reference to verse 38. I am ASKING... BEGGING.. and PLEADING for the workers to go OUT into the harvest fields. I am praying for all of us to really see the opportunity we have now to move in a new direction that COULD lead to a REVIVAL that we have never seen in our life time. Now is not the time to sit back and wait. Now is not the time to think about what we are going to do the next time we gather... NO, now is the time for us to put on our work gloves and dig into the ground and start planting seeds. My grandfather was a farmer after he retired from the military. I remember watching

him spend ALL YEAR either preparing, harvesting, weeding, nurturing or praying. I remember that the worked started before the sun came up and didn't finish until the sun went down. It was not just a season... it was a lifestyle. So too is our calling as Christians. My grandfather said you cannot expect to reap a harvest if you are not willing to put in the work EVERY DAY... Those words truly resonate with me today and I hope that they will challenge all of us to get out and get to work. NOW is the time to PREPARE THE FIELDS... THE HARVEST CAN ONLY COME IF WE DO THE WORK TO PREPARE.

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