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6 Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.10 And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast. 1 Peter 5:6-7, 10-11

Go outside and scream to the loudest of your abilities.... No seriously go outside and scream and let it all out. What an amazing way to release the burdens and frustrations that we are carrying if it only gives us a second of relief. We are two days away from a new year and the baggage that we have been carrying throughout this year is really weighing heavily on all of us. We continue to struggle to find ways to decompress and that causes stress and anxiety to hit us in the face. We begin looking for people to take it out on and instead of releasing it to God we find a way to transfer it as baggage for other people to carry. We get release by giving pain. Remember the other day when I said that hurt people hurt people. Well this is one way that the regrets of our lives begin to infiltrate the lives of others. We find a way to transfer all of our anger and frustration of regrets onto the lives of others so that we can feel better that someone else is experiencing our pain instead of taking control of our situations and humbling ourselves and presenting it to God. We would rather transfer our pain on others and never fully deal with it so that we can feel as though we are in control and that is truly the first stages of denial when it comes to regret.

However, if you truly want to find freedom then you have to be willing to humble yourself and bring your baggage to God. You have to stop relying on people that you put on pedestals to have the answers and truly go back to your foundations and have a heart to heart with the ONE that already knows your struggles and how to help you find freedom. Baggage turns into regret when we look back 10 years and realize that we have never truly dealt with the stuff that we are hiding. And I am not just talking to adults here. There are things that children have experienced that they keep locked away for a very long time that begins to truly affect their psyche. They begin to develop habits of masking which leads to a life that is fully reliant on the ability to hide then it is on the willingness to become free. Then

you take the baggage that is transferred from a parent that has also been carrying baggage that they have not resolved and you finally begin to see why we have so many kids that are dealing with isolation and anxiety disorders. All throughout the Bible we see these examples as people passed on the wages of their sins to their children. What do you think that they were talking about... You got it... the transference of all of this stuff that we are not willing to deal with and we transfer it on to our children from generation to generation. Why do you think the disciples asked Jesus the question of the blind man, "Teacher, who do you think sinned for this man to be in this position, his mother or his father." Jesus turned to them and responded, "Neither, this man is here in order that the power of God may be revealed." I know that I am paraphrasing, but it was an idea that everything that caused us to have issues was passed on because of the undealt sin and regreets of our ancestors. So who is finally going to stand up and say enough is enough and I want to finally be free?

Peter was one who carried a lot of baggage in his life. So much so that the disciples were constantly wondering what Peter was going to do next that would cause Jesus to rebuke him or subdue him. But at least Peter was willing to do something. And yes, it took Peter hearing a rooster crow for the final realization to come out into the open. It was a moment where the rubber hit the road with Peter and God was able to finally connect and see straight to his soul. Many of us have had those moments that we have tried to suppress and put in a place that we hope no one will ever see or find out about, but I am telling all of you that are reading this today this one simple fact. YOU WILL NEVER FIND PEACE UNTIL YOU DEAL WITH THE SIN. I know that is not what you wanted to hear, but that is exactly what Peter is talking about today in the scripture. He states, Humble yourselves, therefore, under God's mighty hand, that HE may lift you up in due time. Cast ALL your anxiety on HIM because He cares about YOU." Do you see the steps towards freedom. First you have to humble yourself and admit that you need help. You have to come before God, who already knows your struggles, with humility and admit you need HIM to step into your mess. You have to be willing to realize that no one else has that solution but YOU and GOD. Peter experienced this when he denied Jesus, because he, in all humility, stood before Jesus and presented himself fully to God. And Jesus response... Go Feed My Sheep. In DUE time, God will lift you up and prepare you for the next steps of your journey, but that will never happen if you never resolve the baggage that keeps restricting you from growing in God.

And yes, I know that I definitely could have added the middle section of these verses today, but I was hoping you would read them anyway. Because as soon as we, in humility, come before God to resolve our situations, satan is going to do anything and everything in his power to intervene. Stalking us like a lion and preparing to pounce when we offer him an open crack back into our lives. Peter profoundly ends the lesson today with these words, "And the God of ALL grace, who called YOU to His eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will HIMSELF restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast." You know how Peter is able to write that, because Peter experienced that himself. It is not easy to tell people what they are going to experience if you have not been there yourself, but I am telling you that there is NO BETTER example of today's blog than Peter... well maybe Paul. BUT, I just need you to hear it from me. The only way you are going to stop riding this merry-go-round of emotions that are attached to sin and regret is to humble yourself and kneel before God. Just take a moment and kneel beside your bed or pull over to the side of the road and close your eyes. Take a moment and allow God into the situation

and you may finally feel the release and joy you have been searching for for a long time. STOP HURTING PEOPLE and STEP INTO THE FREEDOM GOD OFFERS. It is the end of the year and everyone is still trying to figure out what they are going to resolve to do in the new year. Are they going to go on a diet, or read the Bible more, or start making time for their families... I promise you that those are ALL good ideas, but they will never come to fruition until you get yourself right with God. We will all continue to fail and transfer the pain we experience to everyone that we come into contact with until we finally stop playing the game and resolve our baggage with God. Until we DENY OURSELVES... and nail it to the cross and give it to Jesus. I don't understand why we think that Jesus cannot handle us. God gave Him the power and authority over us IF we just fully give Him our junk and stop passing it on. Are you ready to find peace.. joy... patience... happiness... kindness.... goodness and faithfulness? If so, then it's time to uproot and weed out all of this regret, hurt and sin and replant with the seeds of the Holy Spirit. Freedom is at your doorstep, knocking to get in... will you answer the door or lock it?

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