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17 Do not let your heart envy sinners,

but always be zealous for the fear of the Lord. 18 There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off. Proverbs 23:17-18

Are we ever truly satisfied? That is a question that I ask a lot of people when they seem to be completely over their day. You know who I am talking about. The people who when asked how their day is going and they say, "It's been a day." Trust me... over the last 18 months I have probably caught myself saying that phrase more and more. And as I watched a video the other day, it really is dependent on your attitude to how you approach that phrase. There is only one thing in this life that is 100% guaranteed and that is Jesus. Sorry I really wish I could say that there are other things that 100% but in reality there is not. We are always capable of finding the flaws in everything that we see. Take our own self image for example. We are easily seen as very good in the eyes of God, but our minds automatically go to the flaws that we see and create. It does not mean that the flaws are not there, but in the eyes of God they are truly seen through the perfection of Christ. And I really don't know about you, but I have even stopped buying warranties for many of my purchases because there always seems to be a catch that will not allow you to the return on the guarantee that you purchased. I know why we have bought into this thought process that we can never be fully satisfied with everything.

Yeah I know that that is the feeling in the world. No one truly trust anyone. I mean, it seems as if no one feels comfortable trusting anyone. But as we look at this understanding of the term satisfaction, we may need to recognize what it should truly mean to us. Satisfaction is no an infatuation. In other words, it is not a feeling to where we feel that everything has to be completely perfect for us. Infatuation has blown our concept of being satisfied. And I also

want to say that being satisfied in today's example is not being settling. Satisfaction is a mindset in which we are able to see God's promises being fulfilled in our lives. It means that we are wanting more than we need or settling for less than God provides. Satisfaction is an attitude of humility and thankfulness to realize that God, once again, has a specific plan for each of our lives to do abundantly more than we could ever fathom. That idea does not mean that we will be more or less successful, but that it becomes an attitude of gratitude and thanksgiving as we see where God has placed us to strengthen and grow. Wherever you are today is only one season of your life and take every opportunity to grasp the opportunities that God has placed before you. Just the other day I said the phrase, "it's been a day", and for many of us we would immediately step to the negative. But the reality was that it was a day of peace, growth, stretching and understanding. My day was completely blown apart but not in a bad way, but in a way that caused me to take a step back and see God's work in the midst of the chaos. And for that reason, it had been a day.

So as we look at the Proverb lesson for today, we are able to glean more wisdom from Solomon. As we are looking into this part of the scripture, we recognize that this promise is tied to the dedication and the hard work we put in every day to grow in wisdom and faith in God. God is setting the table here to help us to see that there are going to be people who are financially successful in this world and be completely lost and miserable. There are people who are going to be poor and envious and be miserable. The hope that we find in God is one that helps us to be truly satisfied and content with our lives. We are truly richer than we know based on the relationships and community that surrounds us. We are blessed beyond what we deserve by the love and grace that God has placed all around us that we may have become apathetic to because it's around us each day. For example, our dog Charlie loves us without any hesitation or reservation. Every time that door opens he runs to whoever is there and jumps up to greet us and is wagging his nubby tail 1,000 times a second. He will hop in the chair, follow us around and sit or lay by our side. He never barks and continuously will give us dog kisses whenever we ask. Some of us would see that as ah that's a dog. And I would say, no, that is an expression of God's unconditional love waiting to be expressed every time we come into the room. We are not satisfied because we think we deserve a bigger expression, but my mind is blown because I see that as an amazing example of God's love for me right in front of my face. It is all in the way that we see and understand that expression God has given to us.

So today I want all of us to realize that it is going to take hard work to recognize the things that we have been missing from God. As the words written today say, "There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off", God's promise is to give us connection and contentment. We should recognize that even in our direst moments, God

promise of HOPE will still be there. It takes a lot of work to really retain our eyes, hearts, and minds to see the situation that we are in, in a new light. As with our dog example, I don't want any of us to miss the expression of God's love and I pray that when we do the work and dig down deep, we will be able to see more clearly the sentiment of God's love that has always been there. We just have not been focused on it in the right way to see it. God is reminding us today to follow Him and allow His promise of hope for a future will be fulfilled. Even if it is not the future that we had planned. I have seen multi-billionaires happy beyond content because of the love of God and I have seen the poorest of the poor be happy beyond content because of their love for God. God is giving both exactly what they need in those moments. Remember it is not about the things of this world, but the ability we have to recognize God's promises and plans being revealed in our lives that should give us the satisfaction we need for every day. I promise that the hard work of changing our mindsets to see more clearly God's presence will pay off in the end with a more inspired filled life. Maybe, just maybe we cannot get any satisfaction, because we have been looking in the wrong places to find contentment. Maybe it's been there all along, wagging it's tail and we just are to focused on our ideas that we miss the blessings right in front of us. Take a breath and look at the world with new eyes and a new perspective. Start taking the opportunities to see where God is at work and stop allowing satan to take away God's joy in your life.

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