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1. Now faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you cannot see. 6 And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. Hebrews 11:1, 6

I remember growing up going with my dad, on some Sundays after church, we would get into the car and drive what seemed to be forever as a little kid and arrive at this big place in the mountains that had pathways cut all through it. Basically, you would get out of your car and just get on a pathway and start walking. You would go over hills and down valleys. You would be able to see God's creation in its' natural setting and truly look for miles at nothing more than God's beauty. I remember that many times we would see bears or deer just off into the distance and watch as they would not have a care in the world that we were there, but would continue to live life. I always remember the breeze that came off the mountains and how tired I was after spending hours walking this path, until we finally go to the end and it was amazing that we would end up back where we started. At that age I really could not understand it, but every time we went, we would start on a new path and not turn around and end up back at our car. As. a young child I never questioned... I was always willing to trust and believe that my father knew where we were at all times and I had faith that we would always end up exactly where we were supposed to in the end.

I love this verse in Hebrews. I love having the opportunity to remind myself of how powerful FAITH can be if we truly Let Go and Let God. Even in my life, I have had days where I begin to doubt if things are going to work out, and I find myself coming back to these words and finding peace to know that even though I cannot see the end.... I live with certainty that the FATHER is going to get us back home. What about you? Are there days in your life that you continue to struggle to have that assurance when it seems as though you have no clue where the day is going to take you? Have you ever started on a journey thinking that by the end of the road you would be one place but you have definitely ended up somewhere else? It is a crazy word FAITH. It is a word that calls for us to let go of control and allow someone else to drive the boat. It is the opportunity that we have to fully step out when we cannot see the ending but have full assurance that we have a God that already knows the next steps, the potential pitfalls, and continues to lead us with love, grace and mercy.

As we continue to strive to find new ways to correlate the Gospel to our current situations, I wish I could tell you that I already know where we are going to be in the near future. I wish that I could tell you that we are going to be back to normal in about month. But the reality is that there is a new normal. God is continuing to prepare us for the NEXT stage of the journey that for many of us we cannot see. We just know that we have to have a faith that is

humble enough to trust an ALL-POWERFUL GOD. When we are sitting on the edge of uncertainty, we must step in with CERTAINTY and know that God has a bigger plan. I know that I say that A LOT. But the reason I say that a lot is because I have assurance that God is who God says he is! He IS the Alpha and the Omega. He IS the beginning and the end. He IS the Light in the darkness... and He IS the AUTHOR...the CREATOR and the MAINTAINER of ALL things. So knowing that God is in control and is not going to leave us gives me the certainty that I know that I can walk in full faith to finish the daily journey. He has not taken me to the edge and left me there to hang and wait, but that he took me to the edge to test my heart and show just how vast HIS vision for my life can become if I just let go and trust. I know that may not be easy for all of us. I know that in the midst of the uncertainty it is easy to try to turn to more reliable things that gives us a foothold in our lives. But once again I still think that it is us trying to take control instead of walking by faith. It is a complete lifestyle change in EVERY aspect of our lives to see the path without understanding where the path may lead.

So today is a chance for opportunity. A chance to stretch our hearts, minds and souls to allow our vision not to be our guide. To listen to the voice of God and discern the steps we need to take that will continue to expand the Gospel to the world. Today, is another opportunity to get uncomfortable with what our norms are in order that God can create even more space for us to step into. We are not going to be alone, but we DO have to step out on faith and watch as the path forms in front of us. We may step into the wilderness with the assurance that God is going to lead us out more prepared than when we stepped in. We have the FAITH to believe in a God that is the same GOD all the days of our lives, and will continue to be the same God throughout eternity. We must BELIEVE that God exists.. see that is the second part of the Faith.. not only the fact that we accept that Jesus is Lord or that we accept that GOD IS GOD... but that we believe it to be so even when our eyes cannot physically see it. Even though God is present all around us, sometimes we want the

PHYSICAL to be the reality, and that is where we step into seeing what is unseen. See in those wilderness moments, we don't see that God has been leading us until we look back and realize the path that God took us through using the people that helped to teach or to pray or to encourage or to rebuke were directing our path for God. We don't realize that the path may be cumbersome and difficult, but it was leading us to be exactly where God needed us to be at the right time and in the right place. Are you willing to say I will follow you anywhere God? I fully believe that you have placed me in this place at this time in my life so that I can truly serve you in whatever context you have called me to serve. It truly is an amazing thing to live in CERTAINTY. To know that regardless of my path, since I have accepted Jesus as my SAIVOR and LORD of my life, regardless of where I start my journey, even though I don't know exactly all the places I am going to go... when I come to the end of the path, my FATHER has lead back home. May God bless your path and help us to see with CERTAINTY the opportunities we have to change the world.

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