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But you are a chosen people,a royal priesthood,a holy nation,God’s special possession,that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

1 Peter 2:9

Are you ready to wear the crown? Every time I read this scripture it takes me back to really think about that question. Am I ready to wear the crown? Now that does that mean that I am ready to step in and be King or step in and take the place of Christ. I am saying, are we ready to wear the crown in the reality that we are willing to live out our Christian Faith. The crown is the outer sign of the inner decision that I have made to follow Jesus. The crown continues to stretch us beyond our normal borders and take part in living out our faith with now qualms. The crown is the visible sign of the pain and the struggle of Jesus as he battled the world walking to the place where he would breathe his last breath. Are we ready to live in the courts of this type of royalty.

See Jesus was able to totally flip our understanding of what it looked like to be royal. No longer was it represented by robes, crowns or wealth. It was replaced by humility, compassion and servanthood. A royal priesthood meant that we are willing to truly be a carrier of the Gospel and to allow the fullness of Christ to dwell in our lives. Royal was seen as an opportunity to be connected to the king, and that is exactly what God is asking for us to do. We are being asked to stand out for the royalty of Christ. To acknowledge that the

ONE that was crucified and buried, is really the ONE who is the KING of kings. Royalty in the eyes of Jesus was compete sacrifice and even today I think that we continue to mess up that understanding. See we must be willing to sacrifice it all for the sake of God. We must be willing to look at others with eyes of compassion. We must be willing to see that even in our flawed state, God has gifted us to go and make disciples in His name. To pass down the heavy calling to wear the crown and to be a part of the court.

So take a moment and think through the opportunity that we have been given during this time. We have been given the unchangeable Word of God and have been commissioned to take this Word to every corner of the world. This is where we are called to be a part of the PRIESTHOOD. It means that inside of each and every one of us lives and breathes the word of God and we are to take the time to share it with every person that we meet. We should never feel as tough we are not worthy to carry this message. We should be honored and carry the gift as if we were carrying the Holy of Holies. Being a part of the Priesthood means that we all submit to the authority of the ONE that has called us to be be disciples. We have all been given the ability, in our own ways, to express the Gospel to people who are in need of healing. People who may never darken the doorsteps of the church, but will be willing to have a conversation with someone who is willing to step into their lives. A Priesthood, is a group of believers with the same mindset, the same purpose of being commissioned to take and teach the Gospel wherever they are asked to go without any hesitation. It is not an easy step of faith, but one that is necessary for the Gospel to reach the darkest parts of the world.

Are you ready? I know that many of us say NO. Many of us say that we are not fully equipped or prepared to give up all that we have and leave the world behind for the sake of the professing the Gospel. Ok... Then start small. Build up your courage to write, call, text, chat, email, or whatever you do. Take time to refine your gifts that have been given to you by God to be a part of the Royal Priesthood. Remember there are only 2 qualifications. 1. We profess that Jesus is Lord of all and Lord of our lives, and 2. That we are willing to be a vessel to carry

the Gospel wherever we are asked to go. Seems simple enough, but in reality it is one of the toughest things that one could ever do. We see it continuously in the lives of the Disciples. Remember what Jesus told them, you may be fishers, but come and follow me and I will make you fishers of men. Something that at the time probably did not make a lot of sense, but in the end, helped them to see things in a completely different perspective. We have said many times that we are all part of the puzzle. We are all playing our roles for God, but we must be willing to let go and let God take control. We must be willing to deny ourselves, take up our cross and FOLLOW. It may be to the other side of the world or it may be to the other side of your kitchen table. We have all been called to carry a part of the load in order that God's Kingdom will continue to reign on earth. So I know that this will never be easy, but wearing the crown has a lot of weight to carry. For such much has been given to us... much will be required. So don't think that God did not prepare you for such a time as this day. God did. And God is calling us to take the Gospel and give it away. I know that you may not see it right now, but there really is a lot riding on this generation of the church. To show the world how we are going to grow and become stronger as a royal priesthood. As we will continue to find ways for God to be glorified in the midst of uncertainty and trying times. But the only way that the world will see or hear about it is when we are ready to stand up, pull on our crowns and profess it so loudly that the world will have to take notice.

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