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12 Above all, my brothers and sisters, do not swear—not by heaven or by earth or by anything else. All you need to say is a simple “Yes” or “No.” Otherwise you will be condemned. James 5:12

What an amazing time to live in this world. I mean I continue to look and watch and ask myself this question every day, am I truly being faithful and honest in everything that I do. I know that satan finds every way possible to try and dive into our lives. I know that God is like what in the world is going on with my creation. What is causing all of this unrest and strife? And I can also believe that God knows exactly that answer, but in trying to make God seem human, we look at God in that way. We think, wow what must God be thinking, and to be honest, God is thinking yep I knew this was coming. Yes, I knew the potential of giving so much freedom to choose that they would eventually cause so much unrest became they cannot faithfully choose. God knows everything that has happened, that is happening now and what is going to happen in the future. He just gives us the freedom to truly make choices as a part of the testing and the stretching of our faith.

One of the toughest things that we have to make a decision about every day is where do we stand with two word... YES and NO. What are the power of those words in our life and with every decision that we make. It is honestly really tough. Because there is a very fine line for many of us when it comes to the boundaries that we establish for those words. For me in my life, I have found that there are days that my no really does mean no... but other days my no is a soft no in the hopes of having a conversation that leads to opportunities for a deeper discussion. Some days I am very staunch and my YES is a definite, no way possible way will it

change YES. And other days I live into the process of where Yes comes out of my mouth because I struggle to say no, and then moments or days later I realize that that YES really should have been a no. It is a spiritual battle and for some of us a physical battle that we seem to face each and every day. Are we ready to follow through and put forth the effort to try and fully make those statements be something that is real or will those answers continue to be ambiguous and have no worth when they come out of our mouths. I know... just like for me it is a dilemma.

In looking at the Book of James, we are given some insight into realizing the struggles we all face and the perseverance that we are capable of learning because of the struggle. It is never going to be easy but the more we are faithful in trying to discern what our true YES and NO may be, the more we will be able to use the teachable moments as life lessons. Also, please hear me that that does not mean that other things may change as we grow. For example, there were a lot of things in my youth that were a YES in my life because of my youth and my lack of wisdom, but through trials, through life experiences, I have been able to realize the YES really did need to be NO and in other instances some of my NO's really did need to be YES. And so I pause in hopes that I am not really confusing you. I hope and pray that you are able to hear my heart when and understand where I am coming from today. YES and NO are some of the very first words that we learn besides mama and dada. But the intent of the words are truly formulated until we learn wisdom and discernment. The words truly have vague meaning and fluctuate in our vernacular use until we solidify who were are and where we stand.. and then it may all change again as we get older and experience more.

So why choose such a crazy topic for today's blog... because as I read through James this morning, I realized that James is calling us to continue to push to find that truth that stands behind those words in our lives. I have realized that there is really only one person that had a handle of the true meaning of YES and NO that walked in this world and that was Jesus. God knows that we are going to continue to struggle. God knows that these two words will continue to stretch us way beyond our boundaries and test the very foundations of our faith. Jesus said it simply this way... YES and AMEN. And YES He is Jesus and He is the Son of

God, and the example He set is the standard that we strive to live by every day. So basically today's blog is about the reality that our faith will be tested in every decision that we make. That our character will continue to be built on the struggles and successes that we face, and that our YES's and NO's really do have weight to the patterns formed from our spiritual lives. I just really want us to think what our YES and NO means and how does those answers pass forward to others that will follow behind us. If they truly don't believe we mean YES or NO, than are there other things in our lives that are questionable as well. If we are able to truly walk with God in ALL decisions, then we are able to show the world a standard that is based on God's will and not our choice.

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