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They will be called oaks of righteousness,

a planting of the Lord

for the display of his splendor.

4 They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations. Isaiah 61:3b-4

It really is hard to believe that an Oak tree starts with the small seed of an acorn. Living in Savannah, I have the honor of seeing these behemoth of trees that have been growing for hundreds of years and it all started with one tiny seed that was willing to die in order that the mighty Oak would be born. One of the coolest things about the Oak tree is that it takes times to establish its roots and time to fortify its foundation. However, when the tree reaches the stage of adulthood, it is capable of enduring lightning strikes, fires, drought and many other natural disasters, and yet it still can stand firm for years to come. The roots dig deep and continue to nurture the tree as it reaches to the sky to give its glory to God. But once again it all started from a small acorn. If you looked at it you would think it was pretty insignificant and that there was no way that it would create something that would be so solid, foundational and capable of living for such a long time. Every Oak tree we see started from an acorn that fell from the host, took root, and began to write its own story for the world to see.

Oak trees are really amazing to look at if you have never done so. Their roots dig deep and grow large to be able to stabilize the tree for any situation. The limbs can form so many different configurations as it lifts its arms to heaven. They are solid and firm and provide shelter for some, protection for others, but truly stand as a testimony of how we should be

building our faith throughout our lives. Our spiritual journey also starts with a simple seed that was planted by someone who was willing to die in order that we may live, Jesus. The seed takes root and begins building a solid foundation that helps to nurture the us all throughout our lives. Times when we need protection, God's Word is there. When we need nourishment, God's Word is there. When we need strength or help or direction, God's Seed provides for us the the LIGHT in the darkness and the COMPASS for our direction. As the years continue to go by faster and faster, we continue to grow to adulthood where we should be at our strongest. We are able to see where God has been leading us and we step out on faith on the SOLID ROCK which helps us to grow even stronger. We stretch our hands and arms to heaven as we worship and celebrate the LIVING GOD in our lives, and we just sit in awe as others see how all of this came from just ONE seed planted in our lives Jesus. As our lives come nearer towards the end, we are able to look back and hopefully see other seedlings and trees in different stages of their spiritual growth formulating because of our willingness to be a part of God's bigger plan. Fait multiplies Faith and we are able to truly be humbled that the single acorn has now produced an orchard of trees growing, worshiping and glorifying God.

In our verse from Isaiah today, we are continuing to understand the power of what it takes to live a life that rebuilds from the ashes. Even though we may not see or understand the reason for the devastation or the destruction in and around us, we are faithful to believe that God is ready to REBUILD out of the ashes. Isaiah was a prophet who was called to serve the king. But when the king died, Isaiah had lost his purpose and found himself in a place that caused him to question his purpose. He lived a life of safety and truly was fine giving untrue prophecies if it meant that he could continue to have his position and authority. But once the king died, Isaiah found himself in a place where he had no other foundation. Then he had an encounter with God where he had no voice, had not authority and was virtually outside the temple where God had established His authority. Then out of the altar came a coal that touched Isaiah's lips and he was instantly restored and had a renewed vision and calling to be the voice of God in the times of trouble. He had lost it all except God, and God was ready to rebuild and repurpose Isaiah's life for the true intention it was created. God stripped Isaiah back down to the foundation and began to rebuild.

The same scenario is true for our lives as well. Many of us still have this seed that has been planted but has not had the opportunity to grow into its fullest potential. Many of us are sitting and waiting on a powerful movement of God in our lives and it is already there. It was there when we were knit together by God in our mother's wombs. God is just waiting for us

to humble ourselves and begin nurturing the seed that has been planted in every person ever created. He is waiting for the moment where we respond, "Here am I Lord, send me." God is wanting for us to being building on the foundation that has been planted in our souls, but please realize that it takes time. We cannot plant the seed and have expectations that it will be a full tree over night. Just like the mighty Oak that came from an acorn, it takes time. And the first thing that comes to life and forms is the roots in order that the tree can begin building the solid foundation needed to sustain all throughout its life. It does not form bark for protection, leaves for nurturing or limbs for multiplication. The first thing that is established is the roots, because the roots are what sustains the growth. So I am asking today to realize where you may be in this growth process. Are you still waiting on the acorn to take root? Are you planted, growing roots and building the foundation? Are you stepping out and beginning to break new ground as one who is ready to begin lifting your arms in worship to God? Or are you multiplying what God has already given to you? Are you planting more seeds so that the Kingdom of God can continue to pass on this lesson to every person in the world. It started with a seed willing to give its life... now it is an army that is making disciples for the transformation of the world.

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