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16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

3 They will do such things because they have not known the Father or me. John 16:3

There is a lot of things in this world that causes us to see and say things that are a little mixed up. We say things without thinking because of the confidence that we have and the reality is that we allow satan an inch and causes all kinds of confusion. There have been multiple occasions where prominent leaders have been asked their favorite Bible verse and without hesitation they have said, John 3:16. It is obvious because it is the most known verse throughout the world. Many people can quote it from memory. But, there have also been times when some of these prominent leaders have spoken on their faith and got a little confused and instead of saying John 3:16, they have mistakenly, or I hope mistakenly, said John 16:3. It seems like a very small error as far as the slip of the tongue, but as far as the message is concerned... it is HUGE. The game is our ability to provide integrity, character and credibility to the words that we live out each day. It is not the way the words that we profess but the actual living example that shows the world if we are trying to be real or put on a facade. People today are looking for something real in the midst of all of this uncertainty. Something that they can begin to invest their lives, their resources and even their families to follow. The problem is being able to cut through all of the fake to find what is actually real.

Once again I know that many of us have all had a slip of the tongue, but I honestly believe that God was in the midst of the moment. I believe that God is there to call the bluff of those who are trying to convince the world that they are truly Christians. And I just want to say this one thing, be careful. Be careful for what you profess and how you live out your life, because is very certain on how He reacts to those who lead others astray because of their claims and their lifestyles. It is not easy to live out the life of a Christian, and to profess it before the world is something that leads opportunity for our failures and flaws to be exposed if we are

not true to our profession of Christ as our Lord and Savior. So the game is a foot. Which means each and every day we are given the chance to make a decision which direction we will go. There is no dice to roll or top to spin, but it is all based on the decisions that we physically make that allows us to move around this board called life. Yes there are going to be pitfalls that we may find ourselves trapped in from time to time that are caused by poor decisions. Yes, there are mountain top experiences that are based on moments of joy but in the end the final choice that we will have to make is which door will we open for eternity. One that will lead to heaven, or one that will lead to an eternity completely separated from God. And as I said it is not the luck of the dice that will make that decision, but it is our decisions throughout our lives that will lead us to the final end game result.

So let's take a little bit of time and actually look at the two scriptures that we find in the Gospel of John. John 3:16, as mentioned earlier, is one of the most well-known verses throughout Christendom, at least for older generations. For many of us it was the first scripture that we learned growing up and going to church and Sunday school. At any point and time every person in the room could recite this verse because of the foundational importance it had in the life of the church. Between John 3:16 and the Lord's Prayer, we were fully assured that we were teaching our children the CORE aspects of the Scriptures that we hoped they would apply in their lives. As years have gone by, the importance and the emphasis of Scripture has caused me for the first time to recognize that there is a generation that does not know or take hold of this foundational teaching. Instead of learning and applying John 3:16 in every area of their lives, we are watching a generation that is growing up and living out the exact opposite as found in John 16:3 which says, "They will do such things because they have not known the Father or me." Hopefully that hit you in the heart the same that it did me. We are watching a generation that is moving away from the teachings of the Word of God and we are surprised that they are confused and continue to see things in a different way. We are surprised that the god they know is one that is hurtful and angry. The god they believe in is answering all of their prayers by giving them more stuff instead of helping them to stand of the promises of God. You may think I am way off base here, but we really need to get our heads out of the sand and recognize that we are losing the game for eternal life because we have not prepared them for the daily battle that is in the world.

I know it may seem a little bit of a stretch because maybe it does not effect you our your family right now, but the window is getting smaller. The world that we live in is continuing to cause us to see things that are not really there and instead of prayer and discernment, we are taking it at face value and watching the spiritual foundations that this country was built on continue to crumble and fall apart. I could give you all of the statistics you want, but what I really need to encourage all of us to do is reset the game and start over at the beginning. Help pour into the lives or our families with the foundation of God's Word and push the boundaries that the world has tried to surround us with over the last few years. Stand out for God and realize that it is not going to get easier, but it is going to get tougher to play the game and the only way that we can win is that we are certain that we are sure that we know that only through Christ will we be victorious and finish the game. Satan is a crafty person

and does everything to step in and cause confusion through our actions. One of the biggest things is to take the ones who claim to be Christians and mess up the Gospel that we live out and preach to the world. The time is now and the pieces of the game are already moving around the board for eternity... I am just asking that we stop focusing on what is not real and realize that John was trying to tell you that it is going to be a battle. Just one slip up may cause someone to turn towards or away from the Gospel and I just want to prepare and equip us to help others end the game with the prize of eternity with God. As you stare at the image in today's blog, you will see that your eyes will continue to play games with your mind and think that there is a black dot that is moving around the board. In reality, there is no black dot. It is just that simple that the world is trying to make us see something that is not there and we just need to focus our eyes on Jesus and move forward in following His lead. It's all about the game and how you play it.... which way will you finish?

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