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3 We knowthat we have come to know himif we keep his commands.4 Whoever says, “I know him,” but does not do what he commands is a liar, and the truth is not in that person. 5 But if anyone obeys his word, love for God is truly made complete in them.This is how we know we are in him: 6 Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did. 1 John 2:3-6

I remember a lot of different from when I grew up and one of the tops was always liar, liar pants on fire. As I think about that quote, maybe it was more of something that rhymed or maybe it was something a little more theological in reference to liars going to hell.. I don't know but the crazy thing is that no one else knows where the origin of the quick rhyme came from either. All we know is that it gained wide popularity on school playgrounds over the last 5-6 decades along with the phrase nana-nana-boo-boo, you can't catch me. And we are not even going to go there today. But what I am saying is that this phrase could have been attached to the status of people who are living in a world that is completely surrounded by lies. To be honest, when I think of that scenario, I am ofter taken back to movie that Jim Carey starred in called the Truman Show in 1998, where his entire life is a lie and everyone around him continues to keep up the facade. The world is watching his life like a soap opera, but Truman never truly realizes it until later in life. I don't know if that is how I would want to live my life, but who is to say that I am not.

It poses a question for all of us today on how honestly do we live our lives. I know that many times I have talked about the different types of masks that we all wear on a daily basis. The mask in front of our friends, the mask in front of our work colleagues, the mask in front of strangers, the mask we choose for the world, and the mask we have even with family and

friends. I have even watched a lot of people truly struggle to take the masks off at home because they cannot remember who or what mask they are supposed to wear. Truth is something that should not be that hard to take hold of in our lives. We see this as an opportunity to take off the masks and not be held or restrained by the frustrations of the world. I know that many preachers are charged with living double lives and some preachers have had their lives revealed as ones that are not real. Don't be surprised if a preacher is also capable of putting on a mask and a good show but internally is completely falling apart. Getting tangled in the webs of deception is like a snowball that turns into a massive boulder at the bottom of the hill. It continues to grow and it continues to pick up steam until it is out of control and destroys things that cannot be repaired. I know that I have definitely found myself in that position different times in my life, and when I look back at it all I just wonder how in the world did it ever get so bad that we were afraid to tell the truth because of the possible ramifications that would occur. When did we allow ourselves to be conditioned to lie that sometimes we even believed our own lies more than reality?

As we continue in John's teachings today, we are able to see things from the mirror's perspective. Now, I do not mean that we are able to see the opposite of what is reality, but that we are able to truly see ourselves. We are able to look into our eyes and see truth and if we look away, then we know that there is some type of lie that may be controlling our perception. John is very straight forward in our text today. John says, "Whoever says, “I know him,” but does not do what he commands is a liar, and the truth is not in that person." I can't even imagine how many times that God could look down and say liar, liar pants on fire. But what we need to really recognize is the comfort/discomfort level that we have when we honestly do something counter to God. If we know God's commands and understand right from wrong, the only litmus test that John is saying that we have is in the comfort level we have when we choose to do wrong. If it does not bother you when you choose to sin, that is something that is even deeper than being called a liar. However, we don't want to go around and live our lives thinking that constant or perpetual lies are ok. It begins to effect our witness and could ultimately cause others to also have a false sense of salvation which could eventually lead to hell. We are called to live out God's commands and follow the examples of Christ. It does not mean that we go and find our own disciples, but it does mean that we live a life of integrity and begin to stop worrying about the consequences but accepting the penalty for our actions. To live in truth is something that is both difficult and freeing. When we take hold of the TRUTH, we are given the ability to overcome ourselves and the reality that our lies have created. To walk today as Christ died, we must be willing to obey His teachings and follow His example of complete obedience to God and loving service to people, or shortly... Love God... Love People.

So today I am asking ALL of us to take a minute each day and focus at the last image for today. Take one minute and stare at the dots in the center of the image and then after a minute close your eyes and lift our heads to heaven. As we begin to step away from the lies, take off the masks and look towards the TRUTH, Christ begins to come into focus. If you are able to see the image, I hope and pray it helps us all to take a step back and recognize the

Truth when we see it. I hope that we are able to take a deep breath and be challenged to begin breaking the bondage of lies and sin that have entangled us and begin to speak truth into our every day lives. If we are able to live as Christ has commanded us and remove the masks that we have created, we might even find that the chaos that we claim surrounds us is not from the world but from ourselves. I don't want to live a life that is always in question. I don't want any of us to find more creative ways to keep these falsehoods alive. I pray that we are all able to seek truth and live it out so that the world can see the difference. In closing today, I want to share with you that yes we are all sinners and struggle with different types of sin. BUT remember that we have an advocate and a conqueror that has already overcame death and is willing to walk with us through out journey to find truth. We are not alone and we don't need to hold on to the lies that satan has fashioned and we have accepted. We need to step out and let the world see JESUS and experience His Truth as reality.

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