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14 “You are the light of the world.A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.15 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.16 In the same way, let your light shine before others,that they may see your good deedsand glorifyyour Father in heaven. Matthew 5:14-16

Have you ever tried to stay up all night in hopes of seeing the sunrise? I think that there is a lot of interesting things that occur during those moments. In the wee hours of the morning, things that were once silent start coming alive. I have done this many times during my life. One of the times was at the beach. All night long the ocean continued to roar. It was persistent and never stopped. However, it seemed as everything had melted away, but I knew that there was life that was moving around me. At various times I would turn on my flashlight and see the crabs that were scurrying in the night to find food. I remember that it really was silent and the closer and closer it came to morning, life began to happen. It first started with it still being dark but the birds beginning to sing. Then I could see in the distance the shrimp or fishing boats that were heading out to get to their spots for a day of work. Then I would start seeing people who probably were searching for something come and find a place to sit in the sand and look beyond the horizon for the first glimpse of light.

That is a very powerful moment. The time when the night meets the day and everything once again is being revealed. It is one of the most calming and peaceful moments that I have experienced in my life. The darkness gives way as soon as the first hint of light begins to shine through. Things that were invisible become visible. Things that found shelter in the dark go back into their hiding places. The world looks very different and in some ways exactly the same. It is a time when you can open your eyes for the first time and allow something NEW to enter into your life. See, it is not just the physical darkness that is being pushed out, but also the spiritual darkness. The weight of the baggage we carry finally has a way to be placed at the feet of Jesus. In the matter of one instance, we feel the light begin

to infiltrate the darkness of our lives. Just a glimpse of the LIGHT has the power to completely overturn our lives and push us into this amazing settling moment. We all, at different points in our lives, fall into the power of the darkness that surrounds us. We fall into the doubt. We fall into the sin and the thoughts that there is no way that the love of the Father can have any desire to continue to fight for us. But we can never understand the power of the LIGHT. The funny thing is that the LIGHT is able to have the most power in times of DARKNESS.

Looking at the power of Scripture today, we see Jesus right in the middle of one of His most powerful moments preaching the Sermon on the Mount. We have already stepped into the attitudes that we are to have in walking with the Father and learned the powerful impact of being the Salt of the Earth in its' power of preservation. So Jesus takes another step to encourage and reenforce the power of the LIGHT in our lives. We are a CITY on a HILL. In other words we are standing before the world for everyone to see. We are to be completely open for anyone to see us fully and live in such a way that ALL are welcome to enter into our gates. The story that we carry cannot be hidden, but just like the first glimpse of the sun, we are able to help bring everything into the LIGHT. We are able to step into the darkness of night with a LIGHT that cannot be overcome but can bring everything into focus. We have been called to follow in a way that is important, pure, stressful, and continues to bring the spiritual battles right to our doorsteps. We have to allow our LIGHT, that is powered by the Holy Spirit, to shine as bright as it can for the world, because there are people who are caught in the darkness and cannot see anything right in front of them. They cannot see the joy that awaits or the pitfalls that may lead to certain death. They are in need of YOUR LIGHT, even if it may seem so far faint and far away, to help guide them out of the rough waters and rocky shores to safety like a lighthouse.

Each of us have a light that can invade the darkness. The deeper that we grow in our relationship with God the more "CANDLE" power we have to SHINE out into the world. See flashlights today are measured in candlepower or lumens. Candlepower originally refers to the luminous intensity of a light in a particular direction. As we relate that to our lives and our calling to Go, and make disciples for the transformation of the world, it really means that we are directly shining the LIGHT of God that is inside of us in an INTENTIONAL DIRECTION. And you may be asking, what is that direction.... That's an easy answer....into the darkness. We are shining the LIGHT that lives inside of us into the darkness in hopes of hitting someone that is living and lost in the darkness. We are trying to intensify the love of the Father to one who is desperately lost and in need of seeing the path that the LIGHT can illuminate. And what do they do? They run to the Father as fast as they can. When the LIGHT

finally hits anyone in the darkness, they are able to experience peace for the first time or the first time in a long time. They begin to hear the MUSIC and see life come alive all around them again. It only takes ONE spark of LIGHT to once again allow anyone living in darkness to begin to experience life again. And I need ALL of to understand that is one of the most important callings that we have in our lives. And yes, it is easier to keep the LIGHT focused just on our path, but who else does that really help. It places the LIGHT that should be reflecting out of our lives and places it in a bowl that allows us to control it instead of allowing the LIGHT to consume and transform us into a vessel in which the LIGHT can be magnified for the WORLD to see. We have to make the decision today to BE THE LIGHT and STEP INTO THE DARKNESS. You never know who God may be leading you to that may lead to someone else and so on... and on... and on. We will never fully see the impact of our LIGHT until the day we are all taken home. Then we will finally see just how far our LIGHT for God really did reach. That is why I love turning on a flashlight in the midst of the darkness. It seems as though it disappears, but in reality, the LIGHT NEVER stops until it hits something, and so too should our LIGHT so shine.

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