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26 So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith, 27 for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. 28 There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free,nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. 29 If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and

heirs according to the promise. Galatians 3:26-29

How many times have you ever thought that it would really be good to go back to your childhood. I know that you would not want to go back through all of the hassles of awkward growing stages or go back through the school years, but to go back and have the innocence that we once had about the world. The dreams that we once had and the fact that our parents were the superheroes of the universe. I would love to go back to the times when we believed that the world was filled with goodness and there was nothing that could stop our dreams. It was a simpler time and we were so excited to wake up and walk through each day. Nothing could stop us.

Then the day came that something changed. Our innocence was lost and the world began to look a lot different. We were able to see the evil that existed in the world and we began to question who is God and what was God thinking about this world that we live in. We no longer woke up with the passion and desire that we could do anything, but instead tried to stay asleep as long as we could so that we wouldn't have to deal with ANYTHING. We started looking and began feeling as though we could not trust ANYONE. We felt as though everything we believed was a lie and we hated even trying to deal with ANYONE. We lost

our childhood faith and we were in a battle to believe that God really cared about us if we were going through so much turmoil in our lives. We lost the desire to move forward and prayed that the next day would be the day that we once again regained our joy for life and things would return to our childhood faith. We cross over a line of demarkation where we have to claim our faith as our own and wonder if we will ever find true love and happiness. We look at the Bible in a different way from when we could not wait to have our very own to a book that seems to bind us from having a life at all. So much has changed and so much is still yet to come into our lives.

Paul reminds us of our adoption into the faith today. As we look at his words, we recognize that Christ has torn down all of the boundaries that we have created in this world as a way to separate ourselves. Christ has provided a way for us to realize that we are all children of God, regardless of our age or our situation. Christ came and broke down the barriers that we have all created in our lives and helped us to once again reclaim our childlike faith. We begin to see through the eyes of Christ to reclaim the wonder of this world and realize that we can make a difference based on the promises that God has given to us. We no longer see God's Word as handcuffs that limit us in our freedom but as a roadmap that directs us to a deeper connection with God and His creation. We begin to mature by becoming more like a child. We let down our guards again and begin to trust in the faith that we once had that our FATHER in Heaven is more than an superhero. We may be getting older physically but spiritually we are being renewed each day and we take the time to appreciate the little things, the moments that we have missed because of our unwillingness to see. The world is once again filled with opportunities, but this time not for ourselves, but for the people that we meet each day. We move from an attitude of selfishness to an attitude of selflessness. We once again become a child in a sandbox that only wants others to join in the fun.

So I hope and pray that you will seize the day today. I pray that you will continue to live into the promise that God has given to us all. The promise that we will never be alone and that we have been given freedom through the ONE who paid the ultimate sacrifice. I pray that will once again see the world through our childlike eyes and see the person standing before us as a potential friend and not at the baggage and scars they carry. I hope that we can all reclaim the joy that surrounds our lives and recognize the blindspots that we have created because of the scars and calluses that have affected our hearts. Living as a child of God is one of the greatest callings we could ever accept. Each day is filled with the JOY of God and the promise given to us by Christ of eternity. We strive to take nothing for granted and look back to see how our journey has led us to this exact time and place in our life. It is not

HAPPENSTANCE that you receive this daily blog or that you are in this place where our paths have crossed. It is God helping us to realize the promise He has made to never leave us or forsake us. It is the promise that we have of an eternity with God as heirs to the thrown because of those that have gone before us and the seeds that have been planted and harvested. As soon as we realize that in the grand scheme of things we are to live like Children of God and not try to take hold of our own destiny, we will be able to once again wake up ready to face the day with hope of the new people we will encounter. God's promise comes with Christ, and the sooner we realize that God sent His Son to die for EVERYONE, the sooner we will be able to see the world with the hope of a child to help others reclaim their connection with God. It is not easy work, but if I recall there is NO OBSTACLE that a child will not try to overcome. The same should be said for us as we go to tell the world about Christ. May we too have the untiring energy of a child to do all that we can to pass on the promise of God to a world that is in desperate need of finding their childhood joy once again.

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