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30 But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!”

31 Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?” Matthew 14:30-31

Three days until our Lenten journey will begin and today I continue to ask you to pray for preparation. There is something that God is ready to speak to us and we have to be ready-heart, mind and soul- to receive what God is about to show us. Yes, this may be a struggle for us all because one of the problems is the fact that to be ready we have to prepare. Life is crazy that way but it really is reality. If we are ready and willing to truly hear from God then we have to prepare the soul to receive what God is ready to plant. For many of us that means that we have to be intentional about our prayers and as the Scriptures says, "Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened." We just have to really decide that we want to be able to have a conversational life with God. We have to recognize that we want to strengthen our hands and get down and dirty with the world and dig in. But that all starts with the time of preparation and today is another day to begin.

I am just asking that if you really are ready to see change occur that we cannot do that for the eternal change without the help of God. And I just want all of us to know that asking for help is not something that marks us and says that we cannot handle it on our own. What it shows is that we were created to have helpers from the very beginning to walk with us and pull us out when we get in trouble. I mean God asked Adam to search and find a suitable helper in Genesis 2 and no helper was found. So God created connection and showed us

that we are not in this life alone. We have just allowed our pride to step in and make us buy into the lie that we have to do it all on our own. That was NEVER God's intention. So please know that God is ready to catch us whenever we may fall. God is ready to walk along side us and is intentional about a loving relationship. So as we look at the opportunity that we have almost one year past the beginning of this crazy chaos called COVID, God has been preparing to speak and lift us out of the mire that we are in and move us to a new level of connection with Him.

So today the prayer that we step into is the prayer by Peter when he was midway to Jesus on the water. It is a very short prayer, but one I thought that we could definitely resonate with because in one way or another we have said these words, "LORD CATCH ME." Peter was midway to Jesus after stepping out of the boat and waking on water. It blows my mind that those words were uttered when he was halfway. I mean if it was me I would have thought about that after the first step, but his faith and assurance with God carried him to the point of decision. Do I put ALL my trust in God and continue on this journey, or do I begin to doubt when I am halfway there because to go all the way is a full commitment. I cannot believe that wind was not blowing and the water splashing on his feet after the first few steps. I cannot believe that the conditions were the same every step of the way. It was the condition that Peter finally found himself in that made him realize that HE had to choose to make a decision that would lead to eternal circumstances and he was not ready for that decision yet. And so in fear, he cried out in prayer, "Lord Catch Me". A powerful statement in the journey that we are on too. We are in the middle of everything that we are doing and we recognize that we are halfway there. We do believe in God... We do recognize that Jesus was God's Son, but that is only half of the journey. We have to fully accept and step out in faith and give our lives fully to Him. That is the point where Peter failed and the point that we struggle with as well.

So our prayer for today is one that is designed to humble us and recognize the fact that we do need help in the second part of our journey in trusting God. We are asking God to truly reach out and take us out of these shackles that hold us and give the freedom to run to the Father with NOTHING holding us back. The prayer for today are powerful words and I pray that you do not utter them in vain. God will come and help us but not just to get us out of a situation we have put ourselves in due to bad choices. No, God is looking to take us out of where we are and carry us back to where we are safe and ready to move forward with Him.

Jesus response is telling. Jesus said, "You of little faith, why do you doubt?" Ands so today I am asking of me and us all the same thing. If we have such a powerful God, why do we only go halfway and begin to have such little faith. If the God that is the Creator of ALL things is on our side, we shouldn't walk but run to Him with open arms. BUT we have to take that first step and that is through humility and faith. So as we walk together in this journey to Lent, please know that I am praying for ALL of us to walk together in the days ahead and really take hold of the amazing plan that God is about to reveal to and through us. LORD, CATCH ME.. and show me where your next steps will lead us. AMEN

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