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6 Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:6-7

We have all messed up from time to time. Maybe we thought we hear one thing and all of a sudden it is something else. We walk into a room and we misread the body language of the people in the room and we start to believe that there is something that is wrong with us. We immediately begin to look at ourselves and misreading all of the signs and actually draw more attention to something that really did not matter to anyone at all. In our world today, we are finding out that we have become a society that is truly lost in translation. Trying more and more to hide behind the mask of social media and fearing more and more the inability that we have to connect with people face to face. We are losing our ability to really see people for who they are and watching as so many are finding themselves in the pits of worry and despair. Instead of looking to God and our families to identify ourselves, we are turning to the eye on the world and listening to the lies that are being spouted and watching as more people are being lost in translation as they isolate, grow more anxious and make decisions that could truly impact their lives for eternity.

I need everyone to realize one valid point. There is a huge difference between the words of God and the words of satan. There is NO place in Scripture that I have found that they are harmonious in their actions. In fact, they are, as expected, direct polar opposites that preach completely differing messages to the world. Satan continues to encourage us to question the words and rights of God to His authority in the world, and God demonstrates a desire for connection to His creation through the sacrifice of Christ. Satan is willing do and say whatever it takes to distort the truth, and God sent the LIVING TRUTH as an example for us to follow. The problem is in the translation. We hear what we want to hear and decide to not listen to the things that make us uncomfortable about the sin that is in our lives. Satan wants us to continue to hide it, and God wants it to be revealed and resolved. Satan led us into the

trap of sin, and God provided a way out. We just seem to truly struggle to hear and discern truth because we have been so comfortable with lies most of our lives. For some people they are just simply incapable of living in truth. Their whole lives are lies and unfortunately they will get to a point where they start believing the false reality that they are living. When faced with the reality of life and death the question is who do we listen to and believe. Unfortunately for many people in the world today they would not listen to the words of Jesus because of the way they have skewed the TRUTH to fit their situation and their lifestyle. Every day we hear, "People who are Christians are haters and do not care about anyone who is not in their country club, members only matter clique that cares more about being right than loving those who are wrong." You may say I missed the mark on this one, but I just want you to know that as the Church we have truly lost people because of our inability to truly translate God's message of love, grace and mercy to them in our actions. We have found a way to replace God's Truth with a bad rendition that just suits our lifestyles and does not truly reflect God.

As we look at Peter's letter today, we see that the Church is really facing decisions that they have to make to either stand firm for God or allow the world to infiltrate and reclaim their own definition of truth. Peter reminds us all that it is not our positions in society that will get us to heaven. We don't have enough money to buy us a ticket to get past the pearly gates but that it is the recognition by God that sees into our hearts that will tell whether we are lost or not. We worry so much about what everyone else thinks of us instead of pointing everyone to see where they are in the eyes of God. I know that is difficult because we all want to feel accepted... we all want to be a part of the group, but that is one of the major ways that satan distorts the truth and makes us think the we are not fit to be a part of God's family. And to be honest if it was based on works and how much of a sin filled life we all lived, NONE of us would be worthy. BUT and I need you to hear this BUT it is through the life of Christ's blood and grace that God sees our lives. May we never read that wrong. When we read John 3:16-17 we recognize that it was GOD that so loved us. God loved us first and continues to provide for us a payment for all of the sins that we have piled up throughout our lives. It is Christ Jesus, that took on the sins of the world to offer us a place at the table of eternity with God. May we never lose the TRUTH in the battle for eternity. Peter recognized the anxiety and baggage that so many people were carrying then and many who continue to carry it today. These words truly show that we are not willing to let go because we want to carry them by ourselves instead of trusting God to be who we claim Him to be for the world.... OUR LORD AND SAVIOR.

So today I just don't want this message to get lost in translation. I want every one that reads this to know that God loves us and will continue to fight to show us His love until the final moment. However, we have to do our part and trust in Jesus and believe in the TRUTH that Jesus is God's Son. We have to acccept that God gave Him as an atoning sacrifice for our sins and raised Him from death back into life to show us the power that God has over sin and death. There is NO OTHER GOD but GOD... There is ONLY ONE WAY to heaven and that is through Jesus Christ who said I am the WAY the TRUTH and the LIGHT.... NO ONE can come to the FATHER EXCEPT through ME! In closing I know that we all think way to much

into a situation and some things we take way to flippantly. May we all simply stop and recognize the TRUTH for ALL of its worth that is found in Jesus. May we realize that the world is covered in sin and that we carry the answer to resolve the sin that so many are trapped in today. There is no reason to be anxious or to worry about the future if you belong to Jesus. Your name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life and your eternity is secure. So live out each day to help others to find that same assurance that we live in each day. God is ready and waiting to welcome more people into His love. We just have to stop confusing the world's message of love and the truth that is found in Jesus. TODAY is another chance that we all have to change the world, humble ourselves and reconnect to the GREAT PHYSICIAN who can heal us from all the pains that we have encountered in a lost world. His love cannot be lost in translation because it came in the form of a man named JESUS. He showed us TRUTH and how to truly be set free.

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